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  • Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy is a “related service” in school settings, in which the focus is on making sure that students with mobility challenges are able to access their educational curriculum in all settings.

    Physical Therapists (PTs) work as part of a transdisciplinary team to ensure safety, accessibility, and emergency evacuation procedures for students with special movement needs. PTs are involved in the assessment and service planning for students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), as well as for students with disabilities that are on Section 504 Accessibility Plans. They make recommendations for adaptations and modifications in equipment, the school environment, and student positioning.

    Additionally, PTs provide training to school staff for safe lifting and evacuation procedures, as well as consult with community health care professionals regarding students’ needs.
    Adults kicking balls/playing games

    Request Motor Team Assistance

    To request Motor Team assistance and evaluation for a student, complete the request for assistance form located in Resources > Forms under the Motor Team heading.

    Local Camps and Related Motor Activities

    To find more information about activities that are available in the Portland area, visit Parents > Resources for local resources.


Motor Team Contacts

Jefferson Office
Linda Moon
Program Administrator
(503) 916-3456
Mona Walker
(503) 916-3152

Physical Therapy Contacts

(503) 916-5490
Michele Catena
(503) 916-5490 Ext. 71109
Marlien Gregory
(503) 916-5490 Ext. 71075

Licensed Physical Therapists Assistant (LPTA)

Susan McAuley
(503) 916-5490 Ext. 71094
Kathleen Rynevich
(503) 916-5490 Ext. 71105