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Enroll in PPS

Enroll in PPS

Ask For Help

  • Call:

    English:          503-916-3205
    Español:         503-916-3205
    Tiếng Việt:     503-916-3584
    中文:                503-916-3585
    Русский:        503-916-3205
    Soomaali:      503-916-3586 

    Email: enrollment-office@pps.net

    Visit: Enrollment & Transfer Center at 501 N. Dixon St, Suite 140

McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

  • If you do not have a fixed address or are living in unstable housing, please call 503-916-5770 or visit the McKinney-Vento website for enrollment support.

What Grade?

  • Click to see full chart What grade should your child be in?

    Follow the chart at right to determine the correct grade for a new-to-PPS student.