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  • Summer Hours

    Hosford Summer Hours

    The Hosford office is open 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM through June 26. The office will be closed from June 27 - August 12, and will re-open at 8:00 AM on August 13. 

    Teachers: Teachers are out of office until August 21, (at which time they will be checking email, but are off site during day for professional development through August 23.)

    Counselors: Counselor Keo is out of office until August 17. Ms. Brown is available through June 19. Her first day back is also August 17. Counselors will be assisting during schedule pick-up days, and will also be off-site at professional development from August 21-23.

  • Getting Ready for the 2018-19 School Year!

    Dear Hosford Students and Families, Current & Future -

    Hope you are enjoying the last week of school. We want to make sure you have key info you may need as you prepare for school year 2018-2019 – please see each section below.

  • 2018-19 Bell Schedule

    Here is the updated bell schedule for 2018-19.
  • Outdoor School 2018

    We welcomed back our first round of 6th graders who attended Outdoor School last week! Find some photos here!
  • Order School Supplies Online

    Hosford Families have the option of ordering School Supplies online for 2018-19 here:
     Schoolhouse Supplies
    You may also find the School Supply Lists here if you would like to purchase your own supplies.
  • Hosford MIP Students at Dongshan Zhenhu Experimental School

    After spending the day with students there, our students had a rest break at Tai Lake, and then met their homestay partners at LiDa this afternoon. (update from Ms. Westphal)
  • HEART of Portland

    March 19th, 2018
    Dear Parents & Students of Hosford Middle School:
    I’m thrilled to announce that Scott Johnston and the Hosford music program have been invited to perform in The HEART of Portland: A PPS K-12 Arts Showcase at the Portland Art Museum in the Kridel Grand Ballroom on Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm. This evening reception performance will showcase music, dance and theatre in the main ballroom to kick off a two-week, 90-piece visual arts gallery hosted by the museum.
    In its fourth year, The HEART of Portland performance is an avenue for PPS to thank taxpayers for their generous support and investment in arts education. In addition, the show will bring ample amounts of exposure to your school’s music program and raise the profile of arts education in Portland. Attendees for the evening will include school board members, the superintendent and several keystone figures from Portland’s arts, media and political sectors.  The show is free to all who attend. Bring family and friends!

    From a logistical standpoint, you’ll receive a detailed itinerary for the night of the show that will give specific information about when your child needs to report for the show and general performance notes. You can expect to receive that next week.

    Again, congratulations on being accepted to perform in The HEART of Portland! I’ll be in touch soon.

    Warm regards,
    Kristen Brayson
    PPS Arts TOSA (Teacher On Special Assignment)
  • Student Protest for Safety: March 14

    Thank you to parent Melissa Toledo for providing pictures of our Student Protest on March 14. You can find more photos here.
    Hosford Student Walk-Out
  • 8th Grade End of Year Events

    Here are the tentative dates for the end of the year events for our 8th grade class:

    1 8th grade Celebration Dance 5-7 PM (Cafeteria)

    4 Staff/Student Kickball Game, 4 PM

    4-5 Locker Cleanout

    5 Quarterly Recognition Assembly

    7 Yearbook signing (blacktop)/Clap Out

    7 2nd Promotion practice at CHS, 2:15 PM

    7 Promotion at CHS, 7-8:30 pm

    8 Oaks Park Field Trip (8th graders) 9:30 - 3:30 PM
  • Rep. Earl Blumenauer at Hosford!

    Recently Rep. Earl Blumenauer's office hosted an event at Hosford, and three of our students were able to welcome him to the stage. We're proud of our Huskies! Blumenauer visit 1
    Blumenauer 2
    Asher, Maralee, Rep. Blumenauer, Naiobi and Ms. Westphal with her son Diego

Principal's List & Honor Roll

  • 3rd Quarter Principal's List:

    6th Grade:

    Allabastro, Bronwyn I.
    Allen, William E.
    Balmer, Emmett
    Bartlett, Alexander L.
    Beattie, Katherine H.
    Bettineski, Olivia L.
    Birk, Enzo
    Boghossian, Ramela
    Bokman, Alice
    Brunaugh, Adelae R.
    Chan, Alvin J.
    Chau, Crystal (Ya Jun)
    Christiansen, Lila
    Duckworth, Anne-Sophie M.
    Fertig, Naomi L.
    Fisher-Cohen, Pascale A.
    Galm, Amalia S.
    Gillette, Lily M.
    Gionet, Ren
    Golomb, Vivienne B.
    Graves, Marissa K.
    Harris Crowne, Ansel
    Haverty, Luca
    Headrick, Cooper C.
    Healy, June P.
    Ho, Kaylee H.
    Ho, Lauryn E.
    Hubatch, Avery J.
    Hughes, Jade M.
    Hunzeker, Jillian
    Jaquiss, Lily G.
    Jensen, Maxwell C.
    Jordan, Sophia A.
    Khatra, Iris
    Kin, Lucy S.
    Lamberth, Peyton
    Lapsley, Marcia
    Le, Amelia
    Lee, Casey S.
    Leese, Griffin W.
    McNary-Sprague, Owen G.
    Miller, Evangeline J.
    Moellering, Aidan
    Murff, Madeline L.
    Ostrin, Ella F.
    Patrick, Mason
    Pender, Sarah
    Piper, Ariah
    Ramos, Jakob Z.
    Rollins, Xanthe E.
    Rosenblatt, Solomon
    Schroedel, Wade
    Cullins-Shaver, Linus
    Seminario, Oscar F.
    Sexton-Sayler, Vivian K.
    Spain, Oliver S.
    Stalcup, Zachary
    Susak, Will J.
    Tenney, Helen M.
    Tinker, Stella C.
    Titus, Addisen
    Vandenhooff, Kiona C.
    Vanderwal, Zoe I.
    Vitorino, Nathanael J.
    Wadnizak, Stella J.
    Wei, Emma
    Weinberg, Lucy A.
    White, Hattie
    Williams, Amelia
    Wynn, Sophia E.

    7th Grade:

    Arkley, Una L.
    Barnes, Griffin W.
    Beard, Hazel
    Brooke-Hodge, Margaret H.
    Buchanan, Emma J.
    Czinger, Natalia A.
    Dallas, Angus W.
    Danh, Danny
    Dean, Violet
    Deweese, Madeline
    Emrich, Lillian J.
    Estes, Jackson
    Golomb, Zeqiel C.
    Haas, Amelia A.
    Hale, John
    Ho, Dang N.
    Hoberg, Lucille
    Hudson, Eleanor
    Jacqmotte-Parks, Sophie J.
    Joslin, Jiayan K.
    Kim, Murenda M.
    Kirkman, Tyler D.
    Loveland, Mason R.
    Martinez, Mar'Isha
    Mast, Caleb N.
    Miller Suarez, Yeimy L.
    Morgan, Estelle
    Nolan, Orion L.
    Oakley, James
    Patlak, Riley
    Powell, Emily G.
    Ramirez, Echo O.
    Ritter West, Johanna
    Saydak, Hazel B.
    Silverman, Aliyah P.
    Sonnichsen, Joshua W.
    Sowieja, Isabel
    Swinth, Tucker
    Tenud, Asher
    Wagner, Lila
    Wah, Saw Chri
    Walker, Elliot C.
    Winder, Piper M.
    Wong, Gabriella L.
    Yardumian, Dashiell
    Zhan, Mandy
    Zlatnik, Daisy

    8th Grade:

    Aulwes, Beatrice E.
    Baker, Gretta E.
    Balmer, Luke M.
    Biggs, Lydia A.
    Blaha, Stella
    Bland, Alena
    Byhre, Madeline
    Cavanaugh, Case
    Chin, Elsa
    Chong, Grace
    Courcelle, Eleanor
    Davis, Anli
    Davies, Payton C.
    Dorn, Jago
    Doswell, Kamalei
    Douglas, Hannah
    Favre, Cole
    Guite, Simone W.
    Hampel, Andreas W.
    Harmon, Piper
    Harrington, Collin C.
    Hartnett, David
    Ho, Cody
    Howard, Ellie
    Huynh, Victor
    Kertzner, Rachel R.
    Koehler, Elijah
    Koeneke, Auden A.
    Kritzer, Mia P.
    Lavenue, Aria
    Lee, Hyunchan
    Lee, Sean
    Lee-Varan, Aria
    Leitch, Celia L.
    Lewin, Naomi J.
    Lomas, Finn O.
    Madden, Heinrich
    Makinica, Raymond
    Miller, Lincoln J.
    Mills Owen
    Moo, Wah Ri
    Moylan, Diego
    Oh, Thomas Y.
    Okeley, David A.
    Pike, Beatrix
    Prevost-Valik, Dyllon R.
    Rozewski, Zoe J.
    Ruhoff, Mia
    Shetterly, Pearl M.
    Sirois, Anika
    Smith, Kelsey
    Song, Ian
    Thompson, Calvin
    Tran, Eric T.
    Treat, Stephen
    Trettin, Erica L.
    Vollert, Frances M.
    Wadnizak, Keena
    Webster, Alexander
    Weinberg, Jackson J.
    Whitman, Cyd
    Whittaker, Nora
    Wong, Samantha C.
    Yuen, Kiley


    3rd Quarter Honor Roll:

    6th Grade:

    Black, Cassidy
    Chen, Jaeden
    Chen, Vincent
    Elder, Sebastian
    English, Bailey
    Gillespie, Kennedy
    Gilley, Keyan
    Gosnell, Moso
    Holton, Fiona
    Kaufman, Rachel
    Knowles, Josaphine
    Koehler, Elsie
    Lally, Matilda
    Maldanado, Angelina
    Moe, Nolan
    Moroz, Anna
    Munsey, Brendan
    Oakley, Elizabeth
    Ormiston, Julia
    Peters, Audrey
    Pierce, Addison
    Rogerson, Joseph
    Ruecker, Fitz
    Schauer, David
    Steves, Owen
    Tinker, Elijah
    Tran, Daniel
    Tupou, Taniela
    Walsh, Sebastian
    Wong, Andrew
    Wong, Nathaniel

    7th Grade:

    Anderson, Samuel
    Anthony, Ryan
    Bartell, Michael
    Bass, Martin
    Bohus, Antonio
    Bothman, Audrey
    Brauckmiller, Isabelle
    Clegg, Madeline
    Cooper, Jackson
    Cowan-Ruth, Tian
    Dierickx, Liana
    Ebright-Jones, Marisa
    Emens-Lingley, Lucy
    Engelmann, Isaac
    Fong, Caleb
    Gilbert, Ava
    Isenberg, Naomi
    Lannigan, Matthew
    Mast, Caleb
    Mischler, Franklin
    O'Connell, Finbarr
    O'Connor, Aidan
    Shannon, Mya
    Sirokman, Zinnia
    Toothaker, Eric
    Vuong, Phuong
    Wah, Saw Chri
    Yan-Moore, Jackson

    8th Grade:

    Axon, Henry
    Borrayo, Claire
    Carnes, Niko
    Daniell, Ceazar
    Davis, Colby
    DeMoss, Jonathan
    Elfer, Amiel
    Friel, Liem
    Gage, Tallulah
    Gibson, Lucas
    Gonzales, Flannery
    Graves, Jackson
    Haverty, Eamon
    Herring, Liam
    Jamyang, Tenzin
    Johnsen, Benjamin
    Jones, Chloe
    Knutson, Julie
    Lehrkind, Vela
    Liang, Xiyuan
    Ma, Shanelle
    Mar, Naw Say
    Martinez, Maralee
    Miller, Lirit
    O'Brien, Shea
    Oh, Thomas
    Okeley, David
    Opsahl, Audrey
    Oway, Aung
    Patterson, Aidan
    Pike, Matilda
    Price, Jordan
    Raggett, Hugh
    Robertson, Penny
    Ross, Flannery
    Ry, Randy
    Schauer, Aidan
    Schroedel, Jacob
    Schroeder, Ava
    Shee, Abdallah
    Smtih, Samantha
    Sterling, Mackenzie
    Suhr, Daniel
    Tall, Sydney
    Tonn, Kelsi

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