• Volunteer at Woodstock Elementary School

    Volunteers with Portland Public Schools provide invaluable support in two primary ways: as individuals and through organizations.

    Definition of a 'Volunteer': An unpaid person assisting under the direction of a licensed teacher or administrator.

    Most volunteers give their time:

    • Working with students in the classroom
    • Offering curriculum enrichment to students
    • Participating in school organizations such as PTAs, Local School Advisory Councils, or Booster Clubs
    • Providing counsel to the school district as members of advisory committees
    • Improving school grounds and buildings 

    Portland Public Schools supports volunteer efforts to:

    • Increase children's motivation for learning
    • Enrich children's school experiences
    • Strengthen school-community relations
    • Build understanding of schools among citizens

    What to expect

    Volunteers are responsible for maintaining a professional attitude of mutual respect and confidence. Volunteers in school buildings should:

    • Be punctual and reliable
    • Notify the school in case of an absence
    • Sign in and out in the office
    • Wear an orange school safety vest at all times for safety and security
    • Practice the professional ethics of confidentiality
    • Become familiar with school and classroom polices and practices
    • Be willing to adjust to each teacher's individual style and follow his/her directions
    • Set a good example in appearance and behavior for students
    • Contact the principal or volunteer coordinator if they are not satisfied with their volunteer placement


    Volunteers must protect teachers' and students' right to privacy. They may not disclose school information or personal matters, whether shared with them directly or overheard. They should discuss student problems or concerns with only the staff member with whom they are working or the principal.

    Volunteer with us

    In order to volunteer at the school, you MUST have a CURRENT volunteer application and background check on file with PPS.  There are no exceptions.

    Here is the link To Become a Volunteer.

    If you are unsure of your volunteer status, please go to the above link.  Click on the ORANGE Volunteer Online Application and Background Check bar listed in Step 3.  The personal information will take less than 1 minute to fill out. IF you are already active in the system, you will receive an immediate note letting you know that you are cleared to volunteer.  If you are NOT currently active, it will direct you to continue the application process.

    This process of getting approved can take UP TO 4 WEEKS.  It is highly recommended that you get started ASAP if you would like to volunteer before the end of the school year. Volunteer background checks are good for 3 years.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Volunteers

    Per Oregon’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Teachers and School Staff, all in person volunteers will be required to provide proof of vaccination before volunteering in a PPS school or facility. 

    • Volunteers who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 due to a qualified medical or religious exception, may complete the Volunteer Medical or Religious Exceptions Attestation Form along with the appropriate Oregon Health Authority's Medical Exception Form or Religious Exception Form, which are linked in the attestation form above. The completed documents should be uploaded to the volunteer application where proof of COVID-19 vaccination is requested. If you are already an approved volunteer and need to update your status, submit the completed forms here.

    If you have any problems with the  PPS Volunteer Application or Requirements page or questions that cannot be answered from the Volunteer website link above, please reach out to WoodstockAttend@pps.net