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Ockley Green News

  • Message About Third Quarter Report Cards

    Message about Third Quarter Report Cards/Progress Reports


    We just wanted to remind families that as part of the terms with Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) to turn a planning day into an instructional day to make up for school closures this winter, the district agreed that third quarter report cards/progress reports will only be mandatory for students that meet the following criteria:

    ·         Seniors

    ·         Students who otherwise need a grade (i.e. eligibility for athletics or college applications)

    ·         Students in quarter classes

    ·         Students in danger of failing or whose behavior or achievement shows a significant decline

    ·         Special education students


    Please know that at any time you can communicate directly with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress and understand how your child is performing in school.


    Also know that end of year report cards/progress reports will be delivered to all families upon completion of the school year in accordance with the regular schedule.


    If you have any questions about the original announcement, please go to:

  • Ockley Green Newsletter 4.14.2017

    Check out the latest issue of our newsletter. Click the "Español" link for the translated version.
  • Ockley Green Action Plan

    Ockley Green Action Plan
  • Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

    Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset
  • OG's Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

    OG’s Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

     All cellphones/devices (ex. headphones)  are the responsibility of the student, not the school. Students are expected to put these devices away upon entering the school. Prior to 3:45 pm, students are not to have devices out in school. No devices are to be used during class, in the hallways or during lunch or recess. If you need to contact family members, please do so from the office phone.

     Non-approved usage will result in:

    1. Giving a warning
    2. Taking the device for the remainder of the day and involving parents
    3. Requiring that the device be secured daily in the main office upon the student’s arrival to school        
  • Radon Report

    See the latest Ockley Green Radon Report (also listed under the Radon section of "Our School").