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  • FPE Newsletter for the week ending 11/9/18

    Find the latest about FPE our latest newsletter, FPE Newsletter 11/9/18
    We wrapped up our month of Kindness and launched a new focus for our students at our Wednesday Spirit Assembly: Gratitude.  Miss Lizzie spoke about an Attitude of Gratitude and gave kiddos lots of ways to think about and express being grateful.  I want to give a big shout out to our amazing 4th graders who wrote and performed an original skit, demonstrating ways to think in a grateful way.  One student complained about the rain.  The Gratitude Fairy waved her wand and changed that thinking to "I'm so glad for a warm house to come home to".  And, we celebrated a new group of Fantastic Foxes who got kindness awards from their teachers.  It's our intention for all students to be recognized throughout the year.  If your child hasn't gotten a Fantastic Fox certificate yet, their turn is coming!

    I want to contextualize our Spirit Assemblies so you understand it's one of the ways we use Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) with students at Forest Park.  Over the past three years we have designed several ways of acknowledging the great things our students have done.  Another great example is Paws for Applause.  We've also worked as a staff to coherently and consistently teacher children ways to demonstrate our school values: Safe, Responsible, Respectful Actions.  Peer Mediators started their work over the past two weeks, and are working to help students at recess solve problems. 

    As we move on in the year, you'll notice another element of PBIS being used, in order to keep you informed when behavior issues arise.  Our teachers have communicated with you by email, phone, and conferences in regard to how your student is doing.  In order to provide clearer communication, if/when there is a discipline concern, we will be sending a behavior report home with your student.  It will identify the area of concern with the expectation that you will sign it and return it to us.  Please know that if a behavior report is sent home, this will be preceded by an email or phone call home first so we can better provide support and intervention.

    This work comes from our School Climate Team.  We'll be taking time on Tuesday afternoon for action planning.  If you're interested in joining us, please email me:  We'd LOVE at least one parent to join us for our monthly meetings, occuring the 4th Thursdays of each month. 

    One last note regarding safety:  Please watch out for our Safety Patrol.  Our 5th graders proudly take on this role in rotation and provide safe crossing for our student pedestrians.  One was nearly hit as he crossed the street this week.  It's important to pay attention to our reduced speed zone (2o mph) and the crosswalks in our neighborhood.  Thank you!!

    Read on for more updates and event coming up in the land of Forest Park Elementary.  

    Lisa Newlyn, 

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