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  • Oct. 11th Weekly Report

    In this Edition

    Restaurant Night at McMenamins - THIS TUESDAY!: Below

    Talent Show October 18!  Below

    Upcoming Scrip Deadline & New Seasons Info: Below

    TAG/2e/Neurodiversity Parent-Student Meetups: Below

    Glass Blowing & Art Installation at Odyssey - Volunteers Needed: Below

    Trails Club of Oregon: Below



    Upcoming Events

    Scrip Orders Due: Monday, October 14

    McMenamin's Restaurant Night at Raleigh Hills Pub: Tuesday, October 15

    Odyssey Talent Show: Friday, October 18, 6pm

    TAG/2e/Neurodiversity Parent-Student Meetup: Tuesday, October 22, 7-9pm at Odyssey

    LGBTQ+ Alliance Luncheons: Every Thursday in the Library



    Friends & Family Night next Tuesday, October 15th


    Please join the Odyssey community for one of the biggest fundraisers of our school year!  On Tuesday, October 15th, McMenamin's Raleigh Hills Pub is donating 50% of all proceeds earned 5 p.m. to midnight to our school!  No flyers required. Tell all your friends!  Bring your families for dinner! Come have a drink after the kids are in bed!  






    Talent Show - Friday, October 18, 6:00pm

    Mark your calendars for an evening of Odyssey talent and frequent clapping! The Odyssey Talent Show is coming next Friday, October 18 at 6:00pm in the Odyssey auditorium. We’ll have a concession stand open and music on. Trust me you won’t want to miss the fun.



    Upcoming Scrip Deadline & New Seasons News!


    No more checks necessary!  You can now pay for your New Seasons Gift Cards on-line via your ShopWithScrip account.  These are big earners for us.  We get a 5% rebate for each New Seasons card you purchase.


    If you're ordering physical gift cards through our ShowWithScrip on-line system, please place those orders before midnight on Monday, October 14th.  They will ship the next day and I'll have them for you by Friday, the 18th!


    When you're ready to enroll, go here and enter the Odyssey Enrollment Code 768EL71F53LL6 to link your account to our school.






    TAG/2e/Neurodiversity Parent-Student Meetups

    Is your student:

    • Bright/intellectually gifted? 
    • Dyslexic, ADD, on the spectrum, and/or otherwise neurodiverse? 

    • Curious, creative, intense, or just … extra?
    • Any or all of the above?

    Introducing a monthly evening meetup and discussion 

    for students and parents/guardians seeking connection, 

    support, and resources, hosted by parent advocate Lisa 

    Stonestreet and Odyssey 8th grader Truman Stonestreet.

    • One Tuesday a month at Odyssey, 7-9 PM (dates below)
    • Topics from advocacy to testing, perfectionism to asynchrony
    • Brief presentation + kid-only and adult-only discussions
    • Kids will also enjoy board/card game time

    Want to find out more? Got a topic you’d like to see covered?

    Want to drink tea and eat snacks with parents who get it while 

    your kid enjoys a rousing game of Munchkin? Come to one or all.

    Interested? Email lisa@ampedit.com with your name, email, 

    and any topics you’d like to see the group cover.


    Dates: 10/22, 11/12, 12/17, 1/14, 2/18, 3/17, 4/21, 5/12


    Lisa Stonestreet





    Glass Blowing & Art Installation: Volunteers Needed


    A glass blowing studio in our own backyard?  How amazing is that???  Mr. Z has arranged for a glass blowing studio to call the Odyssey parking lot home on Friday, October 25th.  Students K–8 will come witness the magic of glassblowing as their schedules allow.  Two volunteers are needed for each one hour time slot 8 am – 2 pm.  Please come dressed for the weather, as this is a rain or shine outdoor event.


    Another fun opportunity to help our art teacher is with art installation on Wednesday, October 17th.  Mr. Z will need 4 helpers from 3–4:30 pm.


    Please go to Join our Class to sign up!  If you haven't yet signed up for our school information portal, please go here and enter code pwtous. To find these sign-ups, go to your Dashboard and click on the big orange box.  Thank you!



    Mom to An (5) and Noomi (2)




    Trails Club of Oregon


    Dear Odyssey families,


    I’m on the board of the Trails Club of Oregon, an organization that has been around since 1915.  We have two lodges, one in the Gorge above Multnomah Falls (Nesika) and one that I caretaker in Government Camp (Tyee) next to The Mazama Lodge.  


    Check out the website: trailsclub.org


    TCO membership is declining as most members are aging out and the lodges are getting very little use.   We need new members to join and use the lodges. This could be a unique opportunity for the Odyssey community to create memorable outdoor experiences.  If we could get several families to become members, we will have access, although not exclusive, to both lodges on a continual basis. All that is required is to submit an application with initiation fee of $15 + $50 annual dues, and visit one of the lodges.  Once a member, the lodge usage is $15/night for an adult, $10/night for a child, or $40/ per family (cap)  


    Please call, text or email me if you are interested in becoming a member of TCO or have any questions.




    Aaron Bech



    Father of Annika (5th) and Colin (2nd)


    Terri Preeg Riggsby

    Communications Coordinator


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  • Introduction Letter from New Principal, Eryn Berg

    Dear Odyssey Community,

    I am honored to have been chosen as the new Odyssey principal.  Since starting my teaching career in Florida almost twenty five years ago, I have been committed to transformational learning and am excited to move to Odyssey and the embrace of experiential learning.  

    I spent the bulk of my teaching career in Brooklyn teaching high school and it was during that time that I was part of forming 9th grade institutes which committed themselves to interdisciplinary learning and team work.  It is with great excitement that I look forward to more of this work at Odyssey.

    During my time as an administrator I have served at high school, k-5, and k-8 levels and am looking forward to returning to the k-8 world.  This is truly a journey that I am honored to be on and looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know the students, teachers, staff, and families.

    I grew up here in the PNW and my two sons are enrolled in PPS.  I will have a 7th grader and 9th grader next year and truly understand how important it is that our schools provide opportunities for our children to grow academically and emotionally.  Critical thinking is key and I truly believe that by being self-reflective and choosing empathy and understanding, we can prepare ourselves for engagement in the world around us.  

    I am excited to get to know you and please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves and stop by and say hi once we get the new school year up and running.  Looking towards a great year together!

    Dr. Eryn Berg


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