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  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

    Families enrolled in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program will receive an email on June 8th directing them to re-link their Rewards Card to the Duniway Educational Foundation. Please remember to do this then, or to take care of it now, by logging on to your account at

    If you fail to re-link your Rewards Card by July 1st, you will be dropped from the program and Duniway will no longer get any support based on your purchases.

    Last year our school received nearly $700 just because people like you took 30 seconds to link their Rewards Cards to Duniway (#82148). Please do so again, and tell all your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same! 
  • 2016-17 PTA Board

    President: Meeka Kullberg -
    Vice-President: Erin Black-Mitchell
    Secretary: Andrea Nieto
    Treasurer: Rachel Ffolliott
    Volunteer Coordinator: Kristy Oliver
    Member at Large: Alison Joy
    Member at Large: Alissa Lancaster
    Member at Large: Sarah Lewis
    Member at Large: Julie Rudin
    Member at Large: Jeannine Walker
  • Be sure your lunch account is current

    We have an unusually high number of students that owe money on their lunch cards. Notices go home with students and the district auto-dialer calls families to remind them they have a negative balance. Families are encouraged to enroll in the online prepayment service for convenient online payments and account tracking.

    Just a reminder that positive or negative account balances will be held over to next year or transfer to a students’ new school within the district.


  • From Principal Matt Goldstein

    October 7, 2016


    Dear Families,

    Today I had the opportunity to sneak away for a couple hours and join our kindergarten friends on their field trip to the Apple Festival at The Portland Nursery.  It was a really enjoyable experience and as always, it is great to see our students continue their learning outside the walls of Duniway.  I hope to have the time to join other classes on field-trips in the coming months.  As a student, teacher, and administrator, some of my fondest memories of learning are connected to times when I was “away” from school.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that our students benefit and grow (academically, socially, and emotionally) when we offer a wide array of experiences.  For example, research continues to demonstrate the importance of social-emotional learning.  A recent article in the NY Times discussed the importance of students developing the ability to navigate through the inventible emotional struggles that we all face.  As parents (and perhaps sometimes as teachers) our tendency might be to protect them from such experiences.  If you are interested, take a look at the article:

    Most of you have received information about the Duniway Foundation’s annual pledge drive which just got started.  Our foundations support is incredible and the dollars that are donated benefit all students at Duniway.   In addition to staffing vital positions, for the 2nd year, the foundation is paying for Reading Results.  Reading Results is a not-for-profit organization that provides tutoring support for students who are having challenges in reading.  This year they will serve 24 students.  Not only does this intervention serve those 24 students, but it also provides the teacher additional time to work with other groups of students.  In the end, all 1st and 2nd graders benefit from this program.

    I want to thank those of you who have already made a contribution and I encourage each of you to consider making a donation – every dollar counts.

    Fall conferences are fast approaching.  They will be held on November 9th and 10th.  If you have not signed up for a conference, please contact Lynn or Bonnie in the office.  Parent-Teacher conferences provide a great opportunity for you to hear more about your child’s progress as well as ask questions and hear more about the year ahead.

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I hear the sun might make an appearance!


    Matt Goldstein




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