School Building Improvement Bond Program

School Building Improvement
Bond Program

School Building Improvement
Bond Program

  • Health and safety work is well underway at schools across the district using funds from the May 2017 Bond. Specialized plumbing contractors have now brought drinking fixtures back online at all of the first group of 15 pilot project schools. The water quality work is proceeding in phases, with drinking fixture replacement now underway on the second group of 15 schools. Projects to remediate radon, asbestos and lead paint are also underway and fire alarm system upgrades are occurring at nine schools and facilities. Crews will work late afternoons, evenings and weekends to avoid disrupting classes.

    At the start of 2017-18 school year the PPS Bond program celebrated the opening of the newly modernized Franklin and Roosevelt High Schools and the rebuilt Faubion PK-8 + Concordia University Building. These projects address all the health and safety needs of those schools while also bringing them up to modern seismic standards and making them fully accessible. These new school environments also provide our students with state-of-the art facilities and new opportunities for learning. At Grant High School, steel and concrete work is underway as part of the school's seismic upgrades. Grant is scheduled to reopen in the fall of 2019.

    Demolition work is underway for a new Kellogg Middle School and Design Advisory Groups (DAG) have been meeting for Madison High School and Lincoln High School.

    Four schools were repainted last summer to remediate lead paint: Astor K-8, and Atkinson, Hayhurst, and Woodstock elementaries. Additional smaller scale interior and exterior lead paint remediation projects are now taking place at other schools and will continue over the next few years.

Bond Community Engagement Slide Show

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    Design work now underway at Kellogg, Madison and Lincoln

    Design Advisory Groups (DAG) have been formed for the KelloggMadison and most recently Lincoln. The DAG is a group of school and community stakeholder representatives who work together to help provide feedback for the design of the new or modernized schools. DAG members also synthesize community-wide input and share the evolving details of the project to others in the community over time. While DAG members do not make decisions, their input is crucial in creating a design that the entire community can be proud of.

    Water quality projects moving forward

    Work on the first group of 15 schools that spread across all high school clusters is now complete. See the table on the right. Work on replacing the drinking fixtures in the 2nd group of 15 scholls is now underway.  This will be followed by retesting to determine when the water in those schools will be turned back on. Crews will work late afternoons, evenings and weekends to avoid disrupting classes. PPS is planning to have drinking fountains and faucets in all the schools replaced by the summer of 2018. Learn more at our Water Quality Page.

    Madison and Kellogg set to begin construction in 2019

    The PPS School Board has officially approved the order of the middle school and high school modernization projects from the May 2017 Bond. The Office of School Modernization was already given the green light to start the design process for Kellogg Middle School and Madison High School by the Board shortly after the bond passed. Now the schedule for all four project schedules has been established.  Read the full PULSE story on the construction schedule for the May 2017 Bond schools here.

    Thank you voters

    Thank you voters for supporting the  2017 Health, Safety and Modernization Bond. The Office of School Modernization is continuing the important work of rebuilding our aging schools, making them all safer, and better equipped for 21st century learning.

    2012 Bond Progress Report

    View the new Bond Progress Report (Sept.2016)

    Check out the latest Bond project videos here.


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