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  • Students not returning next year

    Are you leaving Capitol Hill or PPS?

    If you have a student in grades K-4 that will not be returning to Capitol Hill School next year, please let the office know via email or phone call.  You can reach our School Secretary, Mike Eskew at or our Principal Secretary, Heidi Reichelt at  If you will not be returning to PPS, please plan on returning your chromebook on June 11th, 14th or 15th.  The office will be open from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Students may keep their school chromebook over the summer. We will be collecting the chromebooks at the beginning of the upcoming school year.

    Thank you.

  • Supply lists for 2021-2022





    • 1 pack of sharpened #2 Pencils
    • 2 erasers
    • 2 packs of Washable Markers
    • 1 pack of colored pencils
    • 1 pack of crayons
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 2 plastic folders
    • 1 highlighter  
    • 2 dry erase markers
    • Pencil pouch (hold individual supplies)
    • Water Colors
    • Zip lock bags (any size)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • 2 boxes of Tissue
    • Headphones - no ear buds

    First Grade 

     Classroom Supplies

     1 box 12 YELLOW or recycled wood TICONDEROGA sharpened #2 pencils

    • 1 box 24 CRAYOLA colored pencils
    • 2 boxes 10 count  CRAYOLA Markers 

    (1 box classic, 1 box fine line) 

    • 1 box 24 count CRAYOLA crayons
    • 1 black fine point Sharpie marker
    • 4 large ELMERS’s glue sticks
    • 2-4 fine dry erase markers (EXPO)
    • 1 pair safe scissors
    • 1 pencil sharpener
    • 1 box of tissues

    Healthy Body Supplies 

    • 1 leak and shatter proof  water bottle, labeled with name, to bring to school EVERY DAY. 
    • 1 mini hand sanitizer for personal use 



    2nd Grade Supply List

    . Pencil box or bag

    . 1 box of 24 count Crayola crayons

    . Crayola classic markers (10 count)

    . 1 pack of Crayola colored pencils (12 count)

    . 1 package of assorted post-it notes (3x3 in.)

    .  Headphones for computer (in Ziplock bag with name)

    . 2 Composition books

    . Watercolor paper

    . 1 black Sharpie fine tip

    . 1 black sharpie ultra fine tip

    . 3 pocket folders (plastic) blue, red, green

    . Scissors

    . Pencil sharpener (hand held) with pencil shaving catch


    . 2 large boxes of kleenex

    . 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    . 1 container of sanitizing wipes

    . 2 dozen sharpened TICONDEROGA pencils

    . 4 large glue sticks


    Capitol Hill 4th grade 

    classroom supply list 2021-2022

    • We are community supplies classrooms - please do not mark the supplies with your child’s name.
    • We make a custom supply list each year based only on what is needed that year and make a point of reusing supplies year-to-year (e.g. scissors) to limit family expenses.


    3 dozen sharpened #2 pencils with erasers (prefer Ticonderoga - no mechanical pencils)

    5 two-pocket folders (plain solid colors - no designs); 1 yellow, 1 green, 

    1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple

    4 spiral notebooks, wide-rule; 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red

    3 large boxes facial tissue

    1 box of wipes

    1 king size black Sharpie and 1 fine point black Sharpie

    If you wish to make an additional purchase to donate to the classroom, we typically need more notebooks and folders. Thank you.

           5th Grade School Supply List

    • #2 pencils – NO mechanical pencils
    • erasable ballpoint pens (1 red/ 1 blue)
    • 1 plain pencil sharpener with cover – NO toy shapes
    • 1 set colored pencils
    • 1 4oz. bottle white glue
    • 1 glue stick
    • 1 solar calculator
    • WIDE RULED notebook paper
    • 1 pair scissors
    • 1 12” ruler with inches and centimeters
    • 1 small box facial tissues
    • 1 container wet wipes
    • 1 3-ring binder-large rings with dividers(dividers should have tabs where a subject card can be inserted in slot) – large rings
    • 1 pack of subject dividers (dividers should have tabs where a subject card can be inserted in slot) 
    • 1 highlighter

  • Link to Comprehensive Distance Learning Modules
  • Technology Help

    PPS Fall 2020 Resource Page
    We continue to update our Fall 2020 webpage, This week we added a section that lays out the web platforms and tools that students will need as we begin the school year with online learning until at least November 5. The section includes guides and videos for our main platforms and apps: Seesaw, Canvas, Remind, Google Meet and Clever. The resources for families are presented in the six PPS-supported languages.

    PPS Technology Help Desk
    The PPS Technology Help Desk operates from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on school days to provide support to parents, guardians, students and families about navigating school online. We will answer your questions and share information and helpful tips about our distance learning technology platforms, apps, internet connection and other important resources for your student. 

    PPS Multilingual Family Line
    The PPS Multilingual Family Line is a service for parents or guardians (in all PPS-supported languages) to communicate with schools regarding meals, tech help for online classes, special instruction, talking to your teacher, COVID resources and information, etc. Please call these numbers:

    • Español: 503-916-3582
    • 中文:503-916-3585
    • Tiếng Việt: 503-916-3584
    • Soomaali: 503-916-3586
    • Русский: 503-916-3583

    We hope you take advantage of the resources above if you have any questions about the learning technology your student will soon be using. We are here to help!


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