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  • Thursday, December 8: All schools and offices closed due to weather

    All after-school and evening activities, including athletics, are also cancelled. 

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Hosford Middle School

Courage · College · Community

2303 SE 28th PlacePortland, OR 97214Ph (503) 916-5640Fx (503) 916-2637

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  • Hosford Mission Statement

    Hosford Mission Statement
  • Principal's Message 11/21


    Dear Hosford Families,

    Last week, I wrote you about Hosford's commitment to welcome and support all of our students and families, and to stand against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and religious intolerance.

    As promised, this week in extended advisory on Thursday, we began talking about race and racism with students, in order to help build an understanding from which we can strengthen our school community. This is, clearly, a deep subject, and this first lesson was just an initial one. We will eventually also be addressing the other issues (sexism, xenophobia, religious intolerance) in contrast to our school values. We know that, at this age, students may struggle to process messages they receive in the media or from peers, and we want to give them tools to think critically, to respond positively, and to speak up if they encounter an unjust situation.

  • Principal's Message 11/14

    Thursday's advisory focused on defining and discussing race, racial prejudice, and racism, and then practicing phrases a person can use to respond to racist or discriminatory language if they hear it.

    I am attaching the definitions we used, and to which we will be referring back, as well as the "Speak Up" tool we provided students (in bookmark form) and practiced using.
  • Scholastic Book Fair

    The Scholastic Book Fair is live! Shop here online and also at Hosford this week (November 28th to December 2nd). Families- if you are interested in giving us a hand and volunteering in support of the fair, we'd LOVE to have you! Email Em or Kate in the library. The books fair goes towards supporting our collection, and ensuring that we have current, high-quality, and culturally inclusive books for all of our students.
  • Hosford Grading Matrix

    Dear Hosford Families -

    I promised to update you on Hosford's implementation of A-F grading conversion once we had been able to finalize approvals with the district. I'm pleased to say that we have been able to get changes in place that will better reflect the full range of student progress and skill, and address concerns families have shared.

    Moving forward, A-F grade conversion will only take place two times/year: at the end of Quarter Two, and at the end of Quarter Four. All grades from Q1-2 will be reflected in the A-F grade at semester one, and all grades from Q3-4 will be reflected in the semester two grade. We have also been able to obtain an adjusted grading matrix for what constitutes a mark of Highly Proficient, Proficient, Close to Proficient, or Developing Proficiency.
  • Google Roadshow and Governor Brown's visit

    Our Google Safety Online Roadshow assembly with Governor Kate Brown was featured on KOIN News! Check it out here. Here are photos from the assembly! Thanks, Google and Governor Brown!

Principal's List and Honor Roll

  • On Thursday, November 17, we are celebrating our 1st quarter Principal's List and Honor Roll students at an assembly at 2:42 pm. Parents are welcome to join us! Students on the Principal's List received at least 5 "consistently manages responsibilities" comments on their report card, and students on the Honor Roll received at least 4 "consistently manages responsibilities" comments. Congratulations to the following students for their hard work!

    Principal's List

    8th Grade: Sophie A., Sydney B., Alison B., Audree B., Josiah C., Annie C., Elowyn C., Kaci D., Mattea F., Teagan F., Dana F., August G., Roman H.-N., Dylan H., Sylvie J., Katelynn J., Tuesday J., Jin J., Emma K., Juna K., Jennifer K., Avery K., Victoria L., Luke L., Vincent L., Ruby L., Skyler L., Rosa M., Philip M., Pel M.-B., Cole M., Noah M., Joel M., Sarah-Joy N., Ellen O., Olivia P., Lacy P., Lila P., Avril R., Joy R., Ellie R., Matthew S., Lucas S.-H., Sadie S., Catherine S., Karissa S., Jaxson T., Antonia T.D.S., Lena T., Angela T., Olivia W., Sarah W., Jane W., Aniya W., Sarah W., Cameron Y., Matthew Y., Simon Z.

    7th Grade: Henry A., Gretta B., Luke B., Finn B., Stella B., Alena B., Niko C., Case C., Hui Shan C., Elsa C., Grace C., Eleanor C., Payton D., Jago D., Kamalei D., Hannah D., Emma D., Nicholas D., Amiel E., Liem F., Flannery G., Jackson G., Simone G., Hattie H., Piper H., Eamon H., Cody H., Ellie H., Rachel K., Julia K., Auden K., Aria L., Nadia L., Vela L., Celia L., Ada L., Naomi L., Sophie L., Finn L., Kyra L., Heinrich M., Raymond M., Naw Say M., Ellie M., Lincoln M., Limit M., Wah Ri M., Diego M., Shea O., Audrey O., Ellery O., Priyank P., Aidan P., Ravit P., Beatrix P., Dyllon P.-V., Elizabeth P., Rowan R., Penny R., Flannery R., Zoe R., Mia R., Sean R.-F., Aidan S., Jacob S., Pearl S., Aidan S., Anika S., Anthony S., Danie S., Penelope S., Sydney T., Silas T., Calvin T., Frances V., Keenan W., Meagan W., Nora W., Samantha W., Zoe Y.

    6th Grade: Ivy B., Griffin B., Hazel B., Margaret B.-H., Jun C., Tian C.-R., Gillian C., Emily D., Liana D., Graham D., Alyssa G., Ava G., Zeqiel G., Delia G., Stella G., Amelia H., Dang H., Jazmine H., Chloe H., Eleanor H., Sophie J.-P., Jiayan J., Julie K., Danielle K., Nina K., Murenda K., Mason L., Rita L., James O., Riley P., Emily P., Helen P.-H., Sadie R.-M., Hazel S., Aliyah S., Callum S., Joshua S., Isabel S., Tucker S., Lila W., Sah Doh W., Elliot W., Piper W., Gabriella W., Mandy Z., Daisy Z.

    Honor Roll

    8th Grade: Ramona B., Jordan B., Ashlyn B., Cathleen B., Livia C., Samuel C., Parker G., Caleb G., Isabella G., Eva H.-N., Charles H., Justine I., June J., Graham J., Ruby K., Julian L., Aidan L., Amanda M., Isaac P., Claire P., Olivia R., Alysha S., Graham S., Miradi T., Jackson W., Teresa W.

    7th Grade: Jonah A., Savannah B., Lydia B., Ella B., Anli D., Colby D., Grace E., Nima F., Beatrix F., Collin H., Thomas H., Victor H., Joshua I., Benjamin J., Elijah K., Xiyuan L., Jordan L., Aidan M., Maralee M., Owen M., Victoria M., Thomas O., Jannet P., Maiti R.-B., Frida R.-B., Randy R., Ava S., Alice S., Kelsey S., Ian S., Eric T., Wesley T., Julian U., Amy V., Samuel W., Jackson W., Cyd W.

    6th Grade: Michael B., Nicole C. F., Remy C.-W., Jonathan D., Tuesday D., Madeline D., Marisa E.-J., Lillian E., Tallulah G., Lucas G., Evelyn G., Zidane I., Georgia K., Thoreau K., Matthew L., Eliza M., Estelle M., Tibor N., Mattias O., Mason P., Violet P., Charlie P., Trinity R., Charlotte S., Asher T., Eric T., Oliver W., Sela W., Jackson Y.-M., Jia Qiang Z.



  • Dear Hosford Community and Families,

    We want to know the values that are important to you and that you want to see reflected in our school’s expectations of students. Our goal is to develop 3-5 values with input from students, staff, community members, and families.

    The team wants to understand what’s important to each member of our school community.

    Please share the three (3) values you believe are most important in this survey. It is our goal to have your voice reflected in the development of Hosford’s revised School-Wide Student Expectations.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    Hosford’s School Climate Team


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  • ODE school and district performance reports available

    The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) issues annual report cards for every school and school district. The report cards offer families and the community valuable information about student attendance and achievement and teacher experience, among other things.

  • Chapman Elementary to unveil restored mural

    The newly restored 1938 wood marquetry mural at Chapman Elementary School “Send Us Forth to be Buil
    On Thursday, Dec. 1 from 6-8 p.m. the Chapman PTA, Neighbors West-Northwest and Heritage Conservation Group will unveil its newly restored mural in the entrance foyer of Chapman Elementary.
  • PPS Board passes resolution affirming district’s protection of rights of undocumented students

    中文 Русский Soomaaliga Español Tiếng Việt

    Resolution also outlines plan for training staff for ICE activity at schools

    Citing its commitment to providing for the physical safety and emotional well-being of all children in Portland Public Schools, the Board of Education on Thursday, November 17 considered and unanimously passed a resolution that clarified the District’s procedures relating to Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) activity in PPS schools.

  • PPS Pulse, November 2016

     Interim Superintendent Bob McKean and board member Pam Knowles visited a class at Jason Lee School
    Portland Public Schools invites you to read the latest edition of our newsletter Pulse. Included in November’s issue are updates on the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond, boundary review and invitations to participate in the superintendent search and Successful Schools Survey. Also a link to the newly adopted 2017-18 school year calendar.
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