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for Highly Gifted Students

Vestal • Grades 1-5: 161 NE 82nd AvePortland, OR 97220Ph (503) 916-6483Fx (503) 916-2483

Lane • Grades 6-8: 7200 SE 60th AvePortland, OR 97206Ph (503) 916-6482 Fx (503) 916-2482

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  • Family Tours and Information Sessions for ACCESS Starting in January

    From January through May, we will begin holding monthly tours of both ACCESS@Vestal and ACCESS@Lane. The details are in the Enrollment Section of the website. If any parents or students would like to represent the ACCESS community in the information session and tour, please let me know! Additionally, if 5th grade families of current ACCESS students would like to get more information about the Middle School program and tour the building, the Family Tours are also for you! Please just pick a date and time, RSVP with Jamille, and we will be excited to share any information with you that you are wondering about. 

  • Financial Support During Winter Break

    In just a few short days we will be dispersing for winter break. During that break some ACCESS families may find it difficult to make ends meet. The ACCESS Academy PTA has funds set aside (in the Helping Hands Fund) to assist ACCESS families over school breaks.  If your family has a need and would benefit from this support, please contact ACCESS Counselors Devin Harkness or Claudia Sterry or Asst. Principal David Jamieson by Thursday, December 13.  They can provide assistance to you -- in the form of Fred Meyer gift cards -- before school ends on Friday, December 14.

    Mr. Harkness can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (503) 916-6482 (main office).  Ms. Sterry's contact information is:; (503) 916-6483 (main office).  For Mr. Jamieson:; (503) 916-6483 (main office).  Your information and request will be kept confidential.

  • Principals' Coffee Dates & Times for Rest of Year

    David and I set up the "Coffee with David & Krista" dates for the rest of the year. We varied the days, locations, and times up the days and times in response to family requests. We also coincided them with other events that families would already be at, to lessen travel times. 

    Attached are the dates, times, and locations for the remainder of the year. Our next coffee will take place on Monday, December 10th from 5:30-6:30 in the Lane cafeteria. Please feel free to bring any treats/baked goods to share. We will provide coffee and tea!

    Childcare will be provided for evening Principals' Coffees.

    We apologize for any confusion over the date for November and want to clarify that there is no admin coffee tomorrow, 11/30. We hope that having all the dates and times in advance will allow for more parents to attend. 

    Admin. Coffee Dates 18-19 Year.pdf 

  • Shift in ACCESS@Vestal Lunch/Recess

    We are excited to share that Vestal is adding a new Kindergarten class to their school. In meeting with Vestal administration and looking at our student numbers in the cafeteria and at recess “bursting at the seams,” we have decided that we will be adding an additional lunch and recess block to the school. This will allow for lower numbers of students to adult supervision ratios and also to alleviate some crowds in the lunch lines. Starting on 11/26, the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday, ACCESS@Vestal will have their own block for 1-5 for recess from 11:30-11:50 and then lunch from 11:50-12:10. We will work to ensure other opportunities for friendship building and interaction between Vestal and ACCESS students, as we know this is a hope among much of our ACCESS parent and student community.
  • Vestal After School Plans

    Please remember if you are changing after school plans to email both Susie Fung and your child’s homeroom teacher. Thank you!
  • Attn: 8th Graders- ACCESS HS Options

    ACCESS 8th grade students are assigned--by default--to their neighborhood schools in Synergy. Therefore if you want your student to attend their neighborhood school, no action is required by families. There is one exception to this is- if students live in a dual-assignment area such as the Jefferson boundary, you will need to choose between Jefferson and the dual assignment school, OR you will need to make another one of the available choices listed below.

    Visit for more information on high school choices. Students also have guaranteed transfer option to Grant High. If families choose this option, you will need to fill out the transfer petition on

    PPS High School Options for ACCESS Students- 

    1. Attend neighborhood school  

      1. Action required: NONE – unless student lives within Jefferson boundary*

    2. Attend Grant High

      1. Action required: Fill out transfer petition:

    3. Apply in the lottery to focus option such as Benson.

      1. Action required: Enter lottery:

  • PE for ACCESS@Lane

    The Lane PE Teacher has been out with an injury and as soon as he returns, we will begin shared PE for 4th and 5th periods. The only reason this can’t happen for 6th grade/3rd period is that ACCESS wanted an earlier start time and we shifted our schedule. The desire of the ACCESS Community to start and end earlier than Lane affected our PE for period 3. This was a decision made by ACCESS and requested by families prior to the start of the school year. Unfortunately all aspects and effects of the schedule shift were not initially obvious and now we know. With our shift, our 3rd period moved to coincide with Lane’s entire student population recess, and the gym is their primary recess location.

    The PE requirement is for one full quarter of PE for MS students each year. Our goal is 2 with our 3 or 2 week sessions, depending on cohort. Next quarter 6th grade/period 3 will be focused on Health, so gym space is not an issue until 3rd quarter. I am looking at schedule shifting options 3rd quarter to allow for gym use for all grades, all PE focused quarters this year. Next school year, I will look to shifting periods of PE for ACCESS students so that it does not fall during 3rd period/Lane lunch and recess. But again I want to reiterate that this was only due to ACCESS switch of instructional day in response to Community request, not due to any lack of support from Lane administration or collaboration between us. Jeandre Carbone has been nothing short of gracious and open to positive problem solving from day 1! Thank you Jeandre.

  • TAG Identification for all ACCESS Students

    It was interesting for David and me to learn that there were many students at ACCESS who are not officially identified as TAG, even though they of course meet the criteria for TAG identification. We are working with Linda Smith and the TAG department to streamline this identification and it should not require any action on your part. We’ll keep you updated, but this should simply be a system records procedure on our part.
  • Window Replacement

    Last weekend, our side entrance window was vandalized by a pellet gun. It was immediately replaced by facilities. It is unfortunate that vandalism occurs, particularly at a school. But I would like to thank our custodian Tim Curtin for fast action in contacting facilities to repair the window within 24 hours.

  • CELL Phone Policy at Lane

    Teachers and students had discussions around cell phone use and policy in our advisory classes, then had student representatives from each class help construct the plan as group. I think it was an incredible process and way for students to take ownership of their own digital citizenry, as well as protected the rights, safety, and comfort of all individuals. The final policy summary is that students can use phones in passing times and at lunch, with an absolute rule being no filming or pictures of anyone else at the school. Phone use in class is determined by the teacher and academic purpose. Each teacher has outlined the policy and posted it in their own classroom. Violations of any teacher, or school policy result in a warning to put the phone away, a second ask would result in the student giving the teacher the phone for the period, and any repeat/concern over a phone issue would proceed to a meeting between teacher, myself, and students to find a solution.

  • MAP Testing

    Students in 1-8 have been engaging in the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing the last 2 weeks. Testing is MAP/NWEA. It is a PPS internal adaptive growth assessment that is used to see where students are now in Math and Reading and a number of skills within each subject. It allows teachers, parents, and students to see the data, work together to set goals based on their strengths and areas for growth, and support targeted grouping for differentiated instruction. It takes the place of the EasyCBM that has been used in the past. Here is the link for parent information and resourcesTeachers will be sharing the data with you as ONE peice of your child’s progress at conferences. It is important to remember that any assessment is one piece in a larger “body of evidence” and the puzzle that encompasses your child as a learner, person, and global citizen.  I have worked with this assessment tool since 2006 and love the information, reports, and growth data it provides. It is used extensively at international schools and I’m thrilled that PPS has adopted this assessment tool.

  • Staffing Updates- We would like to welcome:

    Tara Sylvester, our new Special Education teacher at Vestal. She comes to us from Baton Rouge and is dual certified in SPED and Gifted Education. She will be spending her first 2 weeks with us meeting with each family she services, to get to know the students, their IEPs, and their unique needs and talents. David and/or I will be attending many of these meetings as well. Welcome Tara!

    Corrie Chambers, our new EA at Lane will also be adding FTE from our Foundation Funding to spend time at Vestal each day. She is a local parent and PTA member, who has children in PPS. She will be starting her days at Vestal and will head over to Lane each day to support our lunch and recess. Thank you for taking on this additional role and getting to know and work with students at both ACCESS campuses Corrie!

    Aurel Coste, our long awaited Math teacher at Lane will be joining us at long last, next Thursday! His priority coming in will be to connect with students and send a survey to families to determine where students are and share with families the curriculum and plan for his courses. Welcome Aurel!

  • ACCESS Site Council

    We are eager to begin work on our ACCESS Site Council. The focus of this work will be to look at instructional practice, curriculum, and enrichment opportunities at our school. If you are interested in being a part of this important work this year, please email me ( Dates and times will be determined by those who become part of the council. 
  • Shared Classes at Lane

    Jeandre Carbone and Krista Blovad are working to plan for possible shared class offerings second semester. These may include foreign language and music. We will keep you updated, but wanted to let you know of our work and plans. 
  • Special Education Staffing at Vestal

    We have new Special Education staff starting at Vestal and will send out a separate email to parents of students to update you on personnel and your child's services. 
  • Planners @ Lane

    Our Student Planners at Lane have finally arrived! We will be handing them out this week and working with students to develop organizational skills. 
  • YOGA MATS @ Lane PE

    Ms. Juarez would love to start doing more yoga! We are asking that all students who are able, bring in a yoga mat that is labeled with their name. We will have a bucket for each class and student mats can stay for the year in their bucket. If you don't have a mat and would like some assistance in getting one, please let our counselor Devin Harkness know and he can help to get one for your student. 
  • Third Grade Classroom @Vestal

    We finally have word that the permanent wall separating the two classrooms of grade three students at Vestal will be constructed by the District next summer. Now that we know this, we are moving forward to separating the spaces with a mobile wall that Creston School Principal, Angelica Cruz, has generously offered to loan us through the end of the school year. We have already worked with teachers and students to share the news and to prepare for two distinct learning spaces that will meet the individual needs of students in each classroom. We are working to provide opportunities for the smaller numbers of girls in each class to connect with each other and also other grade 3 students at Vestal. We'll keep you updated!
  • Coats

    Cold & wet weather is upon us. Send all students with warm and rainproof coats.

    *If anyone needs support getting a coat for your child, please contact Devin Harkness at Lane, or Claudia Sterry at Vestal and they can handle this for your family!


    Thank you to a parent who suggested this solution to busy phones and tied up lines in the mornings at both ACCESS locations…


    STARTING NOW- If your child is absent/will be late/anything attendance related…




    August  13, 2018

    Welcome to the 2018-19 school year families and students!

    It is our absolute pleasure to welcome everyone to the start of what we deeply believe will be an incredible school year for us all. We know it is a year of significant change and apprehension as to the future of the program and school. We understand many of the complexities and emotions involved, due to so many of you reaching out to us and sharing your experiences. We also know that the driving force behind everything is the success and growth of the children who attend and depend on ACCESS to serve their unique talents and learning pathways. Individualized education that accounts for who each student is, what they are passionate about, where they come from, and who they want to be- is what we want to be a part of together.

    We are co-located in 2 spaces, but often barriers provide opportunities for us to overcome them and become even stronger in spite of them. We also have a unique opportunity to grow skills around collaboration and learn from communities that are new and may be very different from us. My hope is that we find those things that unite us are as strong as those that define us individually. Knowing that there will be challenges has us embracing the belief that the only way we will address them is together, which includes student involvement and input.

    David and I are thrilled to be in this with you. We will be the ACCESS Community's supporters, advocates, leaders, learners, and thought partners in the journey. When Dr. Curtis called me to offer me the opportunity and privilege to come to ACCESS, my response was, “Absolutely. Let’s do this!”

    That is how David and I have been diving into it all, along with everyone else we have been working with since we came on board. We ask you to adopt this “Let’s do this”, mindset alongside us and the ACCESS staff. We know and honor that there is a special history and culture that comes with you. Most of all, we want work with you to make the ACCESS Community even stronger as it moves forward.

    Thank you for allowing us into your community. It is truly an honor!

    -Krista & David


    July 3, 2018

    Hello ACCESS families of 1st through 5th graders and welcome to the Vestal Campus! We are excited to have you join us at our amazing school.

    David Jamieson has been named the Assistant Principal for ACCESS. He will have an office here at Vestal.  Many of you got a letter from me in May sharing some of what we knew then about our co-locating plans. David and I have spent some time meeting and we are able to share more of what we now know. Our intention is to share another letter in August. Once the school year begins, our intent is for David to share a weekly newsletter with ACCESS families and I will send a weekly newsletter to Vestal families.

    Here are a few more things we can share as of July 3rd:

    • ACCESS and Vestal will have different start/end times to allow for a smoother entry and exit.
    • We are working with transportation on our bus/car drop off/pick-up plan. The specific details will be shared in August. It seems hopeful that the buses will NOT be on the playground. ACCESS and Vestal students will wait outside until the doors open and students are greeted by staff. Please note- there is not an outdoor covered area for waiting in the morning. There are not staff available to be supervising students before school.
    • ALL school doors remain locked during the school day. The door facing Everett has a buzzer for families (for both ACCESS and Vestal) to be let in during the school day.
    • Vestal office in on the main floor.
    • ACCESS at Vestal will have a separate office, on the 2nd floor.
    • All safety drills (Fire, Lock down, Earthquake, etc.) will happen for both ACCESS and Vestal at the same times. David and I will work together on safety/emergency planning and drills. We will teach and practice all drills with all students. We will share details in the Fall.
    • New information regarding the library/media teacher- we will share one library teacher, Ms. Melody Lang. She will be .50 Vestal and .50 ACCESS. The ACCESS library books are being integrated into the Vestal Library. Ms. Lang is working closely with head of the district library, Susan Stone.
    • ACCESS and Vestal specialists will be Library/Media, PE, Art.
    • We are moving forward with hiring a .60 Drama teacher. Details on scheduling to follow!
    • ACCESS students will be notified of homeroom teacher in August.
    • Recess and lunch times will be the same for both Vestal and ACCESS. We are currently working on our supervision schedules, which includes indoor recess procedures. All students will be taught recess/lunch procedures during the first week of school.
    • ACCESS at Vestal will have a student handbook/calendar that will go home with every student on the first day of school.
    • ACCESS at Vestal will be implementing the district EBBL (Equity Based Balanced Literacy) Writing Curriculum, Units of Study, in the Fall.
    • Just FYI-  ACCESS is currently in the process of hiring the following positions for ACCESS at Vestal- 1.0 School secretary, 1.0 Counselor, .50 School Climate Specialist, .60 PE, .50 Spanish, .50  Math
    • Vestal hosts weekly KICKBALL games every Wednesday during the summer on our playground, 6:30-7:30...please join us. No kickball on July 4th!
    • Community Clean Up day for both Vestal and ACCESS at Vestal is Aug. 18th, 9am-12pm. Please join us in sprucing up our campus!

    This is a lot of information and I know it doesn’t answer all of your questions, but again our plan is to share another similar letter in August.

    We hope everyone is having a fun summer! Know that we are working together to make the Fall welcoming and enjoyable!

    Sabrina Flamoe and David Jamieson

    June 22, 2018

    Dear ACCESS Community,

    I hope that this finds you enjoying your summer. I have been busy working hard with the district and the principals of Vestal and Lane on the transition of ACCESS to our new school campuses. More staffing information will be shared as it gets finalized, but I am happy to announce that Mr. David Jamieson will be the new Assistant Principal of ACCESS. He will have an office at the Vestal campus.

    Mr. Jamieson joins the ACCESS community having served as an Assistant Principal at both Beach K5 and Ockley Green. During that time he has enjoyed the opportunity to learn from many mentors, lead a co-located Spanish DLI school, open a middle school and get to know the people in PPS who serve as resources to school leaders.
    Before moving to Portland, Mr. Jamieson served as an administrator at a high-performing charter school in Los Angeles. While there he saw a 100% graduation rate for all students as well as the development of a school and instructional culture of acceleration, differentiation, creativity, and critical thinking.
    Born in Portland and an Oregon native, his love of travel and diverse culture began as a child while his father volunteered as a doctor in the Philippines and Hawaii. Traveling throughout Central America and living in Costa Rica while studying Spanish in college shaped his early career path which lead him to pursue his Teaching Certificate at San Diego State University. He then obtained a Masters of Education Teaching English as a Second Language as well as a Masters of Education in Leadership. Mr. Jamieson’s career experience spans sixteen years of working in private, public and charter schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels. He also has international teaching experience at an IB school in Xiamen, China.
    In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, fly fishing, surfing, reading and spending time with his wife Sara, their son R.E and daughter Finley.
    Mr. Jamieson looks forward to getting to know the ACCESS community and being part of the school’s next chapter.

    Please join me in welcoming Mr. Jamieson.


    Anh Nguyen-Johnson, Principal


    Upcoming Events:

    • Back to School Picnic: Sunday, August 19 at Normandale Park (5700 NE Halsey Street) *More details to come
    • First Day for All ACCESS Students: Monday, August 27


    June 15, 2018

    Hello ACCESS families of 1st through 5th graders and welcome to the Vestal Campus! We are excited to have you join us at our amazing school. Vestal is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse schools in the city. We have about 68% of our students receiving free or reduced price lunch, which qualifies us as a Title 1 school. We have some unique programs due to our Title status. We also made the community wide decision to be a school that explicitly focuses on social justice starting in the Fall.

    My name is Sabrina Flamoe and I am just wrapping up my first year as principal of this wonderfully diverse and beautiful school. Previous to Vestal, I was the principal at Laurelhurst K-8, right down the street, and previous to Laurelhurst I was a teacher of grades 3rd through 8th, then an instructional coach.

    I wanted to share a few things we know for sure for Fall 2018:

    • ACCESS grades 1-5 will be co-located at Vestal; classrooms and the office will be in one wing. The ACCESS counselor and Learning Center will be in a different wing, but all on the 2nd floor.
    • Vestal and ACCESS will share a .6 DRAMA teacher which will be housed in our gorgeous auditorium.
    • ACCESS will have its own Assistant Principal, which will be the consistent administrator on campus. The ACCESS principal will be housed at Lane.
    • Recess and lunch times will be common times for both Vestal and ACCESS
    • We are hopeful to integrate the Playworks philosophy across both Vestal and ACCESS
    • Vestal and ACCESS will each have their own Art and Media Specialist teachers, but both will be teaching in the Art room and in the Library.
    • Vestal and ACCESS will each have their own PE teachers. ACCESS students will have PE in the Playcourt 2/week and in the gym 1/week…and hopefully outside lots!
    • Vestal partners with Earth/Art/Agriculture to bring a garden teacher in for all classes. We are hopeful that we can extend this partnership for ACCESS students
    • Vestal and ACCESS PTA’s have begun working together to schedule both evening and school day events that can be shared by all!
    • Vestal is hopeful that our focus on Social Justice and ACCESS focus on Service Learning can be an area of common ground and shared learning.
    • Vestal PTA hosts weekly KICKBALL games every Wednesday during the summer on our playground, 6:30-7:30. Please join us!
    • There will be staggered start time for Vestal and ACCESS in the Fall.
      • Vestal hours will be 8:00-2:15pm
      • ACCESS hours will be 8:20-2:35pm
    • PPS transportation dept. is working on logistics and will be communicating with families once decisions are made about transportation. Transportation decisions are not made by building administrators.

    While we can all agree co-locating comes with challenges, please know we believe we can do this well, even knowing there will be challenges! We invite you to join us in positive problem solving and assuming positive intent that this can be beneficial to all of our students, families, and staff!

    If you have ACCESS specific questions, please contact ACCESS administration. If you’d like to connect with Vestal’s PTA, please contact our PTA president Galen Gamble at

    Thank you so much, I wish all of you a very enjoyable summer,

    Sabrina Flamoe

    June 1, 2018 

    Dear ACCESS Community,

    The final five days of the school year are here! How did we get to the end of the year so quickly? Next week will fly by!

    On Wednesday we learned about our co-location sites and now the work of transitioning and preparing for the 2018-19 school year begins, as we also try to close out this year and finish strong. There is a lot to do and so I will be out of the building for some meetings next week to plan with the principals and the district for next school year.

    As I mentioned in this morning’s Principal’s Coffee, we have been on a wild roller coaster ride this year and I want to thank you all for staying on this ride with us. As our learning community expands onto two campuses and includes two other communities, we will be working on ways to help everyone with this transition.

    Our staff is still evolving as the year comes to a close. I have already shared the changes that we have so far in previous communications, but there is one more change that has come about in the last week. We also still have a few vacancies which we hope to fill by the end of June.

    • Ana Simantel has accepted a position outside of PPS

    Please also see the message below from Principal Lawler:

    Being principal for the day was a lot of fun.  It includes lots of learnings about being a principal today with Ms. Nguyen-Johnson.  It was really fun being able to be in her office, walk around the school and eat in the teacher’s lounge.  A principal's job takes a lot of responsibility.  It is to take care of a lot of things and a lot of people.  They help with activities, paperwork, meetings, answering questions, talking to people.  A principal has their own office and is very busy.   

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Anh Nguyen-Johnson, Principal

    Upcoming Events:

    • Field Day: Tuesday, June 5
    • Jr. Rose Parade Early Release @RCP: Wednesday, June 6 - Students dismissed at 11:15am *No lunch served
    • 8th Grade Oaks Park Field Trip: Thursday, June 7
    • 8th Grade Promotion & 8th Grade picnic: Friday, June 8 

    Year End Cafeteria Account Balances
    Any remaining account balances (positive or negative) on students’ meal accounts at the end of the year will be automatically held for students at their current school or transferred to students’ new schools within the district.  If your student is leaving the district, then you may call Robin Cafeteria Lead at Access and BC@RCP to arrange for a refund. Donations are also accepted for helping cover owed money on student meal accounts.  Visit our department webpage to make a donation.

    Lost & Found
    All Lost and Found items are on display at the main entrance of school until the end of the day on Monday, June 11th.  Please take a look for any items you may be missing.  All unclaimed items will be promptly donated to the PPS Clothes Closet the following morning.

    8th Grade Picnic
    Hello 8th grade families! Hopefully you’ve heard about the picnic following the 8th grade promotion.  Here are details:

    There will be an 8th grade potluck picnic at Rose City Park (the actual Park at NE 62nd Ave and Tillamook- we will set up on the 62nd side around the picnic tables) directly following the 8th Grade promotion ceremony on Friday, June 8th.  This is not a school sponsored event, so students will need to be signed out by a parent or guardian at the office before leaving (or have a note from home with permission to leave school and go to the park).  Students can return to school to catch their bus.

    We will provide meat and cheese deli trays, bread, and fixings for sandwiches as well as a vegetarian option.  Signup genius link is It includes spots to sign up to contribute $ toward party trays as well as set up and clean up.

    Hope you can come help celebrate the last day of eighth grade!

    May 11, 2018

    Dear ACCESS Community,

    This week also flew by! We have four weeks of school left. The last day of school for 2017-18 remains June 8 - please see the message from the district that was shared with the PPS community earlier this week.

    A huge thank you to the PTA and the families of ACCESS Academy for making the staff feel appreciated during Staff Appreciation Week this week! We were well fed, ready to go with morning beverages, and showered in notes and flowers. We also thank you all for the generous gift cards.

    The latest staffing updates:

    • Hans Weih, paraeducator, will be leaving PPS to explore other opportunities
    • Mandarin Teacher; a new Mandarin teacher will be placed with us for the 2018-19 school year

    Also, we still anxiously await a decision on our location(s) for next school year.

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


    Anh Nguyen-Johnson, Principal

    Upcoming Events:

    • Science Night: Tuesday, May 15 from 6:00pm-8:00pm
    • Late Opening: Wednesday, May 16 - School begins at 10:45am  *Reminder that breakfast is not served on Late Opening since Lunch/Recess begins 40 minutes after arrival
    • PTA Meeting: Wednesday, May 16 from 7:00-8:30pm in the Library
    • Dine Out for ACCESS: Wednesday, May 23 from 11am-10pm at ¿Por Qué No? (3524 N. Mississippi Ave.)
    • ACCESS Choir Concert: Tuesday, May 29 in the Auditorium
    • Principal’s Coffee:  Friday, June 1 from 8:45am-9:45am in the Auditorium
    • Last Middle School Dance: Friday, June 1 - 5th graders are invited to attend
    • Field Day: Tuesday, June 5
    • Jr. Rose Parade Early Release @RCP: Wednesday, June 6 - Students dismissed at 11:15am *No lunch served
    • 8th Grade Oaks Park Field Trip: Thursday, June 7
    • 8th Grade Promotion & 8th Grade picnic: Friday, June 8 *Details to come

    May 4, 2018

    Dear ACCESS Community,

    It is hard to believe that May is already here...the time has been flying by!

    I will continue to share staffing updates as they become finalized. In addition to the ones that were shared last week, here are the latest:

    • Jeremy Johnson will be the Head Varsity Football Coach and Mathematics Teacher at Lincoln HS
    • Yinan Sun, Mandarin Teacher, will return to China as her 2-year contract will end
    • Ana Simantel will return as the Grade 1 / 2 Teacher
    • Michael Todd will be the Learning Center Teacher (.50FTE) replacing Christy LeeWehage

    Also, we still await a decision on our location(s) for next school year. There were two communications sent out this week from the district, and in case you did not receive them, I have linked to them below:


    Anh Nguyen-Johnson, Principal

    Upcoming Events:

    • Science Night: Tuesday, May 15 from 6:00pm-8:00pm
    • Late Opening: Wednesday, May 16 - School begins at 10:45am  *Reminder that breakfast is not served on Late Opening since Lunch/Recess begins 40 minutes after arrival
    • PTA Meeting: Wednesday, May 16 from 7:00-8:30pm in the Library
    • ACCESS Choir Concert: Tuesday, May 29 in the Auditorium
    • Principal’s Coffee:  Friday, June 1 from 8:45am-9:45am in the Auditorium
    • Last Middle School Dance: Friday, June 1 - 5th graders are invited to attend
    • Field Day: Tuesday, June 5
    • Jr. Rose Parade Early Release @RCP: Wednesday, June 6 - Students dismissed at 11:15am *No lunch served
    • 8th Grade Oaks Park Field Trip: Thursday, June 7
    • 8th Grade Promotion & 8th Grade picnic: Friday, June 8 *Details to come

    Safe Routes to School Bike Fairy Week
    The Bike Fairy will be visiting the Rose City Park Campus on Wednesday, May 9 and leave a small surprise on all the bikes parked on campus.

    Oregon Health Plan
    Starting Jan. 1, 2018, the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is available to more children and teens younger than 19, regardless of immigration status. OHP is free health coverage for Oregonians who meet income and other criteria. It covers many health care services such as check-ups, tooth fillings, glasses and prescriptions. It also covers labs, x-rays and hospital care. It even pays for rides to and from the doctor’s office. Apply to see if you qualify. Help is free. A trusted and OHP-certified community partner nearby can help you apply. You can find one by calling 1-800-699-9075 or 711 (TTY). You can also go online at

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