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Portland Public Schools

Portland, Oregon

501 N. DixonPortland, OR 97227(503) 916-2000

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    As a department, we are committed to Alphabet
    reversing the trend of isolation and
    segregation of students with disabilities by
    ensuring all students have access to high
    quality instruction responsive to their needs
    and delivered by effective and culturally
    responsive educators within the Least
    Restrictive Environment. Our primary focus is
    to build capacity and to support staff
    members district wide to ensure effective
    instruction is the predictor of student

    IEP teams determine current type of
    educational placement. Once the IEP team
    determines the type of educational placement,
    a location (or school site) is selected for the
    student. Selection of a school site is an administrative decision.
    While it is PPS Special Education's mission to keep students in the
    Least Restrictive Environment, the school district must provide a
    continuum of alternative placements to meet the needs of students with
    disabilities for special education and related services.