• Interested in volunteering at school or chaperoning on field trips?  A background check is required.  Background checks are good for 3 years.  Click here to apply.  If you need to know when your current background check expires, contact Angela in the school office.   

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  • Interested in applying for the 2020-2021 lottery for the Odyssey Program?  

    6-8th Grade Parent Info Meeting:  Thursday, Nov. 7th, 6:00-7:30 PM

    K - 5th Grade Parent Info Meetings:  Thursday, Feb. 20th, 6:00-7:30 PM or Friday, March 6th, 9:00-10:00 AM

    Click here for more details.

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Odyssey Program

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  • Nov. 22nd Weekly Report

    In this Edition

    The Doctor Is In – Message From Dr Berg: Below

    New Volunteer/Visitor System: Below

    Notes From Scrip Corner: Below

    NEW!  The Green Routine: Below &  Attached

    TAG Nominations Due 11/26: Below

    PPS After School Child Care Survey: Below

    2020-21 Eighth Grade High School Info Nights: Below

    TAG Workshop with Dr Ruby Dawn Lyman: Attached

    Oregon Food Bank Thanksgiving Fundraiser at Local Restaurant Verde Cocina: Attached


    Upcoming Events

    TAG Nominations Due: Tuesday, November 26

    LGBTQ+ Alliance Luncheons: Every Thursday in the Library

    Equity Parent Meeting with Dr Berg: Thursday, December 5, 6 – 7:30pm

    Principal’s/Odyssey PTA-Parent Coffee: Friday December 6, am

    Restaurant Night at City Thai: Wednesday December 11



    The Doctor Is In: Message From Dr Berg

    Hello Odyssey Families,

    Due to the break next week I am sending my newsletter out this week.  We hope that next week brings some joy and relaxation to your lives and you are spending some time with loved ones.  

    I wanted to send some reminders before the break.  Please join us in our Joy of Giving and fill out either an online SCRIP form to donate to an Odyssey, Hayhurst, or Pioneer Family.  Forms are available at school and we are asking that families donate SCRIP cards this year rather than gifts so that families in need this season can pick out their own gifts.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and if you have a need, please let Dr. Berg know.  See the bulletin across from the Odyssey Office for details.  

    Our first parent equity team meeting with be Wednesday December 4th.  Note:  Revised time is 5:30-6:30. We will also be holding a principal’s/Odyssey PTA-Parent coffee on Friday December 6th.  Parents are welcome to come and have coffee and then join Dr. Berg in the library around 8:15 to be part of our equity discussion.   

    Our transition meeting for current 5th grade families is Thursday December 5th from 6:00-7:30. Please join us to find out more about what your child’s experience will be be in our middle school program here at Odyssey.  We are looking forward to seeing you all here!

    Please stop by our Lost and Found located in the front hallway when you join us for your child’s conference.  All items will be donated before the break, so please come and claim any lost or left jackets etc.,

    I cannot believe that we are coming up on so quickly to our winter break.  Time has flown here and I have so enjoyed getting to know families and students.  I had a principal sub here yesterday to attend district meetings and she championed the collaborative work our students and teachers are doing.  Great to hear!

    Thank you for all you do to contribute here at Odyssey.  The community has been so supportive and I am grateful.  

    Dr. Berg 
    Principal, Odyssey K-8



    The New Volunteer/Visitor System is Here! 

    Please bring your driver’s license/state ID in with you the next time you want to check in.  I’ll get you all set up!  You’ll then be able to sign in and out using the self-service kiosk. 

    Thank you,
    Angela Hoffart
    Principal’s Secretary


    Notes From Scrip Corner

    The holiday season is upon us!  Please consider the Scrip program for your holiday shopping this year.  Great Lakes is offering $5 and $10 gift cards for many popular retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chipotle.  These make great little thank you gifts.  To sign up for scrip, go here and enter the Odyssey Enrollment Code 768EL71F53LL6.

    Fred Meyer cards are back, in denominations of $25, $50, $75, and $100!   For now I'll only be offering Fred Meyer cards in December.  We purchase these cards directly from Kroger, and don't make a reward for the school until our order totals $2,000 or more.  I'm hoping the holidays will boost participation.  Let me know if you're interested in Fred Meyer gift cards in the longer term and I'll try to make it work.  These cards take a little longer to get, so your Monday order will be delivered to you the following Monday or Tuesday.

    Upcoming scrip order dates are December 2nd and 16th!  On-line orders are due by midnight. Paper holiday giving forms and checks are due by the end of the school day.




    The Green Routine

    We had Master Recycler, Sally Oakes, give an all-school presentation on Friday. Ask your student what they learned about “refusing, reducing, and reusing” before recycling and how the things we buy and the trash we generate contributes to climate change. Don’t be surprised if your student knows more about what can go in your blue curbside recycling bin than you do!

    Odyssey Eco-Events:

    ·      Tuesday 12/3: Green Team members will be assisting K12 and 345 clusters with a waste audit before introducing new co-mingled recycling bins and containers for hard-to-recycle waste like plastic films and felt-tip pens. We’ll be taking a baseline on how much trash Odyssey generates in a day and check back in a few months to see our progress in waste reduction. Join us at 12:10 and 1:30 and learn about why avoiding recycling contamination is so important!

    ·      Monday 12/9: See above, this time for 678!


    Odyssey Goes Green:

    ·      We will be replacing paper-only recycling with co-mingled recycling in all classrooms after Thanksgiving break

    ·      We will participate in the local and national Trex School Challenge to collect plastic film waste. Save items like plastic bread bags, zip locks, and produce bags at home. When we get the Challenge boxes, you can bring those items to school for drop off! [See attached Trex info sheet for what to save]

    ·      After winter break we will be rolling out the new compost and recyclables collection process in the cafeteria. Stay tuned!


    Weekly Eco-Tip:

    Go cold-turkey on your holiday waste! The holidays are the trashiest time of year in the US. We throw out 25 percent more waste than usual. That’s around 1 million tons a week to our landfills of holiday food waste, shopping bags, bows and ribbons, packaging, and wrapping paper. Here’s our first installment of tips to reduce your environmental impact this holiday season.

    Got (extra) turkey? Food waste is big contributor to our global climate problem. About 150,000 tons of food is tossed out in US households each day, not including that big Thanksgiving spread. The National Resource Defense council estimated “Americans discarded 6 million turkeys after Thanksgiving in 2016. A worth of $293 million and equivalent to "more than 100 billion gallons of water—enough to supply New York City for 100 days. And when it comes to climate pollution, it wastes emissions equivalent to driving a car across the country 800,000 times."

    When food goes to the landfill and rots, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas even more potent than carbon dioxide. In the US alone, the production of lost or wasted food generates the equivalent of 37 million cars’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Fortunately, in Portland, we can send that food to city compost. But that doesn’t save the wasted energy and cost that got that food to your plate in the first place. Try these tips to cut-down on your food waste this year:

    -       Consider reducing your holiday spread to just what you know you can eat and want to eat – if no one wants that canned cranberry, skip it

    -       Encourage your guests to bring a reusable to-go container to take some leftovers home with them

    -       Use immediately or freeze scrap veggies and turkey leftovers to make soup broth

    -       Buy ugly produce – someone else may not buy it, but if you do, that’s less wasted at the store level

    -       It’s OK not to have Turkey if no one really likes it – a vegetarian Thanksgiving can substantially cut down on your carbon footprint

     Don’t be trashy: #compostit


    TAG Nominations Due November 26


    Just a reminder to parents that the TAG nomination form is due to your child’s teacher by November 26th in order to be considered for TAG testing this year.  The forms are available online on the district’s TAG website and in the front hallway on the TAG Bulletin board.

    Dr. Eryn Berg 

    Principal, Odyssey K-8


    PPS Before and After School Child Care Survey, 2019-20

    Please take a moment to complete this confidential online survey or go to pps.net, departments, child care. Your input is valuable. Survey results will be used as part of an annual program evaluation. Please complete the survey by December 13, 2019.

    Dr. Eryn Berg 

    Principal, Odyssey K-8


    2020-21 Eighth Grade High School Info Nights

    Be sure to check out your neighborhood school.

    See Odyssey Counselor Stephanie for more information

    or check online at PPS.net


    Benson Polytechnic                 Oct. 22       6-8 PM

    Cleveland                                   Dec. 12       7-9 PM

    Franklin                                      Dec. 4         6-8:30 PM

    Grant                                           Nov. 14       6:30-8:30 PM


    (HS Middle College for Advanced Studies)     Oct. 30        6-8 PM & Nov. 19  6-8 PM

    Lincoln                                        Dec.  11       6-8 PM


    (@ Marshall Campus)                                       Nov. 5        6:15-8 PM 

    Metropolitan Learning Ctr.    Nov. 6        6-7:30 PM & Nov. 14  6-7:30 PM    

    Roosevelt                                                    Nov.  19      6-8 PM

    Wilson                                         Nov.  6           6-9 PM 


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  • Introduction Letter from New Principal, Eryn Berg

    Dear Odyssey Community,

    I am honored to have been chosen as the new Odyssey principal.  Since starting my teaching career in Florida almost twenty five years ago, I have been committed to transformational learning and am excited to move to Odyssey and the embrace of experiential learning.  

    I spent the bulk of my teaching career in Brooklyn teaching high school and it was during that time that I was part of forming 9th grade institutes which committed themselves to interdisciplinary learning and team work.  It is with great excitement that I look forward to more of this work at Odyssey.

    During my time as an administrator I have served at high school, k-5, and k-8 levels and am looking forward to returning to the k-8 world.  This is truly a journey that I am honored to be on and looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know the students, teachers, staff, and families.

    I grew up here in the PNW and my two sons are enrolled in PPS.  I will have a 7th grader and 9th grader next year and truly understand how important it is that our schools provide opportunities for our children to grow academically and emotionally.  Critical thinking is key and I truly believe that by being self-reflective and choosing empathy and understanding, we can prepare ourselves for engagement in the world around us.  

    I am excited to get to know you and please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves and stop by and say hi once we get the new school year up and running.  Looking towards a great year together!

    Dr. Eryn Berg


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