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Relationships, Respect, Rigor

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Marysville School

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  • Marysville Fun Run!

    Fun Run
    The 3rd Annual Marysville School Fun Run is coming up on Wednesday, April 26th. Students will be running and collecting pledges to help raise funds for our PE and Arts programs.  
    Here's how it works:
    1. Fill out the form that is sent home.
    2. Collect pledges from friends, relatives, and neighbors (NOT STRANGERS).  Pledge forms are due by 3pm, Tuesday, April 25th. 
    3. The Marysville FUNraiser RUN coordinators will complete the number of laps on your form.  After the run, collect money from the runner's sponsors, make sure the information in complete, and record the amount paid on form.
    4. Return pledge sheet and money to classroom or school office by Thursday, May 4th.  Checks should be made payable to Marysville School
    **T-Shirt Qualifications** 
    K-1st Grade:  Run at least 2 laps + raise $30 in pledges 
    2nd-3rd Grade: Run at least 3 laps + raise $30 in pledges 
    4th-8th Grade:  Run at least 4 laps + raise $30 in pledges  
    Running Schedule:
    K-1   10:45-11:15
    2-3    1:15-1:45
    4-5    2:00-2:30
    6-8    2:40-3:10 
  • Congratulations Coach Tom!

    Congratulations to Coach Tom for earning $500 for Marysville by being a finalist in the All-Star Coach competition! Thank you for all you do! 
  • Spirit Week Photos

    Go to our gallery page in the 'Our School' tab to see more pictures from Spirit Week.  Here are just a few!
      School Spirit    Wacky Joy   Wacky Sharp   Rainbow Teach
  • Pirate Day!

    Pirate Day!  
    Ahoy Mateys!
    In celebration of surpassing our book fair goal, the staff at Marysville dressed like pirates for a day!  

Mindfulness at Marysville

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  • Kindness

    As we enter the last part of the school year, our mindfulness practices lead us to kindness.  How can we take what we have learned so far about gratitude, compassion, optimism, etc... and apply it to being kind to others?  With performing acts of kindness, we can help change people's perspectives to be more positive and help others feel happy. 
  • Joy

    We are ringing in Spring with a month full of joy.  At Marysville we feel it is important to practice finding joy in the little things and the big things in life!  This month we will be practicing creating a mindful awareness of how joy feels and what brings each of us joy. 
  • Optimism

    Optimism is choosing to look at events or conditions in a way that focuses on positive outcomes combined with the drive to participate in creating that outcome. Perspective-taking can help us find the optimistic side of a situation. Some ways you can practice choosing optimism on your own are:
    • Work together to find and talk about optimistic news stories.
    • Find the optimistic and pessimistic side of something in your lives and talk about which one feels better.
    • When reading books together, notice when characters have an optimistic perspective or a pessimistic one. If it’s pessimistic, what could the character do to be more optimistic?
  • Perspective

    This month's practice is all about perspective.  By considering other people's perspectives, we help ourselves become aware of what another person may be going through.  Doing so is a way to take a pause before judgement.  People can have a different perspective on one event depending on what may be going on in their lives at that moment.  Perhaps someone is speeding down the road and instead of getting angry, consider the perspective that the person could be rushing to an emergency.  
    One way to help think about another person's perspective is through mindful listening.  When we really listen to what another person has to say, then we can better understand their perspective on things and perhaps what they are going through at the time.  Mindfully listening means to listen with no distraction, being fully present with the person you are talking to, not trying to think of what you want to say next.  Or, perhaps being aware of the sounds of nature when being outside.  Do you hear the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind or the far off bird chirping in the distance?
    Even changing our own perspective can help us be more mindful.  Instead of seeing the bad, try to look from a more positive angle.  When looking at a field of dandelions, instead of seeing a thousand weeds, try to look for those thousand wishes instead. 
  • Mindful Seeing

    mindful seeing  
    Adding on to our November monthly practice, in December the lesson will be about mindful seeing.  When we mindfully see something, we are taking the time to stop and notice.  It is really looking and making connections with what we see.  Our sense of sight can tell us so many important things, and if we are just looking with a glance, we can miss a lot.  Taking the time to mindfully see the world can help us discover what is really out there.
  • Mindful Smelling, Tasting, and Movement

    A new month means a new monthly practice!  During the month of November, we will be focusing on our senses, in particular smelling, tasting, and movement.  Our lessons will ask the students to be mindfully aware of their senses and how that awareness can make the world seem a little bit different.  How can mindfully tasting your food change the flavor?  If you mindfully smell a flower, is the scent stronger?  How can body awareness change the way you move?  Students and teachers will be asked to practice this mindful awareness throughout their daily lives to see how it sharpens their senses.
  • Mindfulness Lesson-Compassion Gallery

    To better understand what a mindfulness lesson looks like at our school, view our gallery dedicated to our lesson on compassion. 
    Brain Break   compassion
  • How MindUP has helped Marysville

  • Interested in Mindfulness at Marysville?

    Visit Sara Fuller's (Marysville's School Counselor) website to see what different practices we are currently doing at Marysville.  Sara has also included different resources and events for parents and students.  Check it out by clicking on this link.


  • Lana Bike

    Lana Penley, Principal

    and part-time free rider (see above picture)

     Greetings Marysville Families!

    We are filled with joy to be starting another school year!  

    For the 2016-2017 school year, we will be leading with gratitude. Going into our fourth year as a mindful school, we want to focus on how we can bring gratitude into everything that we do, along with our additional monthly practices.  At Marysville, we believe mindfulness is more than being present in the moment, but also encompasses compassion, perspective, perseverance, optimism, brain science, and much more.  
    Here at Marysville, we have a Mantra-Relationships, Respect and Rigor. Relationships are the beginning of the foundation and serve as the guide for all that we do. We believe in the power of building strong relationships with all school stakeholders. Next, we treat each other with respect. This overall building tone of respect is critical for a healthy school. We attempt to be respectful in every single interaction. Our last piece of the Mantra is rigor. Rigor means being challenged and still doing your very best. We strive to have each assignment, each day have a high degree of Rigor.
    I also have many interests outside of school.  I am a former art teacher so I LOOOVE all things beautiful-nature, poetry, photography, art and music (I can even play three songs on the guitar…sort of).   I am quasi-lingual in Spanish, have a mean jumpshot (I played basketball in college), and can tell a pretty good joke.  
    Seriously, I love being the Principal of Marysville School and the people that I get to work with every day.  My day is anything but typical. I am juggling meetings, duties, observations, lessons, emails, and paperwork. But the most important thing I do, is work with students. It is so rewarding to help a student in any way I can. I believe in the power of education to open doors and exciting new worlds.  
    I am grateful for this opportunity to have an impact on the lives of students.
    Lana Collage


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