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Buckman Elementary School

Buckman nurtures the whole child and strives for
academic excellence

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  • Buckman News

    Welcome to Our World  




    Buckman Run For The Arts: October 7

         Buckman Run For The Arts is coming soon!
    Your pledge sheets are due Monday, October 3.
    Check out our fifth grade Run For The Arts video! 




    Friday, October 7th
    3-5 graders: 9:30am
    K-2 graders: 1:30pm

         Just a few more days to collect those sponsors for our exciting fall fundraiser and fun run!
    Keep those pledges coming in!

         It's easy to set up an online donation page for your student. This is a great option for family and friends who live out of the area or for those who like the convenience of donating online.
    To set up your page, visit:

         Please consider volunteering to help the day of the run. A minimum of 2 volunteers are needed for each classroom. Click here if you are able to help out.

         If you have any questions, please contact the Run for the Arts Coordinator Leah Christensen at


    Coming Up in October:

    October is going to be a busy month and the Foundation has big plans. 

         First up, it’s a double header on October 18: Dines Out and Movie Night! Bring your kid to Buckman for Movie Night while you head out for a bite to eat — proceeds at both events go to the Foundation. We will also need a few volunteers for Movie Night; sign up here if you are able to help. More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.

         Second, the next Foundation Pub Night will take place at the Green Dragon on October 26, 7pm. Meet up with other Buckman folks and find out all that’s new with the Foundation. There’s lots to discuss this month as we ramp up fundraising efforts.

         And third, get out your costumes and bowling shoes ready for Bowlaween on October 30, 11 am - 1pm at Grand Central Bowl. This annual event is a fun way to celebrate Halloween with Buckman students and support the Foundation. We will be needing volunteers to help out and are still looking for a Bowlaween coordinator to oversee organization of the event. Interested? Get in touch:

         Lastly, our Auction team is nearly complete! Thank you to all those who signed up to participate. Now that the team is assembled, it needs its fearless leader. If you are interested in being this year’s Auction Chair (or Co-Chaired duo), contact 

    PTA Meeting/State of the School Address

    October 11, 6 -8pm

        Please plan on joining us in the school cafeteria for this important opportunity to learn about our school forecast and issues that will affect the coming years. There could be some changes happening you want to know about! The PTA provides childcare and will be serving pizza from 6-6:30pm. Following our 6:30-7:00pm PTA meeting, Ms. Kosmala will speak about important issues regarding our school culture and her vision on how to best serve our students and our school community. There will be time for your questions and concerns as well.

    Pizza Connections?

         The PTA strives to create inclusive, welcoming opportunities for families to engage in our school. We have been providing pizza at the start of our PTA meetings so that families can have a bite to eat and socialize a bit before meetings begin. Do you have any connection in the community to pizza vendors that may give our PTA a discount on large pizza orders? Please email: if you can help. Thanks! 

    Buckman School Directory- Help Needed

        We need a parent volunteer to assist the office staff with culling together information and publishing our school directory. Sadly, this essential school tradition may drop by the wayside if we don’t get someone to step into this role. Thanks in advance for considering. Contact:


    Methinks the Buckman Auction Could Use Some Help!

        The Buckman Foundation's largest fundraiser of the year still has a few volunteer roles that are waiting to be filled! Procurement needs some more folks (the more the merrier and the lighter the work). Logistics needs a buddy. AND, we need an Auction Chair (or two)! Without an auction chair, it would be difficult to pull off the kind of auction that Buckman has benefited from in years past. The auction team is almost complete. We just Email if interested or for any questions.


    Money for Nothing

         Please take a moment to sign up for these great (free) ways to raise funds for Buckman - and encourage friends, neighbors and grandparents too.

         Fred Meyer Community Rewards — This raised over $1200 for Buckman last year (imagine how many library books that bought!). It only takes a minute to sign up and give Buckman PTA a portion of Fred Meyer’s charitable giving dollars. If you have a Rewards card, you still get to keep all of your household rewards and fuel points as usual. 

         AmazonSmile — This raised almost $200 for Buckman last year. If you choose Buckman PTA as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our PTA. 

    Buckman Scrip

         Help support Buckman by purchasing scrip! Scrip is fundraising for the school while shopping. Your everyday purchases can become immediate earnings for Buckman. Every Tuesday morning during drop off our Scrip sales team will be available out in the main hall with some in stock scrip gift cards as well as order forms for any additional orders Buckman parents wish to make for items not in stock.

         We have lots of grocery gift cards in stock such as Fred Meyers, New Seasons, Whole Foods, and Safeway. You can purchase gift cards for the stores and those stores give a percentage of that gift card to Buckman, anywhere from 4-26%. We will also have Chinook books and apps for sale for a limited time. Come see us Tuesday morning during drop off to place your order or buy in stock items! 


    Run For the Arts

         We are so excited for this year's Run for the Arts! The run is scheduled for Friday, October 7!
    There will be 2 runs, one in the morning & one in the afternoon. This year, the 9:30am run will be grades 3-5 and the 1:30pm run will be grades K-2.

         By now, you should have received your sponsor sheets. We are nearly 1/2 way thru the collection period. Please help your student gather sponsors. Greater sponsorship means more funds for arts programming! If you would like to set up your student's online donation option, please visit: Donation sheets are due to your student's teacher on September 30.

         Please also consider volunteering to help your student's classroom with tallying laps during and after the race. We will need several volunteers for each classroom. Look for a sign up genius link soon.

    Please contact Leah Christensen if you have any questions.

    Emergency Clothing Needed

        Cleaning your closets to make room for back-to-school clothes? Super! Please forward any student pants (generic sweatpants work great) to the office for those occasional wardrobe malfunctions.

    Donations of new girls and boys underwear are also appreciated. Thank you for your support.

    Medications at School

        With the beginning of school year upon us, please contact the office if your student will be receiving medications during school hours.

         Medicine can only be given to students after families complete the Authorization for Medication Administration by School Personnel form, which is also located in the office.

         Please personally bring in the medications (with the original packaging) and completed form. Please note students are not allowed to transport medications to school themselves.

    Thank you for your help and understanding.


    Library News

    Volunteers needed!

         Volunteers are the most important resource a school community can have. Volunteers that assist in daily routines (checking in books, checking out books, shelving, repairing or other special projects) are essential to the one-to-one time the Library Media Specialist can have with individual students. For those daily routine jobs (we handle 1,500 - 2,000 books a month!), we hope to have a weekly or bi-weekly commitment to keep the library running smoothly. Thank you for understanding that consistency in volunteering is greatly appreciated to help create routines and expectations with students, other volunteers and the staff.

         If a weekly (or bi-weekly) time or day works for you, please sign up HERE. Thank you for being part of this amazing community of learners (and readers!)

    SUN News

    Apologies for a Challenging Start

        We know this has been a challenging registration process this year. Our program had to reduce from over 60 classes to 45 which meant a number of students didn't get into classes and were waitlisted. We are trying our hardest to accommodate as many students as possible. With the reduction in the number of weeks we can serve in the fall and limits on extra activities by SUN, we also had a much more complex extra activity form. We are still working to identify community partners for  November conference days and hope to post your options in upcoming newsletters.

         To complicate things further, the County database did not pull accurate reports for the first several days and they are readying to rehaul the system. We have done the best we could, but it did result in a number of mistakes that we are still working to fix. It has made it difficult to know which classes still have room for waitlisted students and we have not been able to process payments until schedules were corrected so hopefully that will be completed in the next few days. Keep checking in with us if there are errors you are finding. If you got a notice from us, it is likely about either not having payment, a payment plan, or about not having adequate documentation. For half scholarships, proof of free and reduced lunch is required. For more than half scholarships, a scholarship form along with proof of income through last year's tax statement or three consecutive paychecks or some other equivalent is required.

         In our security system at pick up we will ask you to make eye contact with your child or ask us to retrieve  your child and then have them walk over to meet you at the sign-out table. Only SUN staff adults can be beyond the security barriers. We are sorry for any long lines this may cause in the first few weeks, but it is for your child’s safety. Since we have all new staff, at least  in the first few weeks and with database accuracy improving, we may be asking you to provide some form of identification until we are familiar with authorized pick-up people. 

         Right after school, when we are in the process of providing snack and helping students sort out their classes, is not the best time for us to talk with parents. As such we have created a clipboard where you can note questions that we can respond to at a later time. Also feel free to visit us in Room 108 or call us at (503)858-0230 in the afternoons.

    SUN Changes

        If you have any changes you need to make in your child’s SUN schedule, please fill out the SUN change form (available by the front bulletin board). You can put this in our SUN mailbox in the office. We are unable to make changes based on verbal conversations or phone messages and many classes have filled. 

         If you want to drop a class and would like a refund, paperwork must be submitted before the end of this week so that we can offer waitlisted students the openings. Be sure to include your address on the refund portion of the change form.

    New Piano Section

        In order to accommodate the tremendous interest and serve waitlisted students, we have opened an additional piano section on Friday from 3-4:30pm. If your child was waitlisted for Thursday piano or you are able to take a Friday section (enabling others to fill your Thursday slot), please fill out a change form as soon as possible.

    Adult Yoga and Zumba

        Adult yoga and zumba classes have begun. Yoga is free on Fridays at 6pm. Zumba is on Tuesdays at 6pm and the first lesson is free! After that you can either pay $5 to drop-in or purchase a $20 card for five sessions ($4/class is a very good deal!). Come have fun and get fit! Help us spread the word so we can keep the classes going.

    Refrigerator to Spare?

        SUN is looking for a donation of a working refrigerator so if you have any leads or are planning to purchase a new one and part with an old, please let us know!

    Buckman Garden Support Team

        SUN is looking for parents or volunteers willing to provide support for our school garden. There are many tasks requiring assistance to prepare the garden for fall teaching and volunteers are always needed to help work with children in the garden on Tuesdays from 3:25-4:25pm. The school native plant garden is also in need of attention. If you are interested, please contact Diane in the SUN office at

    Free School Supplies and Red Shoes Pickup

        If your family is in need of free school supplies, please contact SUN in Room 108. Similarly, if you were contacted about the Red Shoes program, please pick up in the afternoon before the end of the week.

    International Walk and Bike to School Day

         October 5 is international walk and bike to school day. Help reduce school congestion, increase safety, decrease carbon emissions, and increase health by helping your child practice alternative transportation (biking, walking, skateboarding, bus,etc.) . Meet us in the lobby for treats after 8:15am. 


  • Greetings families!
         It is time again for a little safety reminder; we really appreciate you leaving the building in the mornings through the front door only. We do realize the halls are busy and the side doors are closer, but these procedures are in place for the safety of all our children. In return, we will do our best to usher children to their classrooms so you can make your way to the front exit expeditiously.

         Thank you to each of you who made it to Back to School Night last week! I know your teachers appreciated the opportunity to speak with you and share their year-long plans, priorities and values of their classrooms. I heard from folks that the absence of child care was a hardship for some families. We want to make sure that isn’t a problem again, so we will take some time very soon to make sure we have contracts or partnerships in place for need-based childcare at future meetings.

         Coming up next is the first PTA meeting of the year with State of the Schools. Buckman staff are very appreciative of the contributions the PTA makes to their classrooms, and to our students’ experiences here at Buckman. For new families PTA is a chance to meet other parents, learn about the various activities and services that our PTA sponsors, and share your experiences, challenges and skills within our community. Our PTA has also offered some pretty amazing opportunities for parents to learn, including guest speakers and a screening of the movie Screenagers last year. For all families, the State of the Schools gives an overview of where the school is academically, financially and operationally. It’s also your chance to ask questions about school goals, curriculum and assessment, or anything else you’ve been wondering about. The date for that is Tuesday, October 11, I hope we will see you there!

         And finally, as we head into October, some of you may be wondering about screening for Talented and Gifted education. For those of you who are curious about the program, the identification process, or services, please join us on October 24 at 6pm in the library for Buckman’s TAG parent meeting.

    Have a great week, everyone!


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