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  • Land Acknowledgement

    It is important to acknowledge the ancestors of this place and recognize that we are here because of the sacrifices forced upon them. In remembering these communities, we honor their legacy, their lives, and their descendents -- past, present, and future.

    Where Portland stands today are the historic homelands of several bands of Chinook-speaking people (including many Multnomah, Clackamas, and Watlata/Cascade villages). There were also Kalapuya (Tualatin villages) nearby and the Molalla people in the Willamette Valley. Today, their descendants are primarily members of the Grand Ronde and Siletz Confederated Tribes, with Chinook and other tribal relations at Warm Springs, Yakama, and the Chinook Nation. 

    In the reconstruction of this institution, let us acknowledge that it was founded upon exclusion and erasures of many indigenous peoples, including those on whose land we are standing upon today. This acknowledgement demonstrates a commitment from Lincoln High School to work to dismantle the ongoing legacies and ideologies of settler colonialism. 

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  • IB Exam Registration Opens 9/29/22

    IB Exam Registration Will Open Next Thursday, September 29th!

     (Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible to take IB exams.) 


    LHS families of Juniors and Seniors enrolled in IB courses:


    Lincoln High School has been an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school for over 30 years. This enables our students to partake in IB courses and curriculum as well as register for exams that have the potential to earn them college credit.


    There will be an IB exam information and registration night on Thursday, September 29th that can be accessed using THIS LINK.  


    6:00pm - 6:30pm:  IB Exam information session for families of current Juniors

    7:00pm - 7:30pm:  IB Exam information session for families of current Seniors


    The sessions will cover the following topics:  


    • IB Assessment and Registration 

    • Who should test?

    • Registration process

    • Conflicts and accommodations

    • Benefits of testing

    • IB & University Admissions


    A video of the presentation will be sent out to all those who are unable to attend and will also be made available on our website. 


    Once registration has opened on September 29th, a link to the registration form will be posted on the Lincoln homepage, and will be emailed out to teachers, parents and students. Registration will remain open through Friday, October 21st. 


    If you have any questions regarding upcoming test registration, please contact Mr. Bliss or Ms. McCormick in the IB office -;


  • Back-to-School Night - Wednesday, Sept 28th

    Back to School Night gives LHS families an opportunity to come meet the teachers of their students, following the rotation of their student schedules. The schedule for the night is as follows:

    5:30 - 6:00 - Optional pre-BTSN sessions. These will be finalized and updated closer to the event

    College/Career Coordinator Session - Room TBA
    Mental Health + Attendance Supports - TBA
    Counselor Senior Presentation - TBA

    6:00 - 6:30 - Admin Team Welcome in LHS Gymnasium (Second Floor) 

    6:35 - 8:25  - Classrooms - You will follow your student’s schedule (accessible via ParentVue) for 10 minutes with 5 minute passing periods between classes

    6:35 - 6:45p - Period 1

    6:50 - 7:00p - Period 2

    7:05 - 7:15p - Period 3

    7:20 - 7:30p - Period 4

    7:35 - 7:45p - Period 5

    7:50 - 8:00p - Period 6

    8:05 - 8:15p - Period 7

    8:20 - 8:30p - Period 8

    LHS Map Floors 1 and 2
    LHS Map Floors 3-6
    Link to Mock-up Schedule (if you’d prefer your students tell you their schedule, names and room numbers to fill out)

    We are looking forward to seeing you at Back to School Night! Please do not feel you need to bring your student. Our teachers are here to introduce themselves to you as a partner supporting your student’s academic success at Lincoln. 

  • Important Links

    Fees and Donations

    Lincoln’s bookkeeper will be available to collect any registration fees or donations and answer questions about SchoolPay.

    Register for Free and Reduced lunch

    The federal government is no longer providing free lunch for all students this year. We encourage all families to apply for the Federal Free lunch program. Please use this link to apply. 

  • LHS Digital Citizenship Guidelines

    To ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment, we expect all students to abide by behavioral expectations that we would likewise expect if students were attending class in person. Additionally, we expect appropriate online conduct at all times for school-related meetings and work, including adherence to the following expectations:

    ·       Do not share the Google Hangout/Meet or any videoconferencing URL that is created by a teacher or the school.

    ·       Do not attend any school-related Google Hangout/Meet or any videoconferencing to which you have not been invited.

    ·       Use academically-appropriate language during all school activities and communications.

    ·       Behave appropriately and respectfully while participating in synchronous and asynchronous remote learning activities.

    ·       Be aware of the environment from which you are participating during video conferencing (e.g., do not display inappropriate items/images in the foreground or background).

    ·       Dress appropriately for online video conferences.

    Students who violate appropriate technology use expectations during this period of distance learning, as they would in the traditional school setting, will receive disciplinary consequences. Student safety remains our top priority. Bullying or hate speech including racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, or xenophobic attacks will not be tolerated. For more information please refer to the PPS Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

  • Accessing Student Email Accounts

    All students at Portland Public High Schools have PPS student email. Students usernames are first initial, last name, last four digits of their student ID.
    Use PPS email to contact teachers and classmates, logging in with your account at

    Your student email address is the same as your school account login and is also how you access Canvas through the student portal.

Subs of Lincoln

Principal's Message


    Peyton Chapman

    Dear Current and Prospective Lincoln Families,

    Welcome to Lincoln High School! We’re proud to be one of the top college prep International Baccalaureate (IB) high schools in the United States with thriving, Fine and Performing Arts, STEM, Spanish Immersion, and CTE programs in Media & Communications, Coding & Computer Science, Business, Culinary Arts, and Product Design. In addition to Spanish, Mandarin, French, and German, Lincoln is excited to be one of a handful of schools in the nation to offer Arabic and American Sign Language to high school students.

    Our students are actively involved inquirers who think critically about the world in which they live. Students facilitate over 60 student-led clubs including MUN, Robotics, Speech and Debate, GSA, BSU, MEChA, Asian, Arab, Jewish, and Native American student unions. In addition, Lincoln students regularly participate in highly competitive 6A athletics, a host of club sports from Water Polo to Sailing and Lacrosse, and are involved in a variety of engaging and meaningful extra-curricular activities and community service projects here and abroad. Our community is one in which “parents and neighbors are welcome partners”. Parent volunteerism at Lincoln is unparalleled and appreciated.

    Above all else, at Lincoln it is “cool to be involved and follow your passions.” We are fortunate to be able to offer an engaging, diverse and rigorous core academic program and our expectation is that students are supported to explore, play, grow and practice the skills they need to gain confidence and feel success. The Lincoln community then works collaboratively to provide opportunities to connect student interests and skills to the world around them to create purpose and meaning. Lincoln values the whole child, providing academic advising and college counseling as well as evidenced based social-emotional, special education, ELL, and mental health supports as needed.

    Finally, Lincoln consistently earns top ratings for academic achievement, attendance, and its 94% 4 year graduation rate. Lincoln students regularly meet and exceed international benchmarks on IB exams as well as state tests. Students care deeply about issue relevant to their lives and are empowered to speak as youth advocates. Lincoln is proud to support and produce amazing graduates who go on to pursue a wide variety of exciting opportunities. As Principal I am honored to serve the Lincoln community. Please contact me at if I can be of any assistance to you or your family. We encourage you and your student to join our inclusive community.


    With Warm Regards,



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