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  • The TAG Office will be temporarily closed for summer.

    TAG staff will be returning on August 7th.

    In the meantime, please reach out to Shante Hayes in College and Career Readiness for TAG related questions (shayes@pps.net) and to the Enrollment and Transfer Office for questions related to ACCESS Academy (enrollment-office@pps.net). 

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  • Talented and Gifted

    Welcome to the PPS Talented and Gifted Website!

    The Department of Talented and Gifted Education in Portland Public Schools has the primary responsibility of overseeing, supporting, and monitoring (in collaboration with other departments, district leadership, and school-based staff) the programing for Talented and Gifted students district-wide. Generally, TAG is used when referring to a student who is identified as Talented and Gifted though pre-established identification procedures and criteria. Portland Public School’s goal is for all students to have equal access to a rich learning environment and their individual needs met by creating opportunities based on principles of equity and the Successful Schools Framework.

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    Vision Statement for 2016-2017

    Encouraged by the PPS equity policy and community input, we are investing in improvements like never before in our effort to create a program to meet the unique and diverse needs of all students. We will collaborate with all neighborhood schools to support programs where we can better address all TAG students’ needs, develop and nurture students who show potential for demonstrating high levels of critical thinking and establish a pathway to positive partnerships with families. TAG students will form a community of collaborative learners who have the skills necessary to positively impact the world around them. 

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