• Doing Business with PPS

    Welcome to Purchasing & Contracting's Doing Business with PPS webpage.  Here you will find information on purchasing processes at Portland Public Schools and information on registering for our eBid and Certified Business utilization tracking systems.

    Small Dollar Purchases

    Some purchasing decisions are centralized while many other purchasing decisions are within the discretion of individual departments and schools.  Goods or basic services purchases less than $10,000 may be directly negotiated, whereas those between $10,000 and $150,000 typically require a competitive quote process.

    There is no registration process or approved vendor list to begin doing business with our departments and schools.  When a department or school identifies a vendor of choice, they will initiate a contract or PO and work with our Finance Department to process the contract or purchase. 

    Due to limited staff resources at departments and schools, we never recommend “cold calls” or in-person visits unless requested by departments and schools themselves.  You may provide literature via mail or email to our departments and schools. Addresses for each are available at www.pps.net


    Purchasing & Contracting performs a wide variety of competitive solicitations on behalf of the District's departments and schools. Purchases above $150,000 typically require a competitive, centrally managed formal solicitation.  These solicitations result from requirements identified by departments or schools for goods, services, personal services, public improvements, architecture, engineering, and related services.

    All such solicitations are posted in PlanetBids and published in the Daily Journal of Commerce or the Buisness Tribune. 

    Search for opportunities on PDX Procurement Search and follow us on Twitter at @pps_purchasing   

    Please frequently check our Open & Upcoming Solicitations page to view current and upcoming formal solicitations.

    Vendor Registration

    Portland Public Schools strongly encourages vendors to register on PlanetBids to receive notification of formal solicitations.  Registration is at no cost and allows vendors access to view and respond to formal solicitations. 

    Click on the PlanetBids button to register.



    Certified Business Utilization Tracking System

    If you have a contract with PPS, you may be required to enter information into our Certified Business tracking system, allowing PPS to measure its progress toward our goal of 18% utilization of Certified Businesses.  Contractors that are required to submit Certified Business utilization data can find the step-by-step instructions here: Certified Business Utilization Tracking System 

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about doing business with Portland Public Schools please contact us.