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  • Bus Routes

    Buss Routes
  • First Day of School

     Hello OGMS Family,
    The first day of school is vastly approaching. August 28th is the district wide first day of school, but here at Ockley the 28th is for 6th graders only. August 29th is the first day for All students(6th, 7th, and 8th.) 
  • Community Cares

    Ockley Green's August 24th Community Cares event has been cancelled due to Recology's volunteer event happening August 17th (Recology will be cleaning/mulching/revamping the grounds). Thank you and happy summer!
  • Ockley Green Supply List

    Ockley Green Middle School Supply Lists

    6th Grade Supplies

    • Calculator

    • 2 x Scissors (one to keep in art)

    • 2 Boxes Pencils

    • Tape

    • 5 x 1” Binders (one for each core class)

    • 10 x Folders (2 for each core class, preferably color-coded)

    • 2 x Spiral Notebooks

    • 1 x Composition Book

    • Pencil Pouch

    • One package of College Ruled Paper

    • 3 Highlighters

    • 1 package of colored pencils

    • 6 glue sticks

    • 1 package colored markers

    7th Grade Supplies

    • Scientific Calculator

    • 2 x Scissors (one for art)

    • 6 dozen pencils 

    • 1 package colored sticky notes 

    • 1 composition notebook

    • 4 college ruled spiral notebooks

    • Ruler (inches and centimeters)

    • 2 large pink erasers

    • 1 Inch Binder (to be kept in class)

    • 1 x 2” binder with flexible plastic cover

    • Binder tabs/dividers

    • 4 x folders (three holes and plastic if possible)

    • 6 dozen pencils 

    • Hand Pencil Sharpener

    • 10 Black or Blue Pens

    • Pencil Pouch

    • One Package of College Ruled Paper

    • 2 Highlighters (different colors)

    • One box of Kleenex/Tissue

    • 1 set colored markers

    • 1 set colored pencils

    8th Grade Supplies

    • 2 x Spiral Notebooks (college ruled)

    • 1 x 2” Binder

    • Binder tabs/dividers

    • 500 index cards

    • Box of 12 pens (black or blue ballpoint)

    • 2 Dozen Pencils

    • 2 Sets of Markers

    • 1 Box of Highlighters

    • Homework folders

    • 1 Clear Folder or Portfolio Cover

    • Pencil Pouch

    • 1 pair scissors (for art)

    • 1 set colored pencils (for art)

    Optional Requested Donations:

    Hand sanitizer

    Extra Kleenex/tissues

    Reams of white or colored printer paper

    Lined Paper 

    Extra pencils

    Colored Pencils and Colored Markers for Art Classes


  • A message from Kristina Howard, Ockley Green’s new principal


    Greetings Ockley Green Families,


    Please be advised that students will be receiving their initial second semester schedules on 1/23/19.  Most students will see very few changes and most changes that do occur will be shifts to elective classes.  These changes are most often created by our master scheduling software as it works to honor students’ preferences with regard to the variety of diverse elective opportunities our school offers.  In some instances, students’ schedules might also change to meet requirements for their enrollment in health and/or movement classes. Some scheduling adjustments have additionally been made based on new opportunities for reading support classes.  Similarly, our math offerings have also been improved in order to lower class sizes and provide greater opportunities for math support.


    As has been done previously, schedule change request forms will be available shortly after the start of the semester.  Due to limitations with our district’s Synergy scheduling software we are unable to process schedule change request forms until after the semester starts.  An announcement will be be made in students’ advisory classes as soon as the forms are able to be provided. Schedule change request forms will be placed outside of the Student Support Team office (room 228).  These forms will be processed as quickly as possible by our school counseling staff (Jillian Stone and Brian Meyer). We will work to honor all change requests as best as possible.


    For those using StudentVue or ParentVue, please be advised that due to certain technical limitations with our district’s Synergy scheduling software, students viewing their second semester schedules through those portals may see some duplicate courses, unexpected additional periods, or similar errors.  Our PPS IT team has been made aware of these issues and we are working with them to resolve them. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


    Thank you,


    Ockley Green Admin Team

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