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Portland, Oregon

501 N. DixonPortland, OR 97227(503) 916-2000

  • Mt Scott Learning Centers

    6148 SE Holgate
    Portland, OR  97206

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    Mt. Scott Learning Center (MSLC) opened in 1994 to serve the needs of middle school students unable to succeed in traditional classrooms. The high school program was introduced in 2002. Today, MSLC serves 150 students in grades 7-12. The organization is fully accredited by AdvancED and registered with the Oregon Department of Education to provide full-day academic services to students referred by area school districts.

    Mt. Scott Learning Center emphasizes the development of a small, successful community of learners based upon four Core Values: Healthy, Citizen, Prepared and Scholar. Small class sizes allow staff to develop challenging curriculum for all academic levels, while focusing on and fostering specific skills needed to be a successful student. Courses are offered in language arts, math, social studies, science, health and physical education, plus a variety of electives, and address the needs of students who struggle in a traditional environment and who may be academically below grade level. Students have the opportunity to participate in monthly service learning activities, as well as outdoor educational experiences. The school employs a full-time counselor and provides individual tutoring services. MSLC also provides extensive mentoring and resources to help students access education and training beyond high school.

    MSLC is dedicated to engaging each student, helping them find educational success and, ultimately, earn a high school diploma. Understanding that each student’s journey may look different from the traditional comprehensive public school, MSLC has created a structure that eliminates the designations of middle school, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Instead, MSLC students are a part of one of two subgroups: Junior Academies and Senior Academies. These are further divided into eight class-groups named after eight of the main bridges in Portland: Marquam, Hawthorne, Sellwood, Morrison, Burnside, Steel, Broadway and Fremont.

    MSLC’s Junior Academies include Marquam, Hawthorne, Sellwood and Morrison. Marquam includes grades 7-8 and is our traditional “middle school.” Hawthorne, Sellwood and Morrison students are those who are embarking on their first year of “high school” and/or who have struggled to accrue credits towards graduation.

    MSLC’s Senior Academies include Burnside, Steel, Broadway and Fremont. Students are placed in Burnside, Steel and Broadway according to, among other factors, earned credits, age and ability. Fremont (also referred to as “Transition”) is exclusively for those students poised to complete their high school diploma. These students will receive focused guidance around post-secondary plans.




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