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  • Connect to Kindergarten

    Fall 2020 families, welcome to Llewellyn. The Kindergarten Connect Event is February 27th at 6:00-7:30pm, all incoming kindergartners are welcome to the event. All documents will be handed out at this event or are ready for pick up at the Llewellyn office if you can not make it to the event.
    During this event families will be able to see classrooms, hear from staff about curriculum, day to day routines, and see the building. This is a very exciting time for families and children.
    To prepare for the event please use this link to verify that your address is within the attendance boundary of Llewellyn. To complete registration the office will need a variety of things, registration form, birth certificate or passport, two proofs of address (utility bills, bank statements, insurance documents, etc.), vision & dental screening, Immunization Records. We are happy to help with any questions that you might have. 
    Welcome to Llewellyn!

  • Sick? Appointment? Vacation?


      Emailing the teacher is a great idea, but in the long run, the office has to know.  Emailing Mark or Stacey is fine, but there are times we are out of the office and don’t get your message in time.  So….

      The Llewellyn Childwatch number is the way to go because it is a message machine, so you can call any time before 8:40 am (the morning of the tardy or absence) at 503-916-6256.  Any time a student is in the system as ‘unexcused’, the District auto-dialer will call your home.  We need to have a reason for the absence (appointment, illness etc).  If you are going on vacation, please be sure to let the office know as well as the classroom teacher.

      With that being said:

      Cold and Flu Season is here

      It is that time of year again when children and adults are ill with signs and symptoms of colds, flu and other infections.  This is an excellent time to remember some healthy habits that may help us stay well:

      • Cover your cough/sneeze into your elbow
      • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, and wash often!  Wash after recess or gym, before eating, after using the restroom, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
      • Do not share food, drinks utensils, hats, combs, lip balm or other personal items.

      Keep your student home:

      • For a fever of 100.5 or higher.  Your student can return after the temperature has been below 100 for a minimum of 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or other fever-reducing medicine
      • Vomiting – symptom-free for 24 hours
      • Diarrhea – symptom-free for 24 hours
      • Coughing – your student should stay home if the cough is deep, barking, congested or productive.
  • Announcing new principal at Llewellyn, Pamela Gwynn

    Pamela Gwynn

    Dear Llewellyn Community,

    I am pleased to announce that Pamela Gwynn will become the next principal at Llewellyn Elementary School. Pam will be a familiar face to many of you, having recently served as assistant principal at Llewellyn.

  • Supply Lists for 2019-20

    Supply Lists for 2019-20

    Click here for the Kindergarten list

    Click here for the 1st Grade list

    Click here for the 2nd Grade list

    Click here for the 3rd Grade list

    Click here for the 4th Grade list

    Click here for the 5th Grade list


    Click here for the K-2 CB supply list

    Click here for the 3-5 CB supply list



  • A Message from Principal Pam

    Final arrangements are being made to bring aboard our Educational Assistants. We hope to have the join us VERY soon. In the meantime, we are creating schedules that allow the EAs to support students and teachers in the classroom and to add extra support on the playground during recess.

    Next week we will be interviewing candidates for our new 5th grade class.  Class lists, supplies and classroom preparations are underway.  We hope to interview candidates at the start of the week. Once a candidate is chosen, references are checked, and final papers are turned into HR, then we will need to be patient as HR completes its process. The new teacher will also be given time to plan and set up the classroom the way he or she would like. I will let everyone know when a definite date has been set for the class change. Thank you for the many offers of support! I am proud of the way our community pulls together to support our students and our school.


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