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  • Roosevelt's Social Work Team

    We are here to support students with significant barriers to success at school. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have all the support you need to be successful in school!
    This may include connecting to emergency services (food, housing, school supplies, etc), support groups, or being a liaison between school and families, and community resource referral needs.
    If you would like support with any of these please fill out the social worker referral form Social Work Referral Form or contact our social work team directly.
    Kristin Buchanan
    9th & 12th grades
    kristin buchanan  
    Yaneira Romero
    10th & 12th grades
    Brenda Ramos
    11th & 12th grades
    (971) 413-9845 
  • Need Help?

    Need help getting started navigating our new online learning? Don't know how to reach your counselor? Can't access your PPS email or Canvas? Need to activate your ParentVUE account? 
    Click here for our online learning resources (Español)
  • How Teachers are Taking Attendance

    Students are marked present if, within 24 hours of class, they do at least ONE of the following:
    • Attend the class' video meet: this can be the class' live meet or a small group meeting with with the teacher or a one-on-one conference or tutorial with the teacher
    • Communicate with their teacher: via chat, text, email, or communication app
    • Call: a phone call between the student and the teacher, paraeducator, or EA counts (with younger students, the phone call can be from the parent instead of the student)
    • Submit an assignment: submitting completed coursework via email or to a learning management system
    • Turn in work: turning in complete coursework on a given day counts.
  • Free Social Services Fair

    email with questions
  • Student Health Centers Open

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Soomaali| Русский


    This fall, while schools are engaged in distance learning, Roosevelt Student Health Center is open 8:45 am-4:45 pm Monday-Thursday for phone, video and in-person visits, and 8:45 am-4:45 pm Friday for phone and video appointments only. Call 503-988-3909 to make an appointment. 
    Any Multnomah County K-12 youth can visit the center and there are no out of pocket costs. We also can connect students and their families with community resources for food or help with medical insurance. Student Health Centers at David Dougals & Parkrose high schools are also open. For more information visit Stay connected via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Learn to Access StudentVUE

    Click here for a great YouTube video made by one of our own Roosevelt students, showing you how to access StudentVUE and what to do if you forget your password!
    Here is a link to the Student Portal. Have your student bookmark this: 
    All else is failing? Email us at
  • UPDATED: Student Password & Parent Canvas Information

    Student passwords have NOT changed this summer, as they have in previous years. 
    If you cannot remember your password, please go to, enter your username and then click "Forgot Password." You will need to answer the security questions you set up last year. Then you will be able to choose a new password for yourself. 
    Here is a flyer walking returning students through the process: (English) (Spanish
    New students, here is a flyer explaining how to figure out what your username, PPS email address and temporary password are: (English) (Spanish)
    Parent Access to Canvas
    Here is a link to parent information about Canvas. Students will receive a "pairing code" from their teachers. They will give this code to their parents. More information will be coming out to help parents with this, soon.

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  • Friday, September 18

    Hi Riders,

    We made it through the first week of school!  It's been great to pop into classes and see students and teachers working together to figure out how to learn in Distance Learning.  Just a couple of updates for everyone today.


    We are still working on attendance.  You might receive a call with the recording that your student did not participate in class.  Attendance is marked everyday for every class.  Students have all day (midnight to midnight) to connect with teachers, come to live class, or turn in an assignment to be marked present for the day.  This is great for students who have other responsibilities and miss class, but it is definitely more complicated for our teachers.  We are still working on the best way to capture this information.  If you do get the phone call saying your student was absent, you can contact the teacher.  We are finding that often the teacher has already fixed the attendance, but didn't do it in time for the computer to not make the phone call.  Again, we'll be making some changes, and we appreciate your patience as we figure out this new system.

    Social Workers

    Thanks to everyone who came to the information sessions from our counselors, social workers, and community partners this week.  Our social workers wanted to make sure that all families get more information to let you know about their work and how they can help families. Here is their introduction information  If you have questions or don't know who to connect with, please contact your student's counselor.  

    I'm glad the rains have come and the air is clearing up.  We will resume chromebook distribution each day between 1 and 3pm.  If you need a chromebook or a hotspot, we can make that happen next week (hotspots will be available soon - we'll keep you posted).  

    Go Riders!


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  • ¡Es viernes!

    Hola Riders,

    ¡Logramos terminar la primera semana de clases! Ha sido genial ir a clases y ver a los estudiantes y profesores trabajando juntos para figurarse cómo aprender en el aprendizaje a distancia. Solo un par de actualizaciones para todos hoy.
  • Reunión de padres con socios comunitarios

    ¡Gracias a todas nuestras familias que vinieron a nuestra reunión de apoyo estudiantil anoche! Gracias por su voluntad de experimentar nuevas cosas con nosotros. Todos vamos a ser expertos en tecnología cuando termine este año.

  • Reunion de padres y la Clinica de Salud de Roosevelt

    Hola Riders,
    Ha sido otro día ocupado. Los maestros disfrutan mucho al conectarse con los estudiantes y las familias. Recuerde, hoy es nuestra reunión de padres que se enfoca en apoyos para los estudiantes en nuestro edificio. La reunión de mañana se centrará en el apoyo estudiantil de nuestros socios comunitarios. Aquí hay más información.
  • Segundo día de escuela completo (RE-ENVIO)

    NOTA: Algunos padres recibieron accidentalmente este correo electrónico el lunes por la tarde.

    Hola Riders:

    Espero que las lluvias comiencen pronto para ayudar a despejar este humo y permitir que todos los que luchan contra los incendios forestales tengan la oportunidad de comenzar a contener las llamas. Agradecemos su paciencia y comprensión mientras nuestro personal hace malabarismos para comenzar el año escolar con el cuidado de la familia y los amigos afectados por el incendio. Adjuntamos algunos recursos disponibles específicamente para familias inmigrantes que se han visto afectadas. **


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