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501 N. DixonPortland, OR 97227(503) 916-2000

  • Youth Progress

    2020 SE Powell Blvd
    Portland, OR  97202

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    Youth Progress (YP) is a non-profit, independent living organization that has been providing Oregon's youth with the skills necessary to become successful community members since 1964. YP has its own accredited learning center attached to our day treatment and residential programs:  Youth Progress Learning Center (YPLC).  Our clients range in age from 13 to 24 (PPS provides funding for students up to the age of 20), have diverse backgrounds, and come from all over the State. The majority of our clients are currently involved in the juvenile justice system, have been involved with it in the past, or have no appropriate home resource with whom to live.  YP clients are often labeled as "difficult to treat" and have typically been rejected from other placements due to behaviors or background. YP specializes in working with these youth by providing them with individualized opportunities to succeed. YPLC provides opportunities to approximately 125 Oregon youth each year.

    YP has a number of programs and in-house resources that address each client's needs and help build upon his or her strengths. The clients of YP have access to independent living skills education, employability education, job searching and maintenance assistance, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol recovery services, GED and high school diploma education, college readiness training, vocational planning, and case management services. All of YP's programs and services are structured to help our clients prepare for and achieve a successful transition into the community and into a healthy and productive lifestyle.

    All clients at Youth Progress have the opportunity to:

    • Receive case management
    • Complete assessments and evaluations
    • Gain employability and independent living skills
    • Gain work and/or volunteer experience
    • Attend counseling
    • Receive drug and alcohol services
    • Complete High School diploma or GED
    • Prepare for college
    • Explore vocational options
    • Develop positive community resources
    • Participate in pro-social activities
    • Create a transitional plan for life after graduating from YP

    Core Values

    • Accountability
    • Responsibility
    • Opportunity
    • Growth
    • Diversity

    Youth Progress provides youth the skills necessary to become successful community members.


Nathan Lauritzen
Education Program Manager
(503)233-6121 x341