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  • Scholastic Book Fair Coming November 16th-20th

    Our annual Book Fair will be here in less than 2 weeks! We will have lots of great books to help your kids enjoy reading, and to help you get a jump start on holiday shopping. This event is a lot of fun and raises a lot of money for both our libraries, so we hope you will come by.

    Hours are:

    After school Thursday, 11/15, 3:30-5 and Friday, 11/16, 3:30-5

    During conferences Monday, 11/19, 10-6 and Tuesday, 11/20, 10-6

    BCS Book Fair This is a volunteer-run event, and we need help to make it happen! Please stay tuned for more info about how to sign up to volunteer. Even an hour or two is a big help... And you can bring your kids! Middle school volunteers are needed, too.


    Contact Joelle at for more info.

  • High Schools Welcome 8th Graders

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    Eighth-grade students in Portland Public Schools will have a chance to see their future high schools when informational sessions are held throughout the district from October to January. Neighborhood, focus-option and alternative high schools will give students and families the opportunity to tour the campus, meet staff and learn more about the academic and athletic programs offered.

    In PPS, high school students attend their neighborhood school, or they may apply to attend Benson Polytechnic High School, Jefferson High School-Middle College for Advanced Studies or the Metropolitan Learning Center. Applications for Benson, Jefferson and MLC are accepted during the Nov. 8-30 lottery cycle.

    Eighth-grade students living in the Jefferson attendance area have guaranteed entry at Jefferson or at a comprehensive high school assigned by address. Contact your school counselor for more information, look up a student's assigned high school or download a dual-assignment form. Families must fill out a dual-assignment choice form by Friday, Dec. 7.

    If you are unable to attend an eighth-grade information night, some schools offer tours or the opportunity to shadow a student. Families may call a school for more information or go online to learn about a school’s events and schedules. (View a list of school websites.)

    Families should be aware that Grant High School students, who have been attending classes at the Marshall High School campus for the 2017-18 and ’18-19 school years, will return to a modernized Grant campus next year. Meanwhile, Madison students will begin a two-year stay at the Marshall site while their campus undergoes a reconstruction. Read more about the high school modernization work through the PPS School Building Improvement Bond.


    2018-19 Eighth Grade Information Nights

    Benson Polytechnic High School 
    Tuesday, Oct. 23, 6-8 p.m.
    Tech Show, March 14-15, 6-9 p.m.

    Cleveland High School
    “Bridging the Gap”
    Wednesday, Dec. 5, 7-9 p.m.

    “Discover Franklin” High School 
    Wednesday, Nov. 28, 6-8 p.m.

    Grant High School @ Marshall 
    (3905 SE 91st Ave.)
    Thursday, Nov. 29, 6-8:30  p.m.

    Jefferson HS-Middle College for Advanced Studies 
    Tuesday, Oct. 23, 6-8 p.m.
    Thursday, Nov. 15, 6-8 p.m.

    Lincoln High School
    Tuesday, Jan. 8, 6-8 p.m.

    Madison High School
    Thursday, Nov. 8, 6-8 p.m.

    Metropolitan Learning Center 
    Wednesday, Nov. 14, 6-7:30 p.m.
    Tuesday, Nov. 27, 6-7:30 p.m.

    Roosevelt High School
    Tuesday, Nov. 27, 6-8 p.m.

    Wilson High School 
    Wednesday, Nov. 7, 6-8:30 p.m.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences November 19-20 all day. No classes.



  • Dear Parents,

    This has been quite the eventful and busy week.  I seem to be saying that a lot this school year.  Hmmm….I wonder why? Anyway, below you will see the most current information that I have on some topics of interest.

    Staffing Update

    I believe this may be the last time that I will have to address staffing this year.  I am so excited!

    • The 5th grade teaching position has been been filled and the teacher starts on Monday.  We are fortunate to have Ms. Keo returning to us as part of the 5th grade team. We look forward to having her back with the BCS community!  I would also like to wish Mr. Stonecipher the best of luck on his new adventure.

    • Christine Davis has been hired to teach afternoon 7th grade math.  HR is still processing her paperwork so she should be able to start some time next week.  I am hoping for Wednesday. This means that we will be doing the adjustment of some afternoon 7th grade schedules and the 7th period electives later in the week.

    • Mara Stine has been hired as the Recess Duty Assistant at Hollyrood.  HR is still processing her paperwork so she should be able to start some time next week.

    I think that is it.  I know that this has taken much longer than what we are used to but I am glad that it is finally all done and we can focus on kid issues rather than adult issues.  Thank you for your patience!


    Construction Update

    You may hear from your child that there were workers on the roof today and that would be true.  They asked permission to quietly work throughout today to get areas sealed up prior to any rains that come through this weekend.  I granted permission as long as there was a PPS employee on the roof with them monitoring the noise level. The most your child should have heard was people walking around on the roof.  At the time that I wrote this I had not heard any complaints from teachers and they are my best eyes and ears.  The contractors asked for the same agreement for Monday and at this point I have granted that request.  Anything to keep this project moving forward!

    Also, I received this information from the Bond Project Manager:

    • Starting at the end of September and continuing on a monthly basis, PPS will undertake additional lead dust testing through APEX Environmental. We will again test 16 random areas from around the school. This is four times the amount required by HUD government guidelines.


    Fun Run

    The BCS Fun Run is coming up very soon on September 27th.  Some of you may be thinking that this seems pretty early and that would be true.  The PTA and Foundation decided to spread out the fundraising events so that everything does not land at the same time.  The Fun Run has always been a great fundraiser and we are looking forward to being able to spend these funds to enhance your child’s education this year.  And if you are able, volunteer for the day. It is a lot of fun!


    Community Care Day

    Mark your calendars for Community Care Day on September 29th.  The event will happen at Fernwood from 9:00-12:00 and at Hollyrood from 10:00-12:00.  We will need assistance in pulling weeds, pruning, raking out beds, spreading bark dust and much more.  We can use as much help as you are able to provide. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this event.

    To be totally transparent, I will be unable to participate in this event this year.  I have a family function out of town that was planned prior to the rescheduling of this event.  But I will be there in spirit!


    Ala Carte Milk

    I have been informed that the district is once again allowing students to purchase just a milk for their lunch.  Yea!!!! They are still not allowing students to have seconds at lunch time.



    As promised, our enrollment information is as follows:

                                          Projected                 Actual

    Kindergarten                     56                           68

    1st Grade                          52                            52

    2nd Grade                         75                            82

    3rd Grade                         72                            77

    4th Grade                         79                            86

    5th Grade                        118                          109

    6th Grade                        110                          107

    7th Grade                         99                            99

    8th Grade                        107                          104

    Total Enrollment             768                          784

    As you can see, our projection was pretty darn close at approximately 2%.  And the district has supported us with increased staffing at both kindergarten and our middle school classes to the total of 1.5 teachers beyond what we received last spring.


    A Message Regarding Band

    Hello BCS Families,

    Please consider having your 4th-8th grader join MUSE band. There is still time to sign up!

    Beginning band is Tuesdays at 7:30am

    Intermediate/ Advanced is Wednesdays at 7:30am

    Both sessions are held in the cafeteria stage area. This program runs the whole school year.

    The cost per student is now $361 due to a generous PTA subsidy. Various payment options are available.

    Students learn to read music, play and perform with a group (and as a soloist). Numerous performances are held throughout the year. It is truly a rewarding program for students interested in music. Click the links below for sign up forms and/or more information.


    Middle School Back to School Night

    • September 17 - TAG Parent Info Meeting for grades 6-8   5:30-6:15 Cafeteri

    •                         - BTSN at Fernwood grades 6-8  6:30-7:45

    • ·         6:30-6:39       Period 1

    • ·         6:43-6:52       Period 2

    • ·         6:56-7:05       Period 3

    • ·         7:09-7:18       Period 5

    • ·         7:22-7:31       Period 6

    • ·         7:35-7:44       Period 7 (8th grade parents report to cafeteria for Health presentation)

                                                      (7th grade parents report to the art room for Health presentation)

    That is all for this week.  Have a great weekend!

    John Ferraro


Elective Forecasting


    Beverly Cleary Middle School ONLINE Elective Forecasting Directions 2018-19

    Please complete by: April 12th

    BEFORE YOU START you will need three things:

      1. A current and valid email address that can be accessed by a computer.
      2. Parent Approval of your elective choices. Your parents are required to sign your form upon completion of your forecasting survey, before you return it to the main office.
      3. Internet access - The survey can be completed online, with computers or mobile devices, but parents, or students, will need email access to print the attached form that will be generated and sent to you via email.

    Please review and consider your elective choices before you start the survey. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR ELECTIVES CAREFULLY, as we will not be making schedule changes in the Fall.

    (It is suggested that students complete their forecasting survey at home, with parent support. If this is not possible, students may have access to school computers before and after school, or during lunchtime, to take the survey and/or print their forms.)

    • Sign in to the survey using your Apps for PPS account.
    • Complete and Submit the survey.

    Note that some questions will require an answer. This is to assist in processing and decision making. Please answer accurately.

    • After completing the survey, an email will be sent to your submitted parent email address, with an attached PDF document containing your forecasting information.                                                                      

    6th Grade Elective Registration:

    *Current 5th graders choose from Elective: Course Description

    *Current 5th graders choose 6th Grade Forecasting 2018-19

    **Please keep in mind that the 6th graders will be going through a “Wheel” sequence of electives where they will have one quarter of PE, one quarter of art, one quarter of health and one quarter of Executive Functioning Skills.  Therefore, you will not see those options offered in their choices.


    7th Grade Elective Registration:

    *Current 6th graders choose from Elective: Course Description

    *Current 6th graders choose 7th Grade Forecasting 2018-19

    8th Grade Elective Registration

    *Current 7th graders choose from Elective:  Course Descriptions

    *Current 7th graders choose 8th grade forecasting 2018-19

    ***If you are having trouble with accessing your emailed forecasting form, the forecasting survey, or need any other support in completing this process, please contact the Beverly Cleary Fernwood office. We will work to assist you in submitting your information accurately.


    Thank you for your participation and support!


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