• Interested in volunteering at school or chaperoning on field trips?  A background check is required.  Background checks are good for 3 years.  Click here to apply.  If you need to know when your current background check expires, contact Angela in the school office.   

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  • Interested in applying for the 2020-2021 lottery for the Odyssey Program?  

    6-8th Grade Parent Info Meeting:  Thursday, Nov. 7th, 6:00-7:30 PM

    K - 5th Grade Parent Info Meetings:  Thursday, Feb. 20th, 6:00-7:30 PM or Friday, March 6th, 9:00-10:00 AM

    Click here for more details.

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Odyssey Program

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Friday Report

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  • Jan. 10th Weekly Report

    In this Edition

    The Doctor Is In! Below

    Rescheduled Restaurant Night – MONDAY & TUESDAY! Below

    Wilson High School – Lunar New Year Celebration: Below

    Girls On The Run: Below

    Thank You From Pioneer School: Below

    Request for Help – Hauling Away Chair: Below

    Message from Wilson HS: Below

    The Green Routine – Composting! Below

    2020 Lincoln Youth Boys Lacrosse Registration Open: Below

    Message from Wilson High School: Below


    Upcoming Events

    Post-Holiday Recycling Drive: Saturday, 1/11

    Little Free Library Installation: Saturday, 1/11

    January Restaurant Night at Pastini: Monday, 1/13

    January Restaurant Night at Pastini: Tuesday, 1/14

    NO SCHOOL - MLK Day: Monday, 1/20

    NO SCHOOL - In-Service Day: Monday, 1/27

    WHS Lunar New Year Celebration: Thursday, 2/6

    February Restaurant Night at Von Ebert Brewing: Wednesday, 2/12

    NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day: Monday, 2/17



    The Doctor Is In


    Hello Odyssey Community,


    I have been thinking about the message that I want to share with the community as we enter the new year and are back at school in the swing of things.  As you all probably have experienced, once we get back from winter break, time seems to fly and we have so many fun events upcoming this year.  


    As you know, as a school leader I strive to always have a vision for equity and be an anti-racist leader who models acceptance and understanding.  This is a journey that I have been on for 25 years and I know that I will continue to learn and grow in my own knowledge and skill.  I have asked teachers and parents to join me on this journey and so far this year, it has been rewarding to work with the parents to start to form our equity group and work with the teachers to sharpen our equity lens and look at ways in which we can enrich and develop our curriculum and our learning and conversations with students.  Another part of my work is to listen to parents, students, and teachers when they bring issues to me and help to resolve these issues in a way that is centered on growth and development and which builds relationships.  My door has been open for anyone to stop by and share with me their journey and their story and I appreciate all of you that have given me a glimpse into you and who you are and who are students are as well.


    This week I was able to jump between presentations in K-2 and see some of the speeches from our students on the theme of we come from everywhere.  As I was thinking about what I saw and learned, it really made me reflect on those conversations and situations that I have had the opportunity to be part of and how in our little community, we do indeed come from everywhere.  We all have a history and a perspective that shape how we move in the world and that shapes how and why we interact with others.  Sometimes we do and say things that are harmful to others and sometimes others do and say things that are harmful to us.  Luckily, in my position I am able to work with students and families when these incidents happen to process, listen, learn, and grow and facilitate that growth for students.  I know that as part of my own journey, I have had to have some difficult conversations both at school and at home as I try and develop my own consciousness and facilitate that learning in others.  Many times parents ask for resources to enrich their conversations at home and because I want to make sure that everyone has access to resources, I am including at the bottom of this email a link to a webpage that helps parents have conversations about race with their kids and gives several different resources.  


    What I ask of the Odyssey community as we continue in our adventure here together is that all of us, including me, listen more and welcome more multiple perspectives and experiences.  Take the time to listen to each other’s stories and the stories our children are developing as they grow up in a world that is literally at our fingertips.  We are in a new modern electronic age which brings us many benefits but also makes all the news of the world very immediate and sometimes very scary.  This is a time where not only do we need to stand together as anti-racist and anti-discriminatory, but also with a view towards how we create a world together that is kinder and better.  Thanks for always listening and my door is open.  


    Dr. Berg 




    Dr. Eryn Berg 

    Principal, Odyssey K-8



    Rescheduled Restaurant Night – 1/13 & 1/14


    Our January Restaurant Night has been rescheduled for two nights next week!  Dine at Pastini Cedar Hills Crossing on Monday, January 13 or Tuesday, January 14 and they'll donate 20% of your check to our school, with mention of the fundraiser!  Flyer attached.  


    Thank so much for participating in restaurant nights this year.  We've earned over $2,000 for our school so far, and we've had a lot of fun!  I'm looking for my replacement for next year.  Would you like to be the next Restaurant Night Coordinator?  






    Wilson High School – Lunar New Year Celebration


    Dear Wilson Cluster:


    The Asian Pacific Islander Club and Allied Wilson Advocates for Racial Equity (AWARE) would like to invite the K-12 Wilson Cluster to our Lunar New Year Celebration.


    The event will be catered, and attendees are also welcomed to bring something from their family new year tradition as well in an educational context.


    The event will be Thursday, February 6 in the cafeteria from 5-7 PM. Featured will be a Lion Dance, catered dinner and craft and activity stations.  Our photography teacher has also offered to set up a portrait studio for families and groups.


    Attached is our event flyer.


    Happy 2020 and we look forward to ushering in the Year of the Rat with you!







    Girls On The Run


    Attention 345 families! If you have a daughter interested in Girls On the Run this spring please see below!


    Participant Registration 

    ·       Online Registration: Online registration for girls will open Wednesday Jan 15th at 9:00am on the GOTR website.

    Registration will close on January 21st. They will run the lottery on jan 21st and the girls who were not selected by the lottery, will be placed on the waitlist. Girls will move off the waitlist in a first come- first served manner




    We are so excited to be hosting girls on the Run at ODYSSEY THIS YEAR!!   Practices will begin the week of MARCH 2nd days of the week TBD upon coach availability.  We are in need of 3 coaches this year that are willing to donate their time two days/week for ten weeks... I know it’s a lot and a huge commitment but it is incredibly rewarding! This is a great opportunity if a few moms want to team up together and/or you May know some college students/nannies that may be interested in volunteer work? 


    See link below for coach requirements.



    Questions?  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!  I have 4 years experience as a parent of a GOTR participant and as a running buddy and I’m a huge supporter for this program:).  This program is not just about running but also focuses on self awareness, self control, how to have healthy relationships and self empowerment!


    If you are in need of a scholarship there are both payment options available and a reduced price if you qualify for free/reduced lunch.  


    Here is the link again... mark your calendars to register!



    Thanks all!

    Katie Dill 

    GOTR Site liaison 



    Thank You From Pioneer School


    Hello Odyssey Community, 


    I just wanted to thank you for the generous support given to the families at the Pioneer Program for holiday giving this year.  I have worked as a social worker for PPS's Pioneer program for a number of years now.  Pioneer serves kids (and families) from anywhere in our district with particularly high special education and behavioral needs. The gift cards that were bought and donated to some of the families were greatly appreciated!  This definitely helped reduce their holiday stress.

    Thank you again,

    Julie Jorgensen (mom of Anya--7th)



    Request for Help – Hauling Away Chair


    It’s time for it to go!...Looking for someone to haul the fabric chair in our library.  Please contact Angela if you can load and deliver to a charitable organization.  Thank you!  J


    Angela Hoffart

    Principal’s Secretary



    Message from Wilson High School


    Dear Wilson Community,


    Earlier this week the PPS School Board decided to place a construction bond on the November Ballot.  The Board has not determined yet how big the bond should be or which schools should be included on the bond.  Wilson is one of three remaining PPS high schools that is not modernized or is not in the process of being modernized.  For those of you who have spent any time in our building you probably know our facilities have not changed much since 1957.  Please join me in encouraging district leaders and school board members to include Wilson on the 2020 Bond   We have done some preliminary work to determine what a modernized Wilson could look like.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions as well.  We also need your support.


    With Gratitude,

    Filip Hristić, Ed.D.

    Principal, Wilson High School



    The Green Routine

    It’s a new year, y’all! Are you ready to take a big stand for our environment? Reducing and composting your food waste is a big way you can cut down on your environmental impact. At Odyssey we are beginning our “Lunchroom Revolution” on Tuesday, January 21. We will be collecting and cleaning milk cartons for recycling as well as composting all our food waste! We are part of only five schools allowed to pilot this plan and we need your help! Please consider spending a few days assisting our students to adopt this new, earth-friendly process. SIGN UP HERE FOR OUR LUNCHROOM REVOLUTION.


    Join the Trex Challenge! Please bring your soft plastics to collect at school and we may win a bench for our playground from Trex. See the attached flyer for what types of plastics can be sent to Trex for recycling/reuse. There are two in the entry, and one downstairs in the K12 hallway. We’ve already collected close to 30 lbs of plastic waste!


    Odyssey Eco-Events:

    ·      Friday & Saturday, 1/10 + 1/11: Post-holiday recycling drive! Save your holiday packaging Styrofoam, dead Xmas tree string lights and dead batteries. Bring them up to school and your Green Team will collect them for delivery to specialty recycling centers! Friday 1/10 after school 2:15 – 3:15, and Saturday 1/11 10:30-11:30

    ·      Saturday, 1/11:  Help us install the Little Free Library! Old library books will get another life in our community Little Free Library. Help us install it during our post-holiday collection drive from 10:30-11:30. We need post-hole diggers, concrete mixers, and creative folks to make it look snappy! Email ezahniser@gmail.com if you’d like to help.


    Weekly Eco-Tip:


    Food waste is big, big contributor to global warming. Landfills are the second largest human source of methane emissions, and food rotting in landfills is the largest source of these emissions. The gas rotting food emits, methane, has 24 times the impact on the climate as CO2. In the US alone, we send over 50 million tons of food waste to landfills each year. The production of lost or wasted food generates the equivalent of 37 million cars’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The USDA estimates 30-40 percent of our food goes to waste. So what can you do?


    ·       Buy only what you need – especially when it comes to perishables.

    ·       Plan ahead before you hit the grocer – having a weekly meal plan goes a long way toward making use of what you have before it goes off or out of date.

    ·       Get creative with leftovers – discover recipes for common leftovers here!

    ·       Store food properly – Guess what? Lots of produce stores longer when NOT in plastic – check out these techniques to help your lettuce last.

    ·       Use your freezer! Save leftovers you don’t want to revisit just yet and discover batch-cooking for fast and waste-free weekday meals.

    ·       Pack a low-waste lunch – know how much your kiddo needs and don’t overpack. Go even more low-waste a lunch with reusable containers and cutlery (no single use plastic baggies!)


    And the big one: Compost! If you live in Metro Portland, you can compost all food, including meat, right at your curbside. The benefits of composting are vast. Here’s a list of composting benefits from the EPA:


    ·      Compost reduces, and in some cases eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers.

    ·      Compost promotes higher yields of agricultural crops.

    ·      Compost can help aid reforestation, wetlands restoration, and habitat revitalization efforts by improving contaminated, compacted, and marginal soils.

    ·      Compost can be used to remediate soils contaminated by hazardous waste in a cost-effective manner.

    ·      Compost can provide cost savings over conventional soil, water and air pollution remediation technologies, where applicable.

    ·      Compost enhances water retention in soils.

    ·      Compost provides carbon sequestration.


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  • Introduction Letter from New Principal, Eryn Berg

    Dear Odyssey Community,

    I am honored to have been chosen as the new Odyssey principal.  Since starting my teaching career in Florida almost twenty five years ago, I have been committed to transformational learning and am excited to move to Odyssey and the embrace of experiential learning.  

    I spent the bulk of my teaching career in Brooklyn teaching high school and it was during that time that I was part of forming 9th grade institutes which committed themselves to interdisciplinary learning and team work.  It is with great excitement that I look forward to more of this work at Odyssey.

    During my time as an administrator I have served at high school, k-5, and k-8 levels and am looking forward to returning to the k-8 world.  This is truly a journey that I am honored to be on and looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know the students, teachers, staff, and families.

    I grew up here in the PNW and my two sons are enrolled in PPS.  I will have a 7th grader and 9th grader next year and truly understand how important it is that our schools provide opportunities for our children to grow academically and emotionally.  Critical thinking is key and I truly believe that by being self-reflective and choosing empathy and understanding, we can prepare ourselves for engagement in the world around us.  

    I am excited to get to know you and please do not hesitate to introduce yourselves and stop by and say hi once we get the new school year up and running.  Looking towards a great year together!

    Dr. Eryn Berg


District News

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  • Announcing new Chief of Schools, Dr. Shawn Bird

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am pleased to announce that Dr. Shawn Bird has accepted our offer to become Chief of Schools for Portland Public Schools. Shawn is a passionate educator with more than 20 years of experience as a teacher, administrator and executive leader in urban school districts.

  • Upcoming Mindfulness trainings from Peach in Schools

    Click "read more" below to find out about the following upcoming Mindfulness trainings: Mindfulness for Youth-Serving Professionals Weekend (March 7-8), Mindful Teaching: An Experiential 8-Week Course (April 2-May 21), and Mindful Educator Retreat (July 9-12). 
  • 2-hour late delay, buses on snow routes

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Русский| Soomaali

    Due to weather, all schools and offices will open two hours late this morning. Buses are also on snow routes and will arrive approximately two hours later than regularly scheduled.

  • PPS Pulse: January 14, 2020

    In this week's PPS Pulse: Roosevelt, Madison use support from Damian Lillard to help students take positive steps; advice for parents to help high school students cope with finals