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  • Attention all AP students taking an AP test this spring!

    All AP test students must attend the AP pre-administration session on April 18th during

    tutorial in the cafeteria.  This pre-administration is where students will complete the
    demographic information on their test sheets. Students must attend the pre-
    administration session to be able to test.
    If you cannot attend the pre-administration session on April 18th, please see Jill in the VP office Room M-132. 
  • State Testing for all Juniors

    Junior students will be starting required state testing the week of March 12th.  

    Testing will continue through June 6th.  Junior English Language Arts classes will be taking the SBAC English Language Arts Performance Task test (approx. three class periods).  Junior Social Studies classes will be taking the SBAC English Language Arts Computer Adaptive test (approx. two class periods).  Junior Math classes will be taking the SBAC Math Computer Adaptive test (approx. two class periods).  Junior Science classes will be taking both the SBAC Math Performance Task and the Science OAKS test (approx. two class periods combined).  Teachers will notify students of test dates in their particular class. SBAC testing will occur after AP testing this year for AP classes.  The SBAC test is one opportunity students can use to demonstrate English and Math essential skills for graduation. SBAC is also used by the Oregon Department of Education for school performance report cards. Please click here for information on how to opt out of state testing.  Opt out forms are also available for pick up in the main office, VP office, and counseling office.  
  • 2018/2019 District Calendar

    The Portland Public Schools Board of Education, at its meeting Tuesday night, unanimously approved the school calendar for 2018-19. The calendar, a draft of which had been posted on the district website for public perusal, features several changes from 2017-18.

    The district has eliminated early dismissals and late openings, a change that came out of the new three-year contract the district signed with Portland Association of Teachers in February.

    A change in the November schedule has created a fall break for students the week of Thanksgiving. The two days of parent-teacher conferences that were held Nov. 8 and 9 in 2017 will be held on a Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 19 and 20, in 2018.

    The district will close schools and offices on Wednesday, Nov. 21, which combined with the traditional Thanksgiving and day after days off, creates a one-week fall break from classes for students.

    One other potential change would affect Presidents’ Day, traditionally a day on which schools and offices have been closed in PPS. However, Feb. 18, 2019 is being set aside as a snow makeup day in the event that a day is lost because of weather. The district will be required to announce by Jan. 18 if it will use Feb. 18 as a makeup day or if it will be a holiday day off.

    “It's important to note that this calendar reflects wise planning,” said Julia Brim-Edwards, Board chair. “In past years, PPS hasn't always planned in advance for snow days.  We've got an excellent plan for next year regardless of whether we have a year like last year or a year like this year. That should give our families something they can really count on.”





    Dear Community,

    Well, what can I say about this week.  It was very eventful to say the least.  I have a hard time focusing on disappointments, but tend to take away lessons learned and move to what we can do to move forward and to celebrate what we have done well.  This week’s unfortunate news, about the weapon brought on campus, was one of those disappointments the we MUST learn from, talk about to move forward and yet also celebrate what was done right.  We must celebrate that this situation was handled quickly and efficiently because we had the bravery of a student to come forward and tell us what was happening.  We are so grateful and proud. We have learned a lot this week. We learned about student voice, multiple ways to communicate with each other and how we surround, support and listen to our children. Students have demonstrated in multiple ways this week, what we know of them to be, that they are smart, talented, and aware.  Yet they are also vulnerable, fearful and in need of protection, support and guidance.  We are working to make space to process topics like tragedies of grand magnitude, consequences of decision making, seeing issues from multiple sides and how to open up ourselves to support and trust in others. These are the ways forward. 

    Looking ahead on school safety conversations some things to note:

    • In reference to the incident, we are following all district protocols on student rights and responsibilities and following district disciplinary due process.
    • We will be holding a lock down drill this week with protocols to do reminders on the drill, and debrief after.
    • We will be holding a student Q/A during tutorial on Wednesday the 21st in the library for admin to meet with any student who wants to bring forth questions. 
    • We know that some concerns still linger about the April 20th walk out event.  We will continue to keep you informed.
    • Teachers have had a staff Q/A and I have meet at PTSA open meeting last week and continue to respond to questions of parents as they come in. 

    Thank you to those who sent messages of support, they were greatly appreciated. I want to publically thank our security team, VP’s and SROs as well as district communication and HS directors for all they lent to our community this week.  Now, I need to honor what is wonderful about our community- the great things our kids are doing. 

    Join me in this week’s highlights.

    Congratulations to Piper Hall for her making the news for being a future wrestling star! Way to represent!

    • An amazing trip to see Hamilton! 90 FHS students boarded buses for Seattle for a special opportunity for US History students to view the Broadway production of Hamilton at the Paramount theatre.  Students earned tickets by completing curriculum and then producing a final project of a performance piece that was submitted.  A few of these pieces were selected to perform their piece in front of a packed house of over 2500+ HS students, staff and Hamilton cast member.  Our student Eli Hiton, was chosen to perform! Check out the Franklin website and Facebook page to see his performance.  The cast also did a Q/A for the students and then were treated to the production.  Our students came back, tired, excited and had learned a lot!  Thanks to the generous benefactors who offered this opportunity to over 700 PPS students.  This is what it’s all about!


      • Walk Out for Parkland-Thanks to our student organizers who took on the challenge to organize the Walk Out this week.  The 17 minute walk out a moment of silence for the students lost in Parkland, Florida and  students signed a banner to send to them. Students were respectful and engaged.  Wonderful experience to see.


      • Rose Festival crowned our 2018 Franklin High School Princess Amaya Gustave this weekCongratulations!


    • Anything Goes is in its last weekend of shows, please make time to catch it on Thursday, Friday or Saturday at 7 PM.  It is an amazing production and is a fabulous representation of our Arts departments work. An enormous cast, who sing, dance and act with a level of professionalism beyond their years.  Kudos to the set, lighting and back stage crew as well!  AWESOME!
    • Anything Goes
    • Powder Tuff teams went to battle Wednesday  as our boys donned volleyball attire and made volley ball hall of fame! Sadly no photo this week.


    • Staff/Senior BB Game-As we move into spirit week next week, the annual Staff/Senior Basketball game was as exciting as ever.  The bragging rights go to the SENIORS  this year! So much fun had by all.




    • PNW Expo and Breakfast- FHS had over 700 students go to the EXPO at the Convention Center to learn about career opportunities.  This annual event brings in hundreds of employers from around the state to talk with students about skills and education necessary for careers, do mock interviews and give them access  to the professionals in these roles.  Students enjoy this trip every year.  Each year a breakfast is held prior to the opening of the exhibition hall that includes all the business and education partners around the city who participate in this event.  This year’s speakers included, Chief Outlaw and Superintendent Guerro amongst others.  Two of our FHS students were honored in introducing the speakers. We are so proud of Jeremey London and Brenda Vasquez-Espinosa.


    Career Expo


      ASP Seniors have a last project due on APRIL 21st.  Remind your students to check the ASP website for the info.


    I so love this place!!!!

    Juanita Valder


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  • Cap and gown information from Jostens!!

    For Wednesday & Thursday, March 21st & 22nd

    Seniors, the Jostens people will be here on Friday to see you!  Please make sure you see them to claim your graduation order.  They will be in the Black Box Theater Lobby during lunch.  If you still need to place your order you can pick up a form from them.


    For Friday, March 23rd

    Seniors, the Jostens people will be here today!  Please make sure you see them to claim your graduation order.  They will be in the Black Box Theater Lobby during lunch.  You can also place your graduation ring orders.


  • 2018 Commencement

    Tuesday, June 5th, 5:30pm
    Veteran's Memorial Coliseum

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