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Talented and Gifted

  • Talented and Gifted

    Welcome to the PPS Talented and Gifted Website!

    The Department of Talented and Gifted Education in Portland Public Schools has the primary responsibility of overseeing, supporting, and monitoring (in collaboration with other departments, district leadership, and school-based staff) the programing for Talented and Gifted students district-wide. Generally, TAG is used when referring to a student who is identified as Talented and Gifted though pre-established identification procedures and criteria. Portland Public School’s goal is for all students to have equal access to a rich learning environment and their individual needs met by creating opportunities based on principles of equity and the Successful Schools Framework.

    For more information about the Office of Teaching and Learning, please click here

    Student Spotlight

    Sunnyside Environmental Youth Game Makers

    2016 Spelling Bee

    Big Congratulations to ALL of our Oregon Spellers Participants this year. We are so impressed with our students and are looking forward to watching our district level winners go on to participate in the regional competition. (Date and Location TBD)

    Division I Winner: Asa Jorg at Duniway

    Division II Winners: Atle Wammer at Access AND Zoe Maloney-Dunn at Gray MS

    Division III Winner: Will Eaton at Franklin High 

    ¡Si Se Puede!

    Our office is proud to feature the TAG students who will be recognized in the ¡Si Se Puede! event on May 4th, 2016! Thank you, students, for your hard work!

    Daniel Mauzano-Ortiz from Lincoln

    Andrea Mauricio-Hernandez from Franklin

    Jenny Gomez-Garcia from Jason Lee

    Encouraged by the PPS equity policy and community input, we are investing in improvements like never before in our effort to create a program to meet the unique and diverse needs of all students. We will collaborate with all neighborhood schools to support programs where we can better address all TAG students’ needs, develop and nurture students who show potential for demonstrating high levels of critical thinking and establish a pathway to positive partnerships with families. TAG students will form a community of collaborative learners who have the skills necessary to positively impact the world around them. 



TAG Contacts

Talented and Gifted
( 503) 916-3358
Andrew Johnson
Program Director
(503) 916-3491
Kristin Johnson
Senior Administrative Secretary
Tessalie Schulte
TAG TOSA Clusters: Grant, Wilson, Franklin
Kim Bertelsen
TAG TOSA Clusters: Cleveland, Lincoln, Madison
Palmyra McLellarn
TAG TOSA Clusters: Jefferson, Roosevelt, PPS Charters
Nellie Richardson
Data Clerk

Coming Events/ Weekly Information

  • Scholars in Science Competition

    Scholars in Science

    Two students will be selected for the quality and conten of their essay and will have the opportunity to attend a summer camp offered by OMSI, at NO COST. We will accept scholarly essays from current 5th and 6th graders only. This competition is open to all schools and required the student to write a one page essat describing how science has impacted their life and how they plan to study science to make the world a better place. All essays are due to the Department of Talented and Gifted Education by May 15th

    PPS District Level Oregon Spellers Contest

    The schools that have chosen to participate in this years Oregon Spellers Contest have submitted their building winners! The district level competition will occur Saturday April 16th. Stay tuned for our list of district winners!

    Oregon Writing Festival

    The Talented and GIfted department is encouraging all schools to participate in the Oregon Writing Festival this year. Please click here for more information. 

    Battle of the Books 

    We are so proud of all of our students who have participated in 2016! Please click here for more informaiton, and to see the winners. 



    TAG Parent Advisory Council (TAGAC) Meetings:

    • April 12, 2016
    • May 12, 2016

    6:30-8:00 PM in Mazama Conference Room at the BESC District Administration Building, 501 N. Dixon St., 97227. Guests are always welcome! Childcare is available