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    Franklin's attendance secretary is Sam Del Biaggio, franklinattend@pps.net

    For student absences, late arrivals, and early releases, you may excuse your student in 3 different ways. Please choose one way that works for your family:

    1) Call 503-916-3543 (Attendance Office).

    2) Email franklinattend@pps.net

    3) Have your student bring a note to the Attendance Office (located in the Main Office). 

    Administrator for Attendance Issues – Alfredo Quintero, aquintero@pps.net


    Please Note:

    - PPS is still enforcing a 5-day isolation for Covid-19 positive cases, regardless of vaccination and symptom status. 

    - Multnomah County Health Dept. does not allow a Negative test result for early return. 


    Asistencia de Ausencias: 

    Para las ausencias, llegadas tardías y salidas tempranas de los estudiantes, puede excusar a su estudiante de 3 formas diferentes. Elija una forma que funcione para su familia.

    1) Llame al 503-916-3543 (Oficina de asistencia)

    2)Mande correo electronico a franklinattend@pps.net

    3)Haga que su estudiante traiga una nota a la oficina de asistencia sobre su ausencia. 

    Cuando notifique a la escuela sobre una ausencia, indique la siguiente información:

    1. Nombre de estudiante (ID # si conocido)

    2. Su numero de telefono

    3. Fecha de ausencia

    4. Razón de ausencia

    5.  Si se realizó la prueba de COVID, fecha y resultado.

    (Si la ausencia se debe a una ENFERMEDAD, proporcione los síntomas. Según la información que comparta, es posible que la enfermera de nuestra escuela también debe comunicarse con usted para obtener información de seguimiento).

    Los estudiantes que lleguen más de 10 minutos tarde a una clase deben registrarse en la Oficina de Asistencia (en la oficina principal). Los estudiantes que se vayan temprano deben firmar su salida en la oficina principal y, si regresan, deberán registrarse nuevamente en la oficina principal.


    Student Attendance Policy

    Attendance – Oregon law requires parents/guardians to see that children between the ages of 7 and 18 years attend school regularly. It is the legal responsibility of the parent to have their children in school, and ensure the student attends school regularly and on a timely manner (Reference: ORS 339.010-339.020). This responsibility lies with the student as well.

    Students are expected to attend school and classes daily and on time. The parent/guardian may notify school staff of absences and/tardies by an email, phone call, sending a note and/or leaving a voicemail.

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school and classroom teachers directly if there is a concern about absenteeism. When a student’s attendance is so erratic that he or she is not benefiting from the educational program, the Principal or designee will notify the student and parent/guardian of appropriate alternative programs. State law requires schools to withdraw students who are absent ten (10) consecutive school days for any reason.


    Excused Absence

    Students who are absent from Franklin High School must comply with the following in order to be able to excuse an absence:

    Criteria to Excused Absences from School – Only absences for student sickness, appointments, religious holidays, or death in a family are considered excused.

    If an email or phone call is not possible, in order to excuse an absence, parents/guardians must explain their student absence in a signed letter/note or by a telephone call within three (3) days of the absence.

    Procedures for Report a Student’s Absence 

    An email or phone call, if not possible at the time, A note signed by a parent or guardian ordinarily is required for any tardiness or absence. A note should have the following Information: 

    • Date
    • Student Name and Last Name
    • Student ID number
    • Reason for the absence
    • Date of absence (s)
    • Parent Signature
    • Parent phone number 

    Students who are 18 may not excuse themselves from school or specific class periods. To excuse any student absences, the district requires notification from the parent/guardian regardless of student age. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a student has been legally emancipated from their parents and provides proof of such court action.


    Making up assignments due to absences from school

    Students are allowed to make up assignments for an excused absence and receive credit. However, students are expected to make up assignments for unexcused absences for their own benefit, but depending on the individual circumstances and the school standards, may or may not receive credit. Student grades may not be lowered solely due to absences. (For information regarding homework during suspension, see “Suspension Procedures” [Homework during Suspension].


    Quarantined Illnesses or Conditions

    Students are required to stay at home if they have a quarantined illness or condition. Before returning to school after such an illness or condition, a student should obtain a doctor’s permission to do so, or be checked by a school nurse. Reference: 4.10.012-AD

    If a student has had an illness of a communicable nature (flu, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis A, scarlet fever, pink eye, impetigo, lice, boils, etc.), s/he must remain at home until well and present a doctor’s authorization for return to school. Assistance for low-income families is available from the Multnomah County access clinics. For information on diagnosis of communicable diseases or permits for returning to school call Multnomah Education Service District health Department.



    Every student is expected to be in class on time. A student is tardy if s/he is not in his/her assigned room when the tardy bell rings and will be considered absent if s/he arrives more than twenty minutes after the bell rings it becomes an absence.


    Mid-day Check Out

    When leaving any time during the school day, (including illnesses, and at lunch hour if the student will not return at beginning of afternoon classes) students must sign out in the attendance office. Phone contact must be made with parent and/or note or email accepted prior to leaving.


    Automated Absence Notification System

    An automated computer calling system is activated by attendance every day. This system will notify any phone number a parent wishes. It will call if a student misses one or more periods in a day that have not been cleared by a note, email or parent call. 


    Athletic Attencance Requirements

    Practice or Contest: 

    A student athlete must attend school for the entire day of that practice.

    A student athlete's absence from one or more classes in the days before the contest or practice must be excused. Attendance office must be notified prior to the absence.

    Excused Absence:

    Illness, a family member's illness, religious observation, an emergency and funeral.

    Pre-Arranged Absence:

    School related activity, an appointment, an emergency.  Pre-Arranged means prior approval.

    Unexcused Absence:

    Without prior approval, not attending class for reasons not deemed an emergency.

    Daily attendance is sent out to coaches and staff to monitor attendance of all athletes on teams.