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Purchasing & Contracting

Purchasing & Contracting

  • Innovating flexible, responsive, and cost-effective delivery of services and supplies to District schools and offices to support quality education for our community.

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    March 21, 2017:  MEMO-Software and Digital Resource Use and Purchases.  All software and application purchases that will use or contain staff Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be made in one of two ways: (1) via a DR Purchase Order with the Digital Resources Terms and Conditions attached, or (2) via a contract on PPS's Digital Resources or Software contract template.  Users are not allowed to use a P-Card to purchase software or digital resources.

    March 2017:  All principals, department directors, senior directors, confidential executive assistants, principals’ secretaries, school bookkeepers, business managers, and other District personnel who manage or work with contracts must take the Contracting at PPS: Requirements and Best Practices 2016-17 (PSCP1617) course on the Learning Campus no later than Friday, April 14. The course will take approximately 35 minutes to complete. Course completion will be tracked.  After April 14th, Purchasing & Contracting will not process any contract unless the PPS contract manager, school/department contact person, and budget holder have taken and passed the course.

    October 25, 2016:  Purchasing & Contracting has created a new chart with guidance on appropriate use of Direct Vouchers vs. P-Cards vs. Purchase Orders vs. Contracts for goods and services purchases. 

    July 20, 2016:  Effective immediately, department directors and school principals no longer have authority to sign personal services or hotel, catering, or space rental contracts <$2000.  Please submit ALL contracts to Purchasing & Contracting for review and signature.

    July 1, 2016: Opportunity for community members to volunteer:

    Community Volunteer Evaluator Program

    April 19, 2016:  Please read the following Guidance on Contracts: Encumbrance vs. Spend-Up

    March 11, 2016:  New Limits on Contract Amendments

    February 25, 2016:  There is a new P-Card Quick Guide and P-Card Manual available on the P-Card website.  The guide provides key features everyone should know about and the manual is more robust with an extended list of acceptable and unacceptable purchases.

    February 19, 2016:  Notice to Vendors:  PPS will not pay for services completed wthout a contract in place



Purchasing & Contracting
Phone: 503.916.3305
Fax: 503.916.3109
Emily Courtnage
Director, Purchasing & Contracting
Erica Kreger
Contracts Manager
Kellie Lindstrom
Administrative Support
Aidan Gronauer
Equity in Public Purchasing & Contracting Manager
Stephen Hirai
P-Card Program Manager
Paul Williams
Sr. Manager - Solicitations
Travis Allison
Purchasing Manager
Bethany Demello
Contract Analyst
Lynn Faulkenberry
Contract Analyst
Kimberley Alandar
Senior Contract Analyst - Capital Projects
Tina Sandoval
Senior Contract Specialist