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  • The Weekly Dragon

    The Weekly Dragon
  • 2019 Spanish Promotion Letter

    Estimados padres de la familia de Ockley Green,

    No puedo creer que es ese tiempo del año otra vez! La ceremonia de promoción estará aquí pronto! Por favor lee esta carta para asegurar que esta temporada especial será exitoso para todos nuestros estudiantes.


    Ahorita el costo de los actividades de promoción, incluyendo el viaje y el anuario, es $50 por cada estudiante. Durante el mes de Abril, los estudiantes del octavo grado tendrá la oportunidad a participar en un recaudación de fondos. El dinero que es recaudado va estar usado para bajar el costo para cada estudiante. Al principio del mes de Mayo, nosotros vamos a enviar otro hoja de permiso con el costo final. Becas estarán disponible si su familia necesita.

    Regla de 40 días:

    Esperamos todos nuestros estudiantes del octavo grado van a completar sus últimos días en Ockley Green con cuidado, colaboración, y crecimiento. Después de el 9 de Abril los estudiantes de grado ocho no van a poder participar en los actividades de promoción (el BBQ, el baile, el viaje y promoción) si se involucran en los comportamientos seguidos:

    • Un total de medio dia o un dia de suspensión, perderán dos actividades

    • Un total de dos días de suspensión, perderán 3 actividades

    • Un total de 3 dias de suspension, perderán todas las actividades

    • Estudiantes que no están en clase sin excusa perderán cada actividad por cada clase que fallan de atender

    • Estudiantes que llegan tarde más de 4 veces por cada 2 semanas perderán una actividad por cada tardanza después de 4

    • Estudiantes ganando un reiniciar (reset) perderán un actividad por cada reiniciar

    Actividades de Promoción:

    Lunes, 3 de Junio- estudiantes del octavo grado viajan a Bullwinkle's

    Miércoles 5 de Junio- Asamblea de despedida para toda la escuela

    Jueves 6 de Junio-

    9:10 am- estudiantes llegan a la mismo hora que siempre

    10:00- 11:45am- Práctica de promoción

    12:00pm-2:00pm- BBQ

    2:15- Los estudiantes de octavo grado se van temprano

    5:45 pm- Ceremonia de Promoción en el gimnasio de Roosevelt High School

    (Ceremonia empieza a las 6:00 pm)

    8:30 pm- Baile en Odd Fellow Lodge (4834 N Lombard St, Portland OR 97203)

    Viernes, 7 de Junio- Dia de campo (ultimo dia para los estudiantes de grado ocho) no es mandatorio

    Lunes 10  y Martes 11 de Junio- no es obligatoria venir a Ockley para los estudiantes en grado ocho

    Necesitamos Voluntarios!

    Ayúdanos celebrar nuestros estudiantes ! No lo podemos hacer sin ustedes ! Si le interesa ayudar con estas actividades o planes, por favor mande un correo electrónico a Doris Tamoro, dtamoro@gmail.com


    Kristina Howard


    Ockley Green Middle School

    (503) 916-5660

  • 2019 Promotion Letter

    Dear Ockley Green 8th Grade Families,                                                                April 5th, 2019

    I cannot believe it is that time of year again! Promotion will be here soon! Please read the full letter to make this a successful time for all students.


    Right now, the cost of all promotion activities, including the 8th grade trip and yearbook, is $50 per student. During the month of April, all 8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser.  The proceeds will be used to lower the cost requested from each student. At the beginning of May, we will send another letter with the final cost requested and permission slips. Please note, scholarships will be available should your family need.

    40 Day Rule:

    We expect all our 8th graders to complete their last days at Ockley Green showing caring, collaboration and growth. After April 9th, 8th graders will not be allowed to participate in the 8th grade BBQ, promotion dance, 8th grade trip, and/or promotion if they engage in the following behaviors during the last 40 days of school:

    • A total of ½ or 1 day student suspension will lead to loss of 2 activities

    • A total of 2 days of student suspensions will lead to loss of 3 activities

    • A total of 3 days student suspensions will lead to loss of all activities

    • Unexcused skipping of classes (Each skipped class will equal losing one promotion event)

    • Students who are tardy more than 4 times per week for 2 weeks will lose one promotion event for every additional 4 tardies

    • Students earning more than 1 Reset will lose one promotion event for every Reset earned after 1

    Promotion Activities Schedule:

    Monday, June 3rd - 8th grade field trip to Bullwinkles

    Wednesday, June 5th- Goodbye Assembly for whole school

    Thursday, June 6th-

    9:10 am-  Students arrive at regularly scheduled school time

    10:00 -11:45 am– Promotion practice

    12:00 pm- 2:00 pm– BBQ @ nearby park

    2:15 pm-  Early release to prepare for promotion

    5:45 pm– Promotion Ceremony @ Roosevelt Gym (starts at 6:00 pm)

    8:30 pm- Dance at Peninsula Odd Fellow Lodge, 4834 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

    Friday, June 7th- Field Day - 8th graders are invited to attend as this will be their last day at Ockley.

    Monday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 11th- 8th graders are not required to attend.

    Volunteers Needed!

    Help us celebrate your student!  We can’t do it without you! If you are interested, please contact Doris Tamoro, PTA Co-President at dtamoro@gmail.com

    Thank you!

    Kristina Howard (she/her)


    Ockley Green Middle School

    (503) 916-5660

  • Watch: Ockley Green students show their moves

    Can you Sous-sous? Or even Fondue? Well the middle school dance students at Ockley Green can do those dances and more. Under the direction of Mr. Damon, the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders are lined up at the ballet rail learning all about dance and getting a healthy workout too.
  • The young musicians at Ockley Green

    Richard Littledyke’s music class at Ockley Green Middle School is frequently the first place his students have ever received music instruction. And at no fault of the students. Three of the schools that feed into Ockley Green have only a half-time music teacher (Chief Joseph, Peninsula and King) and Beach, the last feeder school, doesn’t have a music teacher or program.



  • A message from Kristina Howard, Ockley Green’s new principal


    Greetings Ockley Green Families,


    Please be advised that students will be receiving their initial second semester schedules on 1/23/19.  Most students will see very few changes and most changes that do occur will be shifts to elective classes.  These changes are most often created by our master scheduling software as it works to honor students’ preferences with regard to the variety of diverse elective opportunities our school offers.  In some instances, students’ schedules might also change to meet requirements for their enrollment in health and/or movement classes. Some scheduling adjustments have additionally been made based on new opportunities for reading support classes.  Similarly, our math offerings have also been improved in order to lower class sizes and provide greater opportunities for math support.


    As has been done previously, schedule change request forms will be available shortly after the start of the semester.  Due to limitations with our district’s Synergy scheduling software we are unable to process schedule change request forms until after the semester starts.  An announcement will be be made in students’ advisory classes as soon as the forms are able to be provided. Schedule change request forms will be placed outside of the Student Support Team office (room 228).  These forms will be processed as quickly as possible by our school counseling staff (Jillian Stone and Brian Meyer). We will work to honor all change requests as best as possible.


    For those using StudentVue or ParentVue, please be advised that due to certain technical limitations with our district’s Synergy scheduling software, students viewing their second semester schedules through those portals may see some duplicate courses, unexpected additional periods, or similar errors.  Our PPS IT team has been made aware of these issues and we are working with them to resolve them. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


    Thank you,


    Ockley Green Admin Team

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