PPS Nutrition Services

  • Our Mission:

    To educate palates, inspire culinary curiosity and nourish the health of the community through school meals. The Portland Public Schools Nutrition Service program is committed to serving delicious, nutrient-rich meals featuring whole foods. We are working with farmers and food suppliers to minimize the use of seven ingredients.

    Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services Aims to Reduce:

    • High-fructose corn syrup
    • Artificial colors
    • Artificial preservatives
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Antibiotics in chicken, hormones and antibiotics in beef, and other animal products where possible.
    • Bleached flour
    • Trans fats/hydrogenated oils (The 2012 USDA regulations require removing trans fats from school lunches. However, hydrogenated oils can still be found naturally occurring in foods and in products that claim zero grams trans-fat.)

  • Menu Subject to Change:

    Like school districts across the nation, we are facing unprecedented disruption in the food supply chain that will likely cause menu changes with little notice. Please know that nurturing ALL children through quality food will continue to be our central mission. When menu changes become necessary, we will try to use replacement items that are as close to the posted menu as possible. We will make every effort to communicate with school communities and school nurses about these changes. In this video, SNA (School Nutrition Association) shares what parents need to know about supply chain issues and their current impact on school meals. Please talk to your child about the potential for these variations. Thank you for your understanding and assistance

Menus Calendars 2021-22


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