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Roosevelt High School Modernization


A $92 million investment in North Portland.

Phased Construction began  Spring 2015

Phase 1 Buildings ready for use:  Fall 2016

Construction completed: 
Fall 2017

Roosevelt Modernization FAQ

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Roosevelt High School is one of three high schools that will be modernized as part of the school building improvement bond.  

Project Updates/Information

Welcome Back to a New Roosevelt (August 2016)
When school starts in late August, students and staff will return to a transformed Roosevelt. Several brand new buildings will be ready including the two court Main Gymnasium and the school’s first Auxiliary Gym, a weight room, 33 general education classrooms plus several Career Technical Education (CTE) Classrooms that will house Industrial Arts / Construction Shop, STEM / Robotics Lab and the Writing / Digital Media / Publishing Center. Three new community program spaces will also be housed in the new facilities. These are the School-Based Health Center, Clothes Closet / Food Pantry and the SUN / STEP UP Offices.

Renovation work is complete on the former auditorium building, which will now serve as the new Media Center / Library with many new classrooms below. In just a few months, additional new facilities will open. These include the new Commons / Cafeteria, Band Room, state of the art Theater, and the Black Box theater classroom.
Important relocations for the 2016-17 School Year:
Main Office: Now in the former Library
Counseling Center: Now in Rm. L 165, Library Wing
Family Room: Now in the South Portable
Clothes Closet: Now in the Lower Ground Floor of the Media Center Bldg.
Phase II Construction Now Underway
Phase II Construction began this summer with the excavation of the central courtyard, which will be infilled and covered as an extension of the Commons / Cafeteria. This phase will also fully renovate the historic 1921 Building, that at completion will include: new classrooms, the Main Office, Counseling Center, Family Room and Albina Head Start.

Performing Arts and Café / Commons Will Open After Winter Break

With the safety of students and staff being the highest priority, some revisions have been made to the building turnover plan that will impact the new Commons / Cafeteria, Band Room, Theater and Black Box theater classroom. These programs and activities will instead remain in the existing Cafeteria wing on North Central & North Ida for the Fall Semester.

Due to the necessary positioning of a high-boom crane necessary for renovating the historic 1921 Building, the decision was made to postpone opening the new Cafeteria / Commons and Band Room in the Fall. This was done to ensure the safety of students and staff due to the swing radius of the crane, as it brings in materials for the renovation. The location of the historic clock tower makes alternate positioning of the crane impossible.

For more details and to learn how this next phase of construction impacts students and staff view the new RHS Fall 2016 Construction Update FlyerEspañol | Soomaaliga

Layer by layer the Roosevelt Modernization progresses (April 2016)
Construction is completed in layers: the masonry walls must be topped off so structural steel can been attached, once walls are weatherproofed the windows can be installed, and the roof must be complete, the interior work can occur. Each week, a new layer is applied somewhere on the building. To keep as many trades working at once, Lease Crutcher Lewis has engaged in a staggering strategy between the two new wings. Work begins on the gymnasium wing and steadily progresses around to the auditorium wing: as once trade progresses, another follows behind them. This accounts for the different stages of progression between the two buildings throughout the project
With the structural steel now complete on the gymnasium wing, rough-in work has been occurring for the last several weeks. Fireproofing was applied on the interior structure which allowed for the new classroom walls to be framed in. Soon, windows will be installed and the exterior finish surface--metal cladding in most areas—will be applied. With the walls dividing the interior of the building, it is beginning to take the distinct shape of the finished school.
Crane loadinhg steel
The auditorium wing is now in the structural steel phase to prepare for roofing and fireproofing. Steelworkers have been using a crane to fly in structural members 3-4 pieces at a time to be secured to the cinderblock walls. Once this work is complete, the framing work will begin in this area as well.
new media center
The renovation of the old auditorium building has also been progressing steadily. The slope of the old floor has now been leveled for the new library/media center. Structural improvements, such as new footings and shear walls, have been completed to support the unreinforced masonry during a seismic event. Soon, framing will take place to shape the new clinic under the mezzanine and the classrooms above it.
The new cafeteria / “Commons” is a unique area as it will be split between Phase I and Phase II. The first half, which includes the new kitchen, is currently under construction; additional seating capacity will be added in Phase II as the interior Courtyard of the school is filled in. This area is also slightly different than the rest of the school as the walls will be largely formed by storefront windows. To support this system, concrete columns are being completed.

Roosevelt High School’s Construction Class came out for their third tour of the site. With one more tour before the end of the school year, these students have seen the building grow from an excavated pit to a framed in room. By next tour, finish work should be visible including drywall and light. Photos from that tour can be viewed here.
Exterior Work Rapidly Progressing & Students Return To The Site (Feb. 2016)
 gym w tower behind
The new gym and classroom wing continues to come into focus every day. With the cinderblock walls nearly complete around the perimeter, the construction team has begun installing the steel beams that form the roof’s structure. On the south side classroom corridor, elevated concrete decks are being poured to form the floor on the first and second levels. Once the building’s structure is fully place and the walls are enclosed, interior walls and finishing work can begin.
The masons have now moved their focus over the new auditorium wing, where the walls have begun to climb. The concrete slab foundations are now in place, which was no easy task given the intricacy of formwork necessary to shape the theater’s orchestra pit. With openings in the walls left for installing doors and windows, the interior classrooms such as the Black Box and Industrial Arts Lab are beginning to take shape.

Interior progress has been rapid on the renovation of the old Auditorium building. Shear walls are now almost fully in place, which will strengthen the building during a seismic event. Contractors have even begun work on raising the floor up to the stage level in the Theatre-Library conversion. Even more impressively, interior walls have been framed in the Art classrooms underneath and will be ready for drywall imminently.
Construction Class tours site
Two weeks ago, Mr. Duckworth’s Intro to Construction class returned to observe the progress made in the two months since their last site visit. With a number of trades on-site, they were able to see masons, electricians, steelworkers, and others at work. It also provided some in field observation opportunities for what they are currently studying in the classroom. 


Project Schedule 

Roosevelt is now in the phase 1 construction period.

View overall Bond program timeline

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Project Team 

Bassetti Architects is the Architecture Team for the Roosevelt High School Modernization. Bassetti has a strong background in both educational projects and historic buildings. The contractor for the project is Lease Crutcher Lewis.