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Portland, Oregon

501 N. DixonPortland, OR 97227(503) 916-2000

English As A Second Language Department Banner: A teenage girl reads to a young boy.

English as a
Second Language

English as a
Second Language

    We invest in inclusive quality instruction that honors students' racial, cultural and linguistic assets.

    We prepare every Emergent Bilingual to be ready to succeed in our schools and thrive in our community.


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    Incoming ESL Student Assessment

    Temporary Welcome Centers

    From August 22 through August 31, the ESL Department will deploy teams to 3 Temporary Welcome Centers to provide language assessments from 8:30 A.M to 4:00 P.M.

    Franklin High School@Marshall
    3905 SE 91st Ave.

    Wilson High School
    1151 SW Vermont St.

    James John Elementary School
    7439 Charleston Ave.

    Note: On Thursday August 25, all three centers will be open until 7:00 PM 

    Click here for more information.

    Please review the updated guidelines regarding HS ESL scheduling Contact Tonya Mjelde if you have any questions, or if your school anticipates using general fund FTE to offer an "EB-only" for levels 1 and 2 in Language Arts or Social Studies for approval and submission to ODE.




Veronica Magallanes
Sr. Director
(503) 916-6525
Eric Tong
Director’s Secretary
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 74945
Lisa Blount
Assistant Director
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 74943
Kehaulani Haupu
Assistant Director
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 71006