• Did something happen to you and you're not sure what to do?  Consider contacting a confidential advocate FIRST using this direct line for PPS students (available in Spanish/English). Advocates provide free, confidential support and referral to PPS youth of all genders who are experiencing any form of abuse, dating or sexual violence, (cyber)stalking and/or harassment, bullying or discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or other protected class under the law. Click here for more about advocacy in schools.

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Title IX - Resources for Students and Parents

  • Portland Public Schools is dedicated to ensuring that all complaints of gender discrimination are investigated thoroughly. The health and safety of the school community is of paramount importance to us and so if you have been a victim of or know of an incident of discrimination or harassment, please contact Dr. Liane O'Banion, the District’s Title IX Director immediately at 503.568.2646, lobanion@pps.net or report to PPS or Safe Oregon. 

    If you are in imminent danger, have recently been assaulted and/or are in need of medical attention, please call 911. 

    SURVIVOR RESOURCES: Click here for an updated, printable list of advocacy, support & crisis resources (Feb 2021)

    MALE SURVIVORS: Sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter your age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Men and boys who have been sexually assaulted or abused may have many of the same feelings and reactions as other survivors of sexual assault, but they may also face some additional challenges because of social attitudes and stereotypes about men and masculinity.  Click here for resources for male survivors 

    CONFIDENTIAL ADVOCACY: The priority of Title IX policy and response is student safety. Once you let PPS know what happened, we will take immediate steps to ensure both parties (if applicable) are safe and protected from further harm. This may include a request that the parties cease communication and/or the implementation of immediate safety measures in your school building or online classroom. You do not have to go through this alone. We encourage all complainants to connect with a confidential advocate early in the process.



    Each PPS school has a School Compliance Officer (SCO). The SCO is the building point of contract to: 1) receive all school-based reports of bullying, harassment & discrimination; 2) conduct safety planning for impacted student(s); 3) act as main point of contact for Title IX reports, investigations & associated interventions; and 4) ensures all incidents are cross-reported to DHS, Title IX etc as needed and appropriate.

    2020-21 List of School Compliance Officers

    Use tabs at bottom of spreadsheet to find your school. You may always report using the PPS Title IX report button and info will be forwarded onto the identified staff member.



    What is Title IX?

    Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (TIX) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in all education programs and activities. Title IX keeps kids safe and in school by reducing barriers and protecting students from an environment that interferes with educational programs or activities or that creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile educational climate. PPS is dedicated to ensuring that all complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence are investigated thoroughly.

    Title IX applies to all PPS students, staff and third-parties regardless of holiday, extended school closure or modification of the educational environment such as online learning, chat rooms, social media, etc. 

    Title IX is administered under the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and includes 37 words that remain unchanged from 1972:  

    No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

    What Does Title IX Prohibit?

    Under Title IX, all of the following are considered forms of sexual harassment: 

    1. Sexual harassment 
      1. Conditioning access to educational benefits on unwelcome sexual conduct (“quid pro quo”); or
      2. Engaging in unwelcome conduct that is so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a student equal access to a school’s education program or activity.
    2. Sexual assault 
      1. Forcible or nonforcible sex offense under the uniform crime reporting system of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; or
      2. Unwelcome sexual conduct that occurs without consent or when under the influence of drugs/alcohol, while unconscious or elicited using physical force, coercion, or explicit or implied threats.
    3. Dating (or domestic) violence
      1. Violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with another.
    4. Stalking
      1. A  pattern of behavior intended to cause fear or intimidation.

    The following resources outline newly release regulations from the U.S. Department of Education:


    Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity: under Oregon law, discrimination includes “any act that unreasonably differentiates treatment, intended or unintended, or any act that is fair in form but discriminatory in operation, either of which is based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability.” Oregon law broadly defines, “sexual orientation” as an individual’s actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality or gender identity, regardless of whether the individual’s gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the individual’s sex at birth."

      How Can I Report Discrimination or Harassment?

    Any PPS employee, student, parent, community member, concerned citizen, or other individual is encouraged to report. Keeping schools safe for all students requires us to look out for one another - if you see something, say something!

    Remember - a student can not be disciplined for making a report in good faith even if during the course of the incident they engaged in something that would otherwise be considered against school policy (such as consuming alcohol or drugs). This is to ensure students can report without fear of consequences or retaliation for doing so.

    There are options for how you report.

    1. Click here to report to PPS: report goes directly to PPS Title IX Director who will consult w/designated school administrator (usually the principal or vice-principal) and together, will act accordingly.

    2. Click here to report to Safe Oregon: tip line cross reports to DHS, Portland Police and PPS as necessary.

    3. Click here to report to the Oregon Dept. of Education


    What Happens Next?

    The priority of Title IX policy and response is student safety. Once you let PPS know what happened, we will take immediate steps to ensure both parties (if applicable) are safe and protected from further harm. This may include a request that the parties cease communication and/or the implementation of immediate interim safety measures in your school building. Depending on the severity and type of discrimination alleged, a school-based investigation may begin. If the report contains information that may include a crime, the school administrator may consult with police or the School Resource Officer (SRO) to determine whether a police response is warranted. These steps are coordinated in collaboration with the reporting party (complainant) and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

    You do not have to go through this alone. If you experienced harm or trauma, please make sure to reach out to advocacy, support or community resources such as those listed below - 24/7 hotline and emergency contacts are listed on the right-hand side toward the top of this page. It is important to address your emotional and/or physical needs first; once you are safe, you can alert the district or Safe Oregon about what occurred. Confidential (and mobile) advocacy are offered through a PPS-partnership with Raphael House and VOA Homefree.

    Click here for more on the role of confidential advocates.

    Click here for more on what you can expect from PPS in a Title IX investigation

    Is there more to Title IX than Investigations?

    YES!  Title IX, when done well, covers everything from sexual violence prevention to education and awareness building and safety plans. The following diagram illustrates some of the overlapping goals in a comprehensive Title IX framework. The individual alleged to have harmed another start in the blue circle; the individual who was harmed begins in the pink circle. As you can see, there is a lot of overlap!

    Click here for .pdf of Venn diagram

    title ix


    For a deeper dive into how sexual harassment and violence impact the educational environment, check out Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS) 2-part video series, which helps K-12 kids understand the law, what it requires schools to do and why Title IX is so essential in protecting an individual's civil rights.

    The videos and discussion guide can be utilized by teachers, parents or other educators.  


    Want to Work at PPS? 

    Consider applying for the new Program Manager for LGBTQIA2S Students!  Open position #22199 as of April 12, 2021.

    Hiring Manager: Liane O’Banion, Title IX


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