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Woodstock Elementary School

We believe all elementary students
are diverse learners with unique needs.

5601 SE 50th Ave.Portland, OR 97206Ph (503) 916-6380Fx (503) 916-2688

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  • This school year, our focus is on Depth and Complexity. What does this mean? We want to be sure that students have plenty of opportunities to think critically, not just fly-by with basic skills. Some concrete examples of this are evaluating, applying, creating, and synthesizing. We will work closely with teachers and students to support student learning and appropriate levels of challenge. Several classrooms across PPS are focusing on scholarly behavior, flexible grouping, and independent research projects in order to meet student needs.

    - Andrew Johnson, Director of Talented and Gifted Education


    Talented and Gifted Identification

    Reminder: All second grade students will again be assessed using the CogAT7 intellectual assessment. The window will open October 3rd and close October 28th, 2016.

    Whole grade Acceleration is open until October 15th, 2016. This is for students who truly need a full year of acceleration. Please find the application on our website under the parent tab.


    Be on the lookout for…


    • The fall conference for the Oregon Association of Talented and Gifted (OATAG) is Saturday, October 15th from 9:00am – 5:00 pm at Reed College. Please visit for more information and to register.
    • The Nomination process for a formal TAG Identification is now open to the following students:

    K-1st Intellectual, Math, and/or Reading Nominations
    2nd Math and/or Reading Nominations
    3-12th Intellectual, Math, and/or Reading Nominations

    • All Nomination/Placement Forms (IDPFs) are due to your buildings TAG Facilitator by NOV. 10th. Those forms are accessible at your school and on our website.
    • School Facilitators join the TAG staff once a month for an opportunity to further professional development surrounding TAG instruction. The goals for the 2016-2017 school year include Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOT-Q) and Differentiated Menus




    TAG FAMILY NIGHTS in Partnership with OMSI

    TAG Students and their families are invited to attend OMSI Family Night! 6-8PM
    October 10th
    February 13th
    April 24th



    Starting with the SEPTEMBER late opening, we will once again be offering late start AKA Science.  AKA Science is hands-on science centered on a theme. The classes are intentionally kept small (15-16 students) to allow for maximum learning.   

    Class Day & Time:  Wednesdays, 8:00-10:00 AM

    Since we only have seven late openings this year, we will only be holding one sign-up for classes. Our classes will explore two themes this year as noted below:

    Fall Term:

    Sept. 21 - Forces & Motion
    Oct. 19 - Forces & Motion

    Nov./Dec. - NO LATE OPENING

    Winter/Spring Term:

    Jan. 18 - Forensic Science
    Feb. 15 - Forensic Science
    Mar. 15 - Forensic Science
    April 19 - Forensic Science
    May 17 - Forces & Motion                             

    # of Class Sessions:  7

    THEME: Fun Physics: Forces & Motion

    • Grades K-2: Brilliant Builders

    Have a blast using toys and tools to discover how things work! Race mini cars, make a marble bounce, and build your own catapult! Learn the secrets of balancing birds and magnet magic tricks...then take stuff home to amaze your family and friends!

    Sign up here:

    • Grades 3-5: Incredible Inventors

    Catapults, coin tricks, and circuits--oh, my! Power up for fun as you experiment with energy and motion. Sink a diver in a bottle, send a balloon rocket zooming, and design a marble speed track...then take stuff home to amaze your family and friends!

    Sign up here:

    For more information about the AKA Science program visit .

    Please note that in signing-up for this class, you are committing to all seven late opening classes. The cost to register for aKa Science this year (a one-time fee to cover all seven classes) is $80 to cover the materials/instructors and checks can be made payable to Woodstock prior to the first class.    

    The sign-ups for these classes will open on TAG website on THURSDAY, AUGUST 25TH. To reach the TAG site, go to the Woodstock website and click on the TAG link. 

    Since we must fill these classes, the registration is open as follows:

    August 25-September 15                   TAG students and their siblings (including kindergartners)
    September 16-September 20              ALL Woodstock students (including kindergartners)

    If you have any questions or need help signing up for these classes, please contact Meghan Delwisch at


  • TAG FAMILY NIGHTS in Partnership with OMSI

    TAG Students and their families are invited to attend OMSI Family Night! 6-8PM
    October 10th
    February 13th
    April 24th