• 11/1/19

    We're now two months into the school year and PE classes have already covered a varetiy of differnt activities and games. We've spent time playing recess games like foursquare, downball, tetherball, kickball, and wallball. We've done hula-hooping, long and short jump rope activities, and games with the parachute. At this point, we'll be doing all our PE classes inside until the weather warms back up in the spring. The rest of this month is going to be filled with a number of different games that focus on a specific skill. We'll also continue with a couple more teamwork and cooperative activities that we started this week. The three weeks betweenThanksgiving and winter break we'll spend in a hockey unit. 




    Hi Forest Park Families!

    We've had a great start to the school year and I'm really happy with how everything is moving along in PE. Our studnets are learning some of the more common games that we'll play this year and soon we'll start playing recess games like four square, kickball, and wall ball. I’m happy to be sharing PE duties this year with a second PE Teacher, my aunt, Joni Huntley. She’s been teaching PE at Maplewood Elementary the last two years and will now be at Forest Park teaching each of the Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade classes once on Mondays. All of our students now get three classes of PE a week. Below, you'll find a link to a short YouTube video I made about how keep your children's shoes tied tight all day. Please check in with your student about what days they have PE so they can wear athletic shoes and dress appropriately. Thanks!