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As Mr. Almazan put it, “Not everything is bad news in 2020!”

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Principals Message

  • 4/25/2022

    Are you interested in learning more about our Beach Site Council?  
    Please follow this link for more information including what a site council is and ways you can be involved!  
    The link to the parent/caregiver self-nomination form has been fixed and is both within the link above, or you can go to it directly, here: Beach Site Council Parent/Caregiver Self-Nomination Form


    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,

    Site Council is looking for new (or redocumenting) members!

    Our Beach Site Council is entering the election process which occurs every two years (Site Council paused for some months during the pandemic, so we’ve had some informal member fluctuation since our last formal election in March, 2019.)

    Please click the link if you are interested in joinining or would like more information. 


    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,

    Happy National Poetry Month! You may have already heard that Two Rivers Bookstore on N. Lombard is hosting a virtual student poetry contest inspired by National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s performance at the 2021 inauguration. They are accepting all forms of poetry, and poetry can be such a freeing and fun way for children to express themselves because the writer can be creative outside the regular writing rules. The theme being looked for is really meaningful… click here for more information. 

    The end of the 3rd quarter approaches, and teachers are busy analyzing student growth in preparation for writing report cards next Friday the 8th, a non-school day for students. Our office will send all student report cards to the district office on Friday April 15 to be mailed to homes, so they should arrive to homes by Tuesday or Wednesday of that next week.  

    Here is a link to visual references, K-5, that our staff collaborated to create during the spring of 2020. You’ll find the approximate level of text, writing and math that a child in each grade level should be able to read, understand and produce, by the end of the year. While we’re striving to accelerate learning and to provide student intervention as needed in order to support all students’ achievement of grade level standards, we simultaneously have to remember to de-center our sense of urgency because the pandemic has had immeasurable impacts on student learning, and for many students, very disproportionate and unjust levels of impact.  It can be helpful to take a look at what the end of year expectations generally look like as we head into the last 10 weeks of this school year, and to set a goal (like writing poetry!  Or sitting with your child to enjoy a book together for 10 or more minutes as often as possible. End of Year Benchmarks

    Be in touch with your child’s teacher if you have questions about their levels and how to support their learning. 

    Warmly, Lisa


    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,

    Our hearts are heavy as we continue to watch the events in Ukraine unfold, and we remain hopeful for the return of peace to that region and the world. While it is hard to move past this topic, we offer you a look into the brighter world of Beach students.  

    Over the course of the day today all of our classes are going on gallery walks around the main building and annex to view displays of student work and learning from Black History Month.  A few years ago, teacher teams created age-appropriate learning targets for their grade level that they revise and/or continue each year (all year long and especially during Black History Month). Our staff and partners (here’s to our amazing Ms. Mo in that regard!) have been engaging students in important learning and reflection. Following is a beautiful “shared writing” (where the whole class collaborated to write one piece) from Ms. Hilbers’ class summarizing their learning,  followed by two samples of student work from their class… then followed below by more photos out of the hundreds displayed around school captured in slides linked here, so families can get an idea of it all… we are so looking forward to the day when our whole community can come together inside our school again to celebrate student learning.

    Beach Black History Month Gallery Walk Through 2022 (Watch here)


    Dear Beach Families and Caregivers, 

    In recognition of Black History Month, each grade level team is in process with ways for students to learn, appreciate, understand, and reflect on our country’s complex history and learn about and celebrate Black advancement. This work connects to an ongoing priority in our community-- striving for a sense of solidarity and community for each of our Black students and families as well as for all our Beach students and families. To extend the learning that’s taking place currently, our School’s Staff Spirit Team is coordinating a schoolwide gallery walk for all classes on March 4th during the school day. Teachers will display student learning and work in our Beach hallways, then on March 4 classes can take tours to see, appreciate and celebrate each others’ learning, and learn further from seeing the work of others across our school.

    It’s time for our district-wide Successful Schools Survey!  It opens this Monday, Feb. 14 and we hope all families will take it to share your voices, help us improve in ways you need us to, and help us know what is going well.  Thank you!  There are links to survey information below.

    Finally remember to look for your child’s Quarter 2 report card to come home today in their backpack, February 11.  I hope you’ll make time to look over and celebrate your child’s growth with them! And, to help them choose (then remember, every day!) the next most important learning goal to have in mind for themselves. When children have a specific goal that feels attainable, and their progress and effort are recognized and celebrated, it can make all the difference in growth and improvement, and we really appreciate partnering with you in this work.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher with questions and/or ideas!  Thank you very much for your partnership, and have a wonderful weekend.




    Dear Beach Families and Caregivers,

    Our staff and students continue to learn and do amazing things across our school. They are working on writing and art projects, solving problems, and reading wonderful books. Students are collaborating and developing their ideas as we also work through staying safe and healthy.

    Since returning from Winter Break, we have experienced a reduction in positive COVID cases in our school community. A number of our students who were close contacts and were quarantined have returned to school. Simultaneously, positive cases do and will continue to emerge; over the past two weeks we’ve had ten positive cases. Due to the backlog caused by the high volume of cases coming back from winter break and the difficulty of timely contact tracing, I am notifying you that we have had ten positive covide cases in the school community since we returned from winter break. Going forward, the best way to track positive cases across our district is the PPS Covid-19 Dashboard which is updated regularly. Early January the state updated the quarantine and contact tracing guidance which has resulted in a modified notification to our communities and staff. We did have a positive case reported yesterday; here is the community notification and here in Spanish.


    Estimadas Familias y Cuidadores de la Escuela  Beach,

    Nuestro personal y estudiantes continúan aprendiendo y haciendo cosas increíbles en nuestra escuela. Están trabajando en proyectos de escritura y arte, resolviendo problemas y leyendo libros maravillosos. Los estudiantes están colaborando y desarrollando sus ideas mientras nosotros también trabajamos para mantenernos seguros y saludables.

    Desde que regresamos de las vacaciones de invierno, hemos experimentado una reducción de casos positivos de COVID en nuestra comunidad escolar. Varios de nuestros estudiantes que tuvieron contactos cercanos y fueron puestos en cuarentena han regresado a la escuela. Simultáneamente, surgen y seguirán surgiendo casos positivos; en las últimas dos semanas hemos tenido diez casos positivos. Debido al atraso causado por el alto volumen de casos que regresan de las vacaciones de invierno y la dificultad de rastrear contactos de manera oportuna, les notifico que hemos tenido diez casos positivos de covid en la comunidad escolar desde que regresamos de las vacaciones de invierno. En el futuro, la mejor manera de rastrear los casos positivos en todo nuestro distrito es el Tablero PPS Covid-19, que se actualiza periódicamente. A principios de enero, el estado actualizó la guía de cuarentena y rastreo de contactos, lo que resultó en una notificación modificada para nuestras comunidades y personal. Ayer se informó un caso positivo; aquí está la notificación a la comunidad en Ingles  y aquí en español.


    Dear Beach Families,

    We are very concerned about student safety in our crosswalk areas at all three intersections (Humboldt and Denver, Humboldt and Concord, and Humboldt and Wygant) during arrival as well as dismissal.  If you can volunteer to support our safety patrol students at arrival time (8:20-8:50ish) or dismissal (2:55-3:15ish) please call the office and let us know!  We have multiple issues and ask all our community to practice safe behaviors and communicate with each other or our staff if you observe situations that could endanger students.

    At Wygant and Concord especially, parents are pulling up, dropping off then backing up into the crosswalk without seeing students; with students being pretty quick and pretty small they are hard to see. This is endangering students in the crosswalk-- please do not park anywhere near the crosswalks if you will be departing while students are arriving or dismissing.

    At Concord and Humboldt, sometimes cars slow down to watch their children walk into the school which we understand!  But it backs up traffic and makes it unsafe for any people biking. Sometimes cars make u-turns. A city engineer who observed in November will be pulling parking back at the intersection so people crossing the street are more visible and is also looking at doing parking removal at the T-intersection above, Concord and Wygant.

     At both intersections on Humboldt, some drivers are not observing our “School Street” signage. Humboldt is closed to traffic during arrival and dismissal without exception, except in the case of any caregivers or parents with disabilities. Any drivers in that situation who park on Humboldt are asked not to depart until after buses have both arrived and departed (could be anywhere between 2:55 and 3:30). Our safety patrol students as well as staff have experienced cars pulling up to them trying to come through, and they have felt intimidated and let cars through.  Buses take up almost the whole street, especially when cars are trying to pass between a bus and a wide car parked on the north side of Humboldt.  Please help us out; do not park on or drive through Humboldt during school hours, and especially during arrival and dismissal.  Thank you!!


    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,

    Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and winter break, with appreciation for your wonderful children and your partnership this fall. While it has been challenging on a whole variety of levels for us all, within it are many beautiful things to celebrate and appreciate. Here are three of many: 


    1. We have been allocated an educational assistant to support our high class sizes and/or levels of need in our 3rd grade and 1st/2nd blends!  Thank you 3rd grade families, BCU and our whole community, for your advocacy and communication with each other and at the district level. It is important that we continue to discuss our co-located programs and how we will align with our PPS Racial Equity Social Justice Theory of Action.   
    2. Thank you to all the parents who came out to help spread bark mulch under our tents!  Just one example of so many ways our incredible community comes together on behalf of our students. It warmed many hearts to see so many of you walking up with your shovels during/after arrival that day.  

    3.And this week, our staff were reflecting on how excited and inspired we are about the participation and engagement in our student unions, and for our appreciation of our partners and staff who are leading them. Across our programs and school, our staff is working hard to support the diverse needs of students: your being in it with us in whatever ways you are has been greatly appreciated. 

    Here’s to a wonderful winter break, and then our continued partnership and safety, growth and happiness for our students.



    Estimados padres y tutores de Beach,

    Le deseamos unas vacaciones de invierno seguras, saludables y felices. Apreciamos mucho a sus maravillosos hijos y la colaboración de ustedes durante este otoño. Si bien todos hemos enfrentado varias dificultades, disfrutamos de muchas cosas hermosas para celebrar y con seguridad apreciar. Le agradecemos mucho a los padres que vinieron a ayudar a esparcir corteza debajo de nuestras carpas. Este es solo un ejemplo de tantas formas en que nuestra increíble comunidad se une para apoyar a nuestros estudiantes. Nos dio mucha alegría ver a tantos de ustedes caminando con sus palas durante y después de su llegada ese día. Esta semana, nuestro personal reflexionó sobre lo emocionados e inspirados que estamos por la participación y el compromiso en nuestros sindicatos de estudiantes, y el agradecimiento a nuestros asociados y al personal. En todos nuestros programas y en la escuela, nuestro personal está trabajando arduamente para apoyar las diversas necesidades de los estudiantes; y su participación con nosotros de cualquier manera que sea, ha sido muy apreciada. Les deseamos unas maravillosas vacaciones de invierno, y que continúe nuestro trabajo en conjunto por la seguridad, el crecimiento y la felicidad de nuestros estudiantes. 

    Anexo: ¡Se nos ha asignado un asistente educativo para apoyar nuestros tamaños de clase altos y / o niveles de necesidad en nuestras combinaciones de 3er grado y 1er / 2do! Gracias a las familias de tercer grado, BCU y toda nuestra comunidad, por su defensa y comunicación entre sí y a nivel del distrito. Es importante que continuemos discutiendo nuestros programas de uso compartido y cómo nos alinearemos con nuestra Teoría de Acción de Justicia Social de Equidad Racial de PPS.




    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,

    The safety of all in our community is on our minds and in our hearts with the situations at Roosevelt this week. We continue to practice and discuss safety and reflect on the way we would implement safety procedures if needed. The past few days, many teachers held discussions with their students about the why and how of “Secure the Perimeter” and “Lockdown” drills, which all students have already practiced implementing (as a whole school community) earlier in the year. As I wrote last week, our goal with these practices and conversations is to highlight the importance of following safe procedures and to simultaneously avoid creating anxiety or worry for children. Here is the link to the district main page on emergency preparedness if you would like more information. Thank you for partnering with us in keeping all our children safe.





    Dear Beach Parents and Caregivers,


    Here it is December!  I hope you were able to enjoy warm moments with family and friends over the long weekend, and before that, that you left your child’s conference feeling more connected in our family school partnership, and in your child’s strengths and next steps.  Almost every Beach family has attended a conference!  And it’s not too late at all-- please connect with your child’s teacher or our office if we can help you get your conference scheduled, and know you can always ask to meet with any of our staff any time you have things you want to share or ask. Your partnership with us, and your voice about your child’s strengths and needs, is high priority. 


    Also at the top of our priority list is the safety of all our students, staff and community.  The tragedy in Michigan leads us to communicate how seriously we take safety and reflect on the way we would implement safety procedures if needed. And, how we plan for the procedures and language we use to support children when practicing safety drills. Our goal is to highlight the importance of following safe procedures and to simultaneously avoid creating anxiety or worry for children. When we practice safety drills, we tell children:


    • There are different ways we practice being safe in school.
    • We plan for fire, earthquakes and bad weather.
    • Sometimes we also need to help people who aren't making safe choices.
    • These people may be in the neighborhood or in our school.
    • We have plans to make sure everyone in our school is safe. 
    • There are times we will practice what to do if our school learns about an unsafe situation or person that is near our school or could come into our school.


    Below is a link to a resource that may be helpful to you in thinking about conversations with your child.



    Thank you for partnering with us in keeping all our children safe always, and especially during these extremely challenging times.


    Please also see the attached letter from our BCU and myself about our co-located programs at Beach.

    Warmly, Lisa



    Dear Beach Parents & Families,


    We are pleased to announce Beach teacher assignments for grades 1-5. We will announce Kindergarten teacher assignments as soon as possible. To access your classroom teacher assignment, please click this link and follow the steps:

    ParentVUE Activation Key Instructions 

    ParentVUE Activation Key Instructions (Spanish)


    We are committed to a successful year for each child-- to thinking, engaging, learning, and growing together in creative ways. We will be creating fun, meaningful opportunities for students to connect with their new learning partners and friends in whole class and small group online meets. Staff have collaborated to create strong classroom communities and placements that will lead to  individual student success. It was not possible to simultaneously put all the various students together who will be in regular contact with each other, but we will reference and utilize the information we collected from you (via the Beach Parent "Return to school 2020-21" Survey, which you can still complete if you haven’t), to support your plans and needs wherever and however possible as we move forward. Classroom placement changes will not be considered. Please continue to check the Beach website regularly for updates and information.   


    Beach staff are writing letters to our students!  Please look at our Staff Directory on our website for the link to staff letters starting Tuesday, September 1st (the day before Soft Start begins for 1st-5th grade students, 9/2/20 at 8:45 a.m.





    Estimados Padres y Familias de la Escuela Beach:


    Nos complace anunciar las asignaciones de maestros de Beach para los grados 1-5. Anunciaremos las asignaciones de maestros de kindergarten lo antes posible. Para acceder a la asignación de maestro de su salón de clases, haga clic en este enlace y siga los pasos:

    Instrucciones para activar ParentVUE

    clave de activación de ParentVUEclave de activación de ParentVUE (español) ¡


    Estamos comprometidos para un añoexitoso para cada niño - a pensar, participar, aprender y crecer juntos de manera creativa. Crearemos oportunidades divertidas y significativas para que los estudiantes se conecten con sus nuevos compañeros de aprendizaje y amigos en reuniones en línea de toda la clase y grupos pequeños. El personal colaboró ​​para crear comunidades de aula sólidas y ubicaciones que conducirán al éxito individual de los estudiantes. No fue posible reunir simultáneamente a todos los estudiantes que estarán en contacto regular entre sí, pero haremos referencia y utilizaremos la información que recopilamos de usted (a través de la encuesta "Regreso a la escuela 2020-21" de Beach Parent, que aún puede completar si no lo ha hecho), para respaldar sus planes y necesidades donde sea y como sea posible a medida que avanzamos. Asignaciones de Aula, no se considerarán cambios. Continúe visitando el sitio web de Beach con regularidad para obtener actualizaciones e información.   


    El personal de Beach está escribiendo cartas a nuestros estudiantes! Consulte nuestro Directorio de personal en nuestro sitio web para ver el enlace a las cartas del personal a partir del martes 1 de septiembre (el día antes de que comience Soft Start para los estudiantes de 1 ° a 5 ° grado, 2/9/20 a las 8:45 am







    Dear Beach Parents and Families,


    Yesterday evening families received a message from PPS Communications stating families would hear from principals this week about their students' schedules. Please know that this was in error - it was supposed to let you know you'd get schedules next week,  because staff have just returned today, and we are still working to finalize our master schedule.


    I do however, have a few details we’re able to share at this time: 

    • As you know the soft start schedule begins next Wednesday, September 2 for children in grades 1-5, and September 8 for Kindergartners.  
    • On their Soft Start days, children will have a whole class meeting from 8:45-9:15  then teachers will work with small groups for an hour: your child will be assigned a time somewhere within that next hour (not necessarily every day). Teachers will share this information as soon as they have it, but know your child should be prepared to meet with their class or a small group, or to be doing some independent work when not in an online meeting, from about 8:45-10:15 (during the Soft Start).


    During another hour of the day within the Soft Start, teachers will be reaching out to families either by phone, email, or possibly even by arranging a chance to visit you outside your home, if you’re open to that and scheduling permits. A home visit would provide the chance to (with masks and 6 feet apart) listen to you… what’s on your mind as we start this year, what strengths would you love to see us grow for your child, what are your hopes, needs, fears, etc.  We will also have these kinds of conversations by phone. 


    The school day is from 8:45-3, same as our regular schedule would be.  We are aiming for lunch to be at the same time K-5, near the noon hour.  We will have exact times to you asap.  


    Thank you for your patience.  Please know our hearts are invested in bringing your children, our students, our very best selves and everything we can to help them feel engaged, cared for and supported even through the virtual setting.





    Estimados Padres y Familias de la Escuela Beach:


    Ayer por la noche, las familias recibieron un mensaje de PPS Communications indicando que las familias recibirían noticias de los directores esta semana sobre los horarios de sus estudiantes. Tenga en cuenta que esto fue un error; se suponía que le informaría que obtendría horarios la próxima semana, porque el personal acaba de regresar hoy y todavía estamos trabajando para finalizar nuestro patron de horario.


    Sin embargo, tengo algunos detalles que podemos compartir en este momento: 

    • Como saben, el horario de inicio suave”Soft Start” comienza el próximo miércoles 2 de septiembre para los niños en los grados 1-5 y el 8 de septiembre para los de jardín de infantes.  
    • En sus días de inicio suave “Soft Start” , los niños tendrán una reunión de toda la clase de 8: 45-9: 15 y luego los maestros trabajarán con grupos pequeños durante una hora: a su hijo/a se le asignará un tiempo en algún lugar dentro de la próxima hora (no necesariamente todos los días) . Los maestros compartirán esta información tan pronto como la tengan, pero sepa que su hijo/a debe estar preparado/a para reunirse con su clase o un grupo pequeño, o para hacer un trabajo independiente cuando no esté en una reunión en línea, aproximadamente a las 

    8: 45-10:15 (durante el inicio suave “Soft Start”).


    Durante otra hora del día dentro del Soft Start, los maestros se comunicarán con las familias ya sea por teléfono, correo electrónico o incluso organizando una oportunidad para visitarlo fuera de su hogar, si está abierto a eso y la programación lo permite. Una visita domiciliaria brindaría la oportunidad de (con máscaras y 6 pies de distancia) escucharlo ... lo que tiene en mente al comenzar este año, qué fortalezas le gustaría vernos crecer para su hijo/a, cuáles son sus esperanzas, necesidades, miedos, etc. También tendremos este tipo de conversaciones por teléfono. 


    El día escolar es de 8:45-3, igual que nuestro horario regular. Nuestro objetivo es que el almuerzo sea a la misma hora K-5, cerca del mediodía. Tendremos horarios exactos lo antes posible.  


    Gracias por su paciencia. Por favor, sepa que estamos inviertiendo nuestro corazón en traer a sus hijos, nuestros estudiantes, lo mejor de nosotros mismos y todo lo que podamos para ayudarlos a sentirse comprometidos, cuidados y apoyados incluso a través del entorno virtual.







    Dear Beach Parents and Community,


    I hope that within all the heartbreaking experiences happening in America right now you are all taking care and doing okay. The racist brutality and lack of justice that occurs in our country regularly, brought to light by the recent murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the ongoing protests and riots, all within the coronavirus crisis, so much uncertainty and the heartbreaking situations people are already facing. COVID-19 is killing far more black people than white people due to social determinants of health. Inequity is glaringly apparent. Right alongside that, the way society is coming together in condemnation of racist brutality and standing together for change is something to celebrate and work from.


    Within the darkness and tragedy I want you to know I am here for you and reaching out to you from a place of commitment to and advocacy for our black students and community, and commitment to the work of disrupting problematic, discriminatory and racist behavior. As a white principal I am committed to allying with you through listening, reflection and learning, including learning to recognize my own blind spots and privileges. As a staff too, we are committed to our own reflection and learning, to improving our abilities to recognize blind spots and prevent them from manifesting into discrimination and oppression. 


    At today’s staff meeting our Equity Team will lead our staff in reflecting on the oppressive systems that have existed for millenia, specifically around the cultural construction of emotions related to social-emotional learning about the power of resilience we’ve been in as a district. We’ll think about inequities our students experience that COVID-19 has brought to light, our need and desire to disrupt inequities in our system, and discuss what things we want to do differently, individually or as a school. In our upper grade classes this week, we are making space to share and discuss the events that have led to the very strong reaction our country is having to the killing of George Floyd. The social contract our society shares, which is supposed to guarantee safety and security for all, has never been upheld. We are asking students to think about and discuss what they feel needs to change in our society in order for all to feel the social contract being upheld. (Our content with students was developed by our School Counselor Ms. de Boer who utilized content from The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah). 


    Trevor Noah points out that while everyone is facing the battle against coronavirus, black people are still facing the battle against racism and coronavirus. He encourages us to ask ourselves how we would feel if we had to watch the contract we had agreed to and were upholding, promising safety and security, get ripped up every single day, as Black Americans do every single day. I feel heartbroken and that I have much to learn and do better. I am committed to the work of disrupting systemic racism in our school. Please reach out to me if I can be of support in any way, and thank you for your part in our community… in our commitment to a sense of solidarity and community for every Beach student.  




    Estimados Padres y Comunidad de Beach,


    Espero que dentro de todas las desgarradoras experiencias que suceden en Estados Unidos en este momento, todos se estén cuidando y estén bien. La brutalidad racista y la falta de justicia que ocurre regularmente en nuestro país, sacada a la luz por los recientes asesinatos de George Floyd y Ahmaud Arbery y las continuas protestas y disturbios, todo dentro de la crisis del coronavirus, tanta incertidumbre y las desgarradoras situaciones en las que la gente ya se encuentra. frente a. COVID-19 está matando a muchas más personas negras que blancas debido a los determinantes sociales de la salud. La desigualdad es notoriamente evidente. Justo al lado de eso, la forma en que la sociedad se une para condenar la brutalidad racista y defender el cambio es algo para celebrar y trabajar.


    En la oscuridad y la tragedia quiero que sepan que estoy aquí para ustedes y comprometida, como defensora, aliada, oyente y aprendiz. Me pongo en contacto con ustedes desde un lugar de compromiso con nuestros estudiantes Afro-Americanos y la comunidad, y el compromiso con el trabajo de interrumpir el comportamiento problemático, discriminatorio y racista. Como directora blanca, estoy comprometida con mi propia reflexión y aprendizaje, incluido aprender a reconocer mis propios puntos ciegos y privilegios. Como personal también, estamos comprometidos con nuestra propia reflexión y aprendizaje, para mejorar nuestras habilidades para reconocer los puntos ciegos y evitar que se manifiesten en la discriminación y la opresión (no intencionadas). 


    En la reunión de personal de hoy, nuestro Equipo de Equidad llevará a nuestro personal a reflexionar sobre los sistemas opresivos que han existido durante milenios, específicamente en torno a la construcción cultural de las emociones relacionadas con el aprendizaje socioemocional sobre el poder de resiliencia que hemos tenido como distrito. Pensaremos en las desigualdades que experimentan nuestros estudiantes que COVID-19 ha sacado a la luz, nuestra necesidad y deseo de romper las desigualdades en nuestro sistema, y ​​discutiremos qué cosas queremos hacer de manera diferente, individualmente o como escuela. En nuestras clases de grados superiores esta semana, estamos haciendo espacio para compartir y discutir los eventos que han llevado a la reacción muy fuerte que nuestro país está teniendo al asesinato de George Floyd. El contrato social que comparte nuestra sociedad, que se supone debe garantizar la seguridad para todos, no se está cumpliendo. Les pedimos a los estudiantes que piensen y discutan lo que sienten que necesita cambiar en nuestra sociedad para que todos sientan que se mantiene el contrato social. (Nuestro contenido con los estudiantes fue desarrollado por nuestra consejera escolar, la Sra. De Boer, quien utilizó el contenido de The Daily Show Trevor Noah). 


    Trevor Noah señala que mientras todos enfrentan la batalla contra el coronavirus, los Afro-Americanos todavía enfrentan la batalla contra el racismo y el coronavirus. El, nos alienta a preguntarnos; cómo nos sentiríamos si tuviéramos que ver el contrato que habíamos acordado y que estábamos cumpliendo, prometiendo seguridad y protección, nos  los destrozarían todos los días, como lo hacen a los Afro-Americanos todos los días. Me siento desconsolada y tengo mucho que aprender y mejorar. Estoy comprometida con el trabajo de interrumpir el racismo sistémico en nuestra escuela. Comuníquese conmigo si puedo ser de alguna manera de apoyo, y gracias por su parte en nuestra comunidad ... en nuestro compromiso con un sentido de solidaridad y comunidad para cada estudiante de Beach.












    May 28, 2020


    Dear Beach Parents,


    I hope this message finds you well. Our staff has begun the process of creating classroom communities for next school year (despite uncertainties about exactly what school will look like). This letter is to share relevant information and to invite your input.

    It is important to us that each classroom include students with a variety of strengths, skills, backgrounds and experiences. Where we could have more than one section, classroom teachers, specialists, and administration will work together to create balanced classrooms that will challenge and engage each learner where each will succeed with peers who have the potential to become or remain positive learning partners. 

    Parents and guardians have valuable information to share and offer in this process. You are able to help us better understand the learning styles and social needs and/or concerns of your child. I invite you to share your input via this (optional) linked Parent information form by this coming Sunday, May 25th to help us plan classroom communities for next year. If you want to share information and this method creates a barrier for you, please don’t hesitate to email Esther, Tina or myself; we will call you and take your information over the phone and submit the form for you. 

    Please do not request a specific teacher for your child. It is not possible to build productive, balanced class groups on the basis of parent requests. Your child's teacher(s) are intimately involved in the placement process. If you feel confident they already have enough information it is not necessary to fill out the linked Parent information form.

    At this time, PPS staffing procedures for next year are on hold. Previously we had been allocated two straight kindergartens and two straight first grades for our English Instruction Program (two classes per grade level!), one class each for 2-5 English Instruction, and two classes each for DLI.  I will keep you updated as I learn updates and as we organize for a strong 2020-21 school year, whatever the structure. If we are not able to hold our “Welcome Back Beach Connects, Class Assignment & Teacher Letter Distribution” next fall (currently scheduled for Monday, August 31 from 4:30-6) where we would normally distribute teacher assignments,  we will mail or email them (TBD).

    Even amidst so much uncertainty, placement is an opportunity to think about the possibilities to come next year. Our Beand thrive with their leadership and guidance. Thank you for your support and trust of our staff and our placement process.ach teachers are amazing and I’m confident that your children will adjust well, grow, 



    Portland Public Schools would like to continue connecting with you via email. If you prefer to be removed from our list, please contact Portland Public Schools directly. To stop receiving all email messages distributed through our SchoolMessenger service, follow this link and confirm: Unsubscribe

    SchoolMessenger is a notification service used by the nation's leading school systems to connect with parents, students and staff through voice, SMS text, email, and social media.



District News

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  • Ventilation and Air Quality in Our Schools

    Recently, we have received several questions from staff, families, and a media outlet, asking us to detail our efforts at maintaining optimal air quality in our schools. We understand the concern and the need for reassurance from our students and employees – that as a school system, we are taking prudent measures to promote a safe and healthy learning environment.

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  • Center for Black Student Excellence

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Soomaali| Русский

    On September 20, 2022, the Portland Public Schools (PPS) Board of Education unanimously approved a historic agreement that centers Black students, and embarks on the development of a community plan for their future by making the voter-approved Center for Black Student Excellence (CBSE) a reality.

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  • Announcing COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

    Español| 中文| Soomaali| Русский

    We are pleased to announce that we will host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority. The clinic will be open to all, and offer first, second and booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available. Additionally, this clinic will include access to the new bivalent vaccine (12+). The CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older, and boosters for everyone 5 years and older.

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  • PPS Racial Equity and Social Justice Community Advisory Committee

    Español| Tiếng Việt| 中文| Soomaali| Русский

    We are currently seeking membership applications for the district’s inaugural PPS Racial Equity and Social Justice Community Advisory Committee (RESJ CAC). This committee will advise both the Superintendent and School Board about about the racial equity and education impacts of policy decisions and work collaboratively to increase understanding and progress towards the PPS Racial Educational Equity Policy and the PPS RESJ Plan and Framework, PPS reImagined, and the PPS Strategic Plan.

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  • Want Access to Beach School Directory? Read Below!

    Membership Toolkit app including accessing our School Directory--Register online  Already registered? – Login! Confirm your family information. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes! Download the Free App!  Search for Membership Toolkit  Questions? Let us know: 



    Mailing Lists:

    Text @ beacheleme to 81010, via, or download the Remind app.


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  • Highlight from Teacher Newsletter

    "Should you happen to be reading or traveling with your child during the next six weeks, I encourage you to find ways to have conversations around point of view as it relates to history and narrative."   

    - Mr. Wilson, student teacher in Ms. Hilber's 4th grade (students are learning the history and cultures of the native peoples indigenous to this region and their encounter with explorers Lewis and Clark).

  • Student Voice, Conversation from LIPI.


    Teacher: What is something you want people to know about you?

    Student: I do school a lot, I clean a lot, and I learned to read!

    Teacher: HOORAY! What made learning to read happen?

    Student: I read a bunch of books.


    Aspectos destacados de LIPI

    Conversación de LIPI

    Maestro: ¿qué es algo que quieres que la gente sepa sobre ti?

    Niño: ¡Voy mucho a la escuela, limpio mucho y aprendí a leer!

    Maestro: ¡hurra! ¿Qué hizo que sucediera el aprendizaje de la lectura?

    Niño: leí un montón de libros