Contract Forms

  • PLEASE READ: Please email all contracts to for review and signing (or submit through Cobblestone if you have been trained to do so).


    • Mandatory Annual Training Course:  All District personnel who manage or work with contracts must take the Contracting at PPS: Requirements and Best Practices 2024-25 (PCP1036) course in Pepper PD. The course allows you to read and respond to quiz questions at your own pace; we anticipate that it may take 30 minutes. Effective July 1, 2024, the 2024-25 course must be completed before you submit a contract for the 2024-25 school year.  Purchasing & Contracting will not process any contract unless the PPS contract manager, school/department contact person, and budget holder have taken and passed the 2024-25 course.  If you submit a contract, but have not taken the training, you will receive an email reminder to do so.  The contract will be returned unprocessed if the training has not been completed within one week of submission. To access the course:
      1. Log in to Pepper PD (
      2. Click on the "Course Library" located on the top menu
      3. Click on the "Subject" Filter
      4. Scroll and Select "Business Operations" from the choices
      5. Click the course title and then "Sign Up & Start Course"
    • Do not send contract templates to vendors to complete.  Our templates should be completed by PPS staff.  Fill in all fillable fields, save the document as a pdf, and then send to the vendor for the vendor's approval and signature before providing the contract, along with a Contract Approval Form, to Purchasing & Contracting for final review and District signature.

     Contract Approval Form

    Frequently Used Contract Templates

    • Personal Services - For most District users, the Personal Services contract (“PS”) is their go-to contract. Use the PS when your contract is primarily for services that require specialized technical, creative, professional, or communication skills or talents that are unique to the service provider.  
      • This template includes the Independent Contractor Certification worksheet as Exhibit B.  It should be completed and signed by the contractor after the school/department completes the rest of the contract.
      • This template also includes the Mandatory Contractor Training exhibit as Exhibit C.  Exhibit C must be completed by the school/department and then signed by the contractor if applicable.

    • Digital Resource/Software - Use this contract for all software and related services, including web-based applications (apps).  Please check with the IT team to ensure a contract is the proper route to go. 

    • Amendment - An amendment to a contract changes, deletes, or adds certain details to the contract. Changes may be to scope of work, costs, payment terms, end date, or other terms.  Please note:  Amendment of expired contracts is prohibited except in narrow circumstances.

    • Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) - An IGA is appropriate when you enter into an agreement in which another governmental agency or subdivision (e.g., the State of Oregon, MESD, City of Portland Bureau of Parks & Recreation, a state college, etc.) will provide services to the District.
    • Intergovernmental Agreement/Revenue - As with the IGA, use this contract when working with another governmental agency or subdivision, but when the District is providing services for which it will be paid.

    • Intergovernmental Agreement Specific to Portland State University - Use this IGA only when contracting with PSU.

    • Services - Use this contract when you are contracting for basic services like maintenance, repair, custodial, security, flooring, landscaping, etc.

    • Material Requirements - Under this contract, the contractor promises to supply the specified goods/materials (e.g., food items, school supplies) that the District may require during a certain time period at an agreed price.

    • Student Teacher Agreement - For use by central office departments only.

    • Health Services Agreement - For student placement in health care facilities in connection with the District's Health Services Programs only.

    Federal Terms and Conditions

    • Federal Terms and Conditions - Attach this exhibit to your contract if you will be using a federal grant or pass-through funds to pay for your contract.  (This exhibit is already attached to the Personal Services contract template.)

    Student/Instructional/Family Engagement Services

    Use this template for contracts originating in Central Office and involving the provision of direct, ongoing, intensive instructional and support services (e.g., mentoring, after-school programming, family outreach services) to students and their families with the goal of raising student achievement.  This statement of work is required for any such contracts over $150,000 and strongly recommended for those between $75,000 and $150,000.

    Request For Payment on a Contract

  • Special Procurements

    In certain circumstances, the District can enter into contracts that are above the competitive dollar thresholds without seeking competition.

    Personal Services - Direct Negotiation
    • Direct Negotiation Justification Form - For use when entering into a Personal Services Contract valued at more than $75,000 and where direct negotiation is specifically allowed by PPS Public Contracting Rule PPS-46-0525. Instructions are included on the form.
    Goods and Services - Sole Source
    • Sole Source Justification Form - For use when purchasing goods or services that are available from only one source, per PPS Public Contracting Rule PPS-47-0275 or federal procurement rules.  This does not apply to consultant services or construction services. Instructions are included on the form.  
    Software and Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Software & Hardware Maintenance, Licenses, Subscriptions, and Upgrades Form - For information technology and telecommunications hardware or software maintenance, licenses, subscriptions, digital resources, or upgrades available from only one source or, if available from more than one source, obtained from the District's current provider in order to utilize the pre-existing knowledge of the provider regarding the specifics of the District's hardware or software system.