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Family Engagement & Consent

  • Historically, many families of color have not been included in the FBA/BSP process. Moving forward, in alignment with our district’s Racial Educational Equity policy, families must always be involved in, and communicated with throughout FBA/BSP processes when the resulting materials will determine changes in a student’s educational plan.

    Teams must obtain consent from families when completing any formal assessment or analysis of individual students, even when using existing information.

    If multiple attempts to contact families have been unsuccessful, a team may make the decision to move forward if they believe the FBA/BSP is in the best interest of the student, but MUST document multiple diverse and multimodal (e.g. phone calls home at different times, letters home to each parent or guardian, email, etc.) attempts to obtain consent.

    • For families of students receiving or being evaluated for special education services: “Notice and Consent for Evaluation” form (This can be found on Synergy SE)
    • For families of students receiving services related to a 504 plan: 504 Notice and Consent for Evaluation 
    • For families of all other students: BSC Forms Page