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  • Annual Beach Contribution/ Contribucion Anual de Beach

  • SUN Winter Term Registration

    Registration forms can be found on the SUN page.
  • Volunteer Opportunities/Oportunidades de Voluntarios


    We need volunteers...we need YOU!   


    Necesitamos voluntarios... ¡te necesitamos!

  • Today's Lock Down Drill

    November 29, 2016

    Dear Beach Families,

    As part of our ongoing efforts to familiarize our staff and students with all of our school safety procedures, we held a Lock Down drill this afternoon. This procedure would be used at any time that there is an unsafe situation happening inside or outside the school and we need to be sure that students are safe and accounted for. Teachers close and lock their doors, turn off the lights, cover windows, and account for students in their control. Teachers and students remain in their classrooms until the doors are unlocked by administration.

    For some children, safety drills can cause anxiety. Please talk with your child about the fact that we practice several different safety procedures during the school year. This practice is done so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency and to be better prepared in case of a real emergency. Our goal is to keep all of our students safe here at school and practicing these drills is an important part of that process.

    If your child expresses concern about participating in any safety drill, please inform his/her teacher, so that those concerns can be immediately addressed. If you have any questions about our safety procedures, please feel free to contact either me or Mr. Jamieson.

    Thank you,

    Vanessa Martinez

    Beach Principal


    Noviembre 29, 2016

    Estimadas familias de la escuela Beach,

    Como parte de nuestros esfuerzos para familiarizar a nuestro personal y estudiantes con todos nuestros procedimientos de seguridad escolar, llevamos a cabo un simulacro de cierre total esta tarde. Este procedimiento sería usado en cualquier momento que existe una situación insegura ocurriendo dentro o fuera de la escuela y tenemos que estar seguros de que los estudiantes estén seguros. Los maestros cierran y bloquean las puertas, apagan las luces, cubren las ventanas, y cuentan a los estudiantes para su control. Los maestros y los estudiantes permanecen en sus clases hasta que las puertas sean abiertas por la administración.

    Para algunos niños, Los ejercicios de seguridad pueden causar ansiedad. Por favor, hable con su hijo/a sobre el hecho de que ponemos en práctica varios procedimientos de seguridad diferentes durante el año escolar. Esta práctica se realiza para que todo el mundo sepa qué hacer en caso de emergencia y para estar mejor preparados en caso de una emergencia real. Nuestro objetivo es mantener a todos nuestros estudiantes a salvo aquí en la escuela y la práctica de estos ejercicios es una parte importante de ese proceso.

    Si su hijo/a expresa su preocupación por la participación en cualquier simulacro de seguridad, por favor informe a su maestro/a, de modo que esos problemas pueden resolverse inmediatamente. Si tiene alguna pregunta acerca de nuestros procedimientos de seguridad, por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo o con el Sr. Jamieson.


    Vanessa Martinez

    Directora de La Escuela Beach

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  • Welcome back and Happy New Year Everyone!

    I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable break full of memorable moments. January is a great time to re-set, re-align, and remember that everyday we can make a difference. It is also a great time to reflect on all the exciting things that are taking place in our wonderful community as we consider our intentions for the year ahead.

    In the spirit of service to others, we are kicking off a canned food drive to raise awareness that people in our own community have a hard time putting food on the table and to come together as a school to support our families in need. We are asking families to contribute items to our Beach SUN pantry. These are the foods items we are looking to stock:

    •    Tomato/spaghetti sauce
      Pasta or dried goods
      Canned vegetables
      Canned beans and soups
      Canned fruit
      Canned tuna or chicken
      Boxed cereal (low in
      Peanut butter
      in a can (soup, stew, chili)
      Meals in a box (Rice
      A Roni, hamburger helper, Macaroni and Cheese)
      snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit)

    There will be some friendly competition involved. The neighborhood and immersion class with the most donated goods will win a pizza party the following Tuesday on January 17th.

    Thank you for sharing what you can – our families will appreciate it!




    Bienvenidos de nuevo y Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Espero que todos tuvieron una escapada relajante y agradable llena de momentos memorables. Enero es un buen momento para recordar que todos los días podemos hacer una diferencia. También es un buen momento para reflexionar sobre todas las cosas que están teniendo lugar en nuestra maravillosa comunidad mientras consideramos nuestras intenciones para el próximo año.

    En el espíritu de servicio a los demás, estamos dando inicio a una campaña de alimentos enlatados para aumentar la conciencia de que la gente en nuestra propia comunidad tiene dificultades para poner comida en la mesa y para reunirse como una escuela para apoyar a nuestras familias que necesitan ayuda. Pedimos a las familias que contribuyan artículos a nuestra despensa de SUN. Estos son los alimentos que estamos buscando:


    • Salsa de tomate y espagueti
    • Pastas o productos secos
    • Vegetales enlatados
    • Frijoles y sopas enlatados
    • Fruta enlatada
    • Atún o pollo enlatado
    • Cereales en caja (bajos en azúcar)
    • Mantequilla de cacahuete
    • Comidas en una lata (sopa, estofado, chile)
    • Comidas en una caja
    • Aperitivos saludables (barras de granola, frutos secos)

    Habrá un concurso amistoso involucrado. La clase de inmersión y de Ingles con los productos más donados ganará una fiesta de pizza el martes siguiente.

    Gracias por compartir lo que puede - nuestras familias lo apreciarán!


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  • Tuesday, January 17: All schools and offices closed

    This was a difficult decision. We know that school closures impact families in many ways, disrupting work schedules, childcare, in addition to classroom instruction for the nearly 49,000 students we serve.

  • School conditions update for Tuesday, January 17

    中文 Русский Español Tiếng Việt
      Facilities staff have been clearing parking lots and pathways, like here at West Sylvan.

    We continue to work to get schools ready to open tomorrow. Ice is our biggest barrier and concern, and the safety of students and staff is our priority.

    The vast majority of our schools have been cleared of snow yet, there are still a significant number that have walkways and other paths covered in ice, which we are working to clear today.

  • School conditions update

    中文 Русский Español Tiếng Việt

    We want to update you on the status of our work to prepare our schools for the safe return of staff and students. Since Wednesday, our dedicated custodians and maintenance staff have been working very long hours to clear pathways, manage building power, plumbing and heat to ensure all of our utilities are operational given the freezing conditions that can impact pipes and electricity.

  • Friday, January 13: All schools and offices closed

    Schools will be closed tomorrow Friday, January 13.  Our teams have been out today clearing school sidewalks and parking lots and putting the chains on buses, however it is still unsafe on the streets and sidewalks for all of our students and staff to get to school.   All weekend activities including athletics are also canceled.

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