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  • Student belongings pickup week of June 2-4.

    May 27, 2020

    Dear Rieke Rocket community,


    We hope everyone is healthy and enjoying this unbelievable weather! We are busy still as Team Rieke, teaching from a distance while making plans to close up the building and creating a transition plan for next year. I eagerly await news about next fall, as do all of you, but for now we wait.


    Next week June 2-4 we will be distributing student belongings to families here at Rieke. Teachers have put student belongings from the classroom, best we could, in labeled bags. In addition, Ms. Mitchell has student art portfolios. We will have a small team of staff here to hand off items to families during their grade level time windows. If you drive, please park in Wilson lot near the paving construction fences. The entrance from Vermont is closed. Then walk down the paved path west of the gym to the covered area, where we will be handing you student bags. People can then exit via the main stair case. If you have library books we will have a drop off cart, and we will have the lost and found items out if you want to look through. Please follow current social distancing guidelines. We have to be done daily by 2:00, as that is when the building is locked up.

    The schedule for student belonging pickups:

    Tuesday June 2

    9:00-11:00 Kindergarten

    11:45-1:45  Grade 1


    Wednesday June 3

    9:00-11:00 Grade 5

    11:45-1:45 Grade 2


    Thursday June 4

    9:00-11:00 Grade 3

    11:45-1:45  Grade 4

    If you have kids in multiple grades we will do our best to accommodate to save you from multiple trips. Stuff not picked up will be stored in classrooms until next year.


    Our newest video news show is still under construction. I will let you know when it is ready. In addition we are working on plans for the “new” last week of school, June 8-10. As those plans are ready to release, I will communicate those plans. Hang in there, be kind, care for each other with grace, and know we miss you all!


    Jon Jeans-Principal

  • Welcome back to the new world 3/30

    Dear Rieke rocket community,

    I miss you all! I hope everyone is healthy and somehow finding some silver linings daily during this crisis. I empathize with the challenges of parenting at this time! Children run through a wide array of emotions throughout each day and week, as do we. Luckily, I have found many magical moments with my children (grades 2 and 4) and family as we experience life daily. I hope you are as well!

    The Rieke auction committee has decided to move our annual auction to an online auction. They will be sending out information at the end of this week. While we will miss the energy of the party we hope everyone can participate, have fun, and help Rieke continue to raise the money we need to hire support staff.

    A PPS email was sent to you on Friday outlining the plan PPS has developed for home-based learning while our schools are closed in Oregon. The email had a lot of information in it, so I thought it might be helpful to highlight some key elements that will directly impact Rieke students and staff.

    There is a district-wide plan for home-based learning. Over the last two weeks, paper copies of language arts and math materials have been provided to students who have gone to the schools providing breakfast and lunch. This continues, on the west side that site in Markham. In addition to these paper materials, our teachers will begin providing students and families with more clear online learning opportunities starting the week of 4/6. Some of the work students are given will be done independently and there will also be times when students can connect to their teachers and classmates virtually or by phone. While many of our students and teachers are already familiar with the online programs being used for this, some of the platforms are new to them. To give teachers time to learn how to best provide online learning opportunities and become familiar with these new resources, teachers and I will be engaged in professional development this week. Instructional curriculum, focused on reading, writing and math, then should begin next week. Thank you for continued patience!

    We are all facing unprecedented challenges because of the devastating impact of COVID-19. While we recognize that these online learning opportunities will not replace being in a classroom each day with a caring, competent educator, we know that social isolation can have an array of effects such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness especially on young children. To combat these issues, we are working hard to keep our children connected to their teacher and classmates through these difficult times by using online programs. While we believe that keeping the valuable connections students and teachers have made will help provide some stability to our children’s worlds, we also recognize that school may not be your primary focus at this time, and that is okay! We hope that you will do what you can to encourage your child to participate in some of the opportunities being provided and understand if they cannot do it all.

    If your child needs technology or Wi-Fi access to participate in online learning, please let me know as soon as possible, jjeans@pps.net. The district was overwhelmed by the response and is working hard to distribute requested devices this week to grade 4-12 students. They are working on the next stage of this technology roll out for younger students and those who requested but have been told they must submit again later.

    For more information about the district’s response to the coronavirus, please visit pps.net/coronavirus.

    Please check our website www.pps.rieke for video updates and information. Cheers?

    Jon Jeans-Principal

  • Update

    Dear Rieke rocket community,

    I hope everyone is healthy and at least finding some ways to enjoy the beautiful weather. As an educator in my 29th year I can honestly, and obviously, say I have never faced such a challenge. I continue to try and stay calm and adapt and I hope somehow you all can too. I want everyone to know that the entire staff, Team Rieke, misses your children and deeply cares for their well-being and success. I am planning to continue the video news soon with updates and some musical interludes at www.pps.net/rieke.

    For the time being Rieke will be used for childcare for OHSU first responders and their family needs. The custodial staff is busy deep cleaning and the teachers have come and cleaned up their rooms. Thank you in advance for supporting this endeavor.

    We are waiting for a district level plan regarding any plan for instruction and curriculum resources. As details emerge I expect PPS to notify families and then we will message how that plan may look like from Rieke. But at this point, we ask for your patience. There are curriculum materials available at the PPS meal sites. On the west side this is at Markham Elementary.

    Please continue to follow PPS communications and stay safe. Please follow the Oregon governor’s guidelines around exposure and personal/community safety. We are all in this together even if we are doing it from a distance.



    Jon Jeans-Principal

  • New Principal message 3/6/2020

    March 6, 2020

    Dear Rieke Rocket community,

    Thank you very much to everyone for all the great donations last week! The staff now has a new working microwave, the prize box is restocked at no cost to the school, and we now have a changing pad and table in the bathroom in the café/gym. If you have such a need with very little ones visiting with you, we hope the new changing area will be helpful.

    Please join us March 14th for the Rieke auction, The Rieke Galaxy Gala. The classroom art projects are being brought in and they look amazing! We hope to have some on display to preview in the main hallway soon. There are only a very limited number of tickets left for the event at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center from 6-10 PM. This is a wonderful event and time to connect with our friends and neighbors while supporting staffing efforts at Rieke. The money raised by Foundation allows us to fill in staffing holes and provide better student supports throughout their day. To buy tickets https://www.riekepta.org/news/2020/2/25/auction-update-feb-25

    On March 11th we will have 2 assembly performances of our Peruvian dance artist in residence program. At 9:30 we will get to see the k-2 students perform, then at 10:30 grades 3 and 4 will perform. All families are welcome to watch in the gym/café.

    Parents, our great volunteers are getting the yearbook together and they need your candid on campus or field trip pictures. If you have a great picture from Science Fair, OBOB, recess or anything school related please send to riekeyearbook@gmail.com. Thank Bobbi Jo Rust and Jordann Kearns for organizing the yearbook this year.

    Watch the Rieke Way video news show on our website each week. Share the link on the front page at https://www.pps.net/rieke. with friends and family.

    As the information regarding the PPS plan and response to concerns about the coronavirus continues to evolve daily, please follow the PPS website and email announcements as needed. Our staff is doing all we can to provide opportunities for kids and adults to wash hands with warm soapy water, use hand sanitizer, and keep surfaces as clean as possible. The latest district flyer is attached.



    Thank you for the continued support and appreciation for the great work Team Rieke is doing. It is really a joy to be here every day, cheers!


    Jon Jeans-Principal

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