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Charter Schools

Charter Schools

  • Portland Public Charter Schools

    Charter schools are public schools that are intended to provide innovative programs with specific educational philosophies and/or delivery models that offer additional options for students and families within the public school system.  Charter schools enter into a contract with Portland Public Schools for sponsorship and they maintain a high level of autonomy in exchange for increased accountability.

    The Board of Education of Portland Public Schools believes that providing students and families a variety of education choices representing a range of high quality instructional methodologies is an important element in the district's goals and assists the district in meeting the objectives of its Strategic Plan to provide flexibility for programs that facilitate students achieving their very best academic and personal potential.

    The mission of the Charter Schools Department is to support and monitor a robust and innovative PPS charter school system, to advocate and act as a liaison for PPS charter schools and for the district in its role as a charter school authorizer, to educate the district, parents, stakeholders, and community partners about charter schools, and to promote equity and learning for all students.  We pursue our mission through the creation and implementation of transparent, equitable practices, a rigorous application process, strong partnerships with PPS charters and other stakeholders, leadership at the state and local levels, and through an enduring commitment to equity and high educational achievement for all students. 

    Please contact the charter schools directly if you are interested in applying to their programs. 

    You can find a list of charter schools by clicking here.    

    Click the buttons below to access information on charter schools or the process to create a charter school:

    Family Community Developer 


    The current PPS Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook can be found at the bottom of the following page: https://www.pps.net/Page/1065 

    The District is collaborating with the Portland Association of Teachers to update this document to align with recent changes in State Law (SB 553).  

    Please contact individual charter schools for their student/family handbooks.  


Tara O'Neil
Program Director, PPS Charter Schools
(503) 916-3359
Jenny Braden
Administrative Assistant, PPS Charter Schools
(503) 916-3857