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  • Getting Into the Groove at Creston

    Students, staff, and parents have just wrapped up a successful fourth week of school (third for Kindergarten) here at Creston! The routines and excitement of learning each day are evident throughout the school. Smiles, laughter, wide eyes, sometimes a few tears, and strong friendships are a regular sight. 
    A few notable moments:
    • In the Kindergarten lunch, students are now able to choose between lunch options on their own and grab their tray with a little support. Next step is learning how to open those pesky milk cartons!
    • Middle School Students who were interested in trying out for a student initiated rock band stayed yesterday with Mr. Mckinstry to try out. The determination and guts these students had to stand up in front of their teachers and peers and give it their all was inspiring. Huge kudos and congratulations to everyone who came. There is a second round of tryouts next week as well. 
    • Daily live music at the end of the day in front of Creston, performed by our very own Mr. McKinstry!  
    • Wellness students made stress balls in Ms. Hibbert's classroom and our incredible custodian Ann got involved too, as many of the balls exploded in the hallway. It turned into a bit of a cross-curricular, trial and error science experiment, as the formula for the stress ball interior was refined.
    • Parents throughout the building from before school to after school, volunteering and working with students and teachers. Thank you! 
    • 2nd and 3rd Graders took a walking historical tour of the Creston building. They had maps of the layout and explored areas they never knew existed.
    And... we'll do it all again next week, as we move into fall and share an evening together on Thursday, for Back to School Night from 6-8pm. 
    Go Creston Eagles and Families! This truly is a community school, where community support and involvement fuels the spirit and learning that can be felt each day at our school. 
  • New Bell Start and Stop Times for Creston This School Year

    PPS is changing bell start and stop times at a number of schools, including Creston, this school year:

    Creston K-5 students will be in class from 8:45 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
    Creston 6th-8th graders will be in class from 8:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m.
    Supervision of students will begin at 8:30AM. Please do not drop-off your child or allow your child to arrive to campus before 8:30AM. Safety is a top priority and we are inviting your assistance in this area.  K-5 students who ride the bus or come to school with a 6th-8th grade student will be supervised from 3:00-3:15 p.m. This minor adjustment in bell times is part of a district-wide alignment of bell schedules. Please take note of this change. The schedule alignment allows for more efficient bus transportation, makes it easier to schedule substitute and itinerant teachers, provides more consistency in instructional time and allows for better use of teachers’ professional development time.


  • Dear Creston Community,


    First and foremost, I would like to share my gratitude and appreciation for the warm welcome I have received in a very short amount of time here at Creston School. From the reception I’ve received, it is clear that Creston is a place that values community, where school pride lives strong, and where we hold big dreams for our children. I feel privileged to serve you as interim principal, and I promise to give you nothing short of my personal best.


    It is easy to see evidence of Conrad Hurdle’s leadership and the collective investment of the staff and community to keep students as the central focus. I intend to honor and continue Principal Hurdle’s work alongside Creston staff, using Creston’s vision and mission as our common anchor:


    Our Vision…An inclusive community where personal excellence and academic growth meet.


    Our Mission...Creston’s mission is to build a learning community that maximizes each student’s academic, social, and personal growth by fostering student belonging and self-worth while inspiring a love of learning and respect for all.


    I know that with all transitions, there are many questions and an expected level of uncertainty.  I want to reassure you, I am here to support you, our staff, and your children; I care about being as present and responsive as possible. Toward that end, I am moving as quickly as possible through all emails, calls, and messages to address each and every one. At anytime, you can reach me at, or on my work cell @ 971-347-8456. I look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you, and to welcoming your children back to school!


    You will find me greeting children in the front of the school at the beginning and the end of the school day, and you are also invited to attend the Principal Coffee on September 15th at 8:45 am. After school has begun, addition information will be sent from the Creston office around upcoming dates and other relevant information. We intend to make clear and transparent communication a priority.  


    Thank you again for your welcome and support! I am thrilled to be a part of Creston in my interim capacity. We will do great things together!


    Kindest Regards,


    Krista Blovad

    Interim Principal

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