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Funded Programs

Funded Programs

  • What is Title I?

    Title IA is a federally funded grant program. First started in 1964, it is the largest grant under George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act.

    The purpose of Title I is to provide additional support for schools that serve children who have risk factors like poverty or high mobility. Research has demonstrated that these factors make it more difficult for children to be successful in school. Eligible schools get an amount of money based on the number of students in the school who are directly certified by USDA standards. Principals, teachers and Title I parents develop a plan for how they can use this money so that all students can achieve to their highest potential.

    Title I programs often include:

    • Smaller class sizes 
    • Additional teachers or teaching assistants 
    • Teachers with specialized training in reading and mathematics

    But they can also include:

    • Before-or-after school tutoring 
    • Additional training for school staff in areas where students need help 
    • Counseling and mentoring programs


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(503) 916-3789
(503) 916-3111
Joe LaFountaine
Senior Director
(503) 916-3231
Leslie O'Dell
Program Director - School Improvement & Pre-Kindergarten
(503) 916-3133
Angela Sandino
Program Director - Title IC Migrant, Title 1D, Title X Homeless, Connect, Instruct & Learn, PSU Tutor Program
(503) 916-3171
Karen Kitchen
Program Director - Indian Education Services
(503) 916-6499 Ext. 71112
Kathy Gaitán
Program Director - Private Schools & Pre-Kindergarten
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 74110
Nicole Groth
Senior Manager
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 74944
Sara Beck
TOSA School Improvement
Char Hutson
Transition Coordinator

Office Staff

Tom Kelly
(503) 916-3789
Kathy Starlyn
Data Clerk - Title X
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 71716
Vanessa Dick
Secretary – Indian Education Services
(503) 916-6499
Teresa Rule
Migrant Education Program Coordinator
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 71420
Marti Heard
TOSA Homeless Program Liaison
(503) 278-0871
Marcela Butterfield
(503) 502-0437
Mohamed Mohamed
(503) 260-3318
Phoua Xiong
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 71479
Reina Gomez
Connect, Instruct & Learn
(503) 916-6268
Ana Rodriguez
Connect, Instruct & Learn
(503) 916-6268
Irene Robles
Connect, Instruct & Learn
(503) 318-1388
Sara Lopez
Connect, Instruct & Learn
(503) 270-0464
Katherine Ramirez
Migrant Community Agent
(503) 351-4685