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  • 2019-2020 Class Selection Information

    April 15, 2019 
    Dear Maplewood Families, 
    I have received several inquiries regarding next years’ class sizes, especially in grade-levels where this is an issue this year, such as second, third and fifth grade. Please know that I monitor the number of students in each of our classroom sections and use this information as I advocate on behalf of Maplewood students.  I also factor this into how we use our resources provided by the Maplewood Foundation. 
    Ideally, many of our classrooms would have fewer students.  I think most everyone agrees that our current second and fourth grade classes are too large. As I shared earlier, based on projected enrollment we will have: 
    - Kindergarten: 69 students-3 sections of 23 
    -1st-69 students-3 sections of 23 
    -2nd-59 students-2 sections of 29 and 30 
    -3rd-65 student-2 sections of 32 and 33
    -4th -73 students-3 sections of 24, 24 and 25
    -5th- 64 students-2 sections of 32 
    Please keep in mind, these numbers will most likely change between now and August, which means grade level sections could change. PPS uses specific ratios to allocate teaching staff. However, based on current information, we would not expect to receive any additional staffing from PPS for the 2019-2020 school year. 
     Here is some additional detail from PPS on the staffing process:  As you know, the state of Oregon proposed budget for the biennium The Quality Education Model suggests that it would cost 9.8 billion to fund our schools appropriately. This reality limits us as a district in how we staff our schools. In an ideal situation, we would have enough FTE to adequately fund all programs and schools in our district including lower class sizes. Below is information shared recently with the PPS School Board State Budget 2019-21
    • Education advocates are working to ensure:
    – State School Fund level at least $8.97 B
    – Measure 98 (High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act) is funded at similar level to 2017-19
    – Investment of additional $1 Billion in Pre K-12 School Improvement Fund PPS will use the Governor’s $8.97B funding level  
    Last year, the superintendent's staffing team improved the staffing model by allocating to K-5 schools in a more equitable way. One way this was accomplished was by staffing homeroom teachers by grade level instead of the entire school.
    In the past, we allocated FTE based on the total number of students, leaving some schools with more FTE than they needed and some schools with not enough. 
    The staffing model utilizes the enrollment projections from the PSU Population Research Center to determine how many homeroom teachers to allocate at each grade level at each school. These projections are critical to predict enrollment changes because all schools see changes in student enrollment from grade to grade and throughout the year. 
    (For more information on the projections, click here: )
    The staffing process starts in the spring. In the preliminary spring staffing for K-5, we use projections along with K-5 staffing class size ranges to determine the number of homerooms needed. 
    The ranges are: 
    - Kindergarten: 16-29 
    -1st grade: 16-31
    -2nd grade: 17-32
    -3rd grade: 16-33
    -4th -5th grades 18-35 
    These staffing ranges are different from the class size goals, or thresholds, in the contract with the teachers union. The agreement with the union is a joint commitment that we are working to lower class sizes and aspire to the thresholds in the contract. 
    See more in the contract: 
    It is important to note that the thresholds with the union are not our staffing model. That statement in the contract is very explicit. Our collective bargaining agreement states that the district may exercise one of three options to support any class enrollments that raise above the threshold.   
    1. Additional teacher
    2. Educational assistant (EA)
    3. Stipend for teachers 
    In fact, our staffing process corrects class sizes in the fall once we find out how the projections performed when students are in seats in classrooms. At fall balancing, the high-class sizes around the district are examined and FTE is allocated to mitigate the highest class sizes and there is not a guarantee that we can mitigate every school in the fall because we have limited resources.
    I know class size and funding for education is an issue across the city.  I encourage you to get involved at the district and state level to try to impact funding for all of our kids.  I am committed to working with our teachers and support staff to provide the very best environment for our students.  We thank you for your efforts and look forward to working closely on behalf of all Maplewood students. Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further. 
    Jill Bailey Principal

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  • Principal's Newsletter June 03. 2019

    Jill Bailey
    Office: 503/916-6308 E-mail:
                                                                                                                                                             June 3, 2019
    Dear Maplewood Families,
    We are down to our last full week of school! It always seems to arrive so quickly. It has been a
    great year. As we bring this year to a close, I again want to express how fortunate I feel to
    be working in the Maplewood community. Even though we will have one more newsletter,
    I wanted to make sure I shared with you how much our teachers and staff mean to us at
    The end of this year brings some mixed feelings as we say goodbye to some
    very important staff in our building. As you know, we are saying goodbye to Kim Able,
    Beth Hawes, Cass Lang and Linda McIntyre.
    I do not have the words to express how
    fortunate I am to have arrived at Maplewood while these amazing teachers were still
    working with your children. Each of them truly will be missed by all. We are so excited
    for them as they begin a new chapter in their lives. As we are saying goodbye to these
    wonderful teachers who have been an important part of our instructional team, we wish
    them the best!
    All of these Maplewood teachers kept students at the center of their work and that makes
    them exceptional in most places but at Maplewood it makes them part of the team! You
    All Will Be Missed!!!
    It has been a fast paced year. It seems we were just celebrating the new school year,
    welcoming our students and planning our Back to School Night. As we bring a close to
    year five for me at Maplewood, I continue to enjoy seeing so many parents and community
    members in our building this year.
    To our volunteers, Thank you!
    You were here and present in so many ways, Reading
    Friends, helping with traffic at arrival, supporting lunches and recess, in our classrooms
    doing anything a teacher asked of you, serving on committees. I could go on with the list
    of ways you have supported our students throughout the year.
    All of us would like to extend a special thank you to our PTA and the Maplewood
    Foundation. Our students and teachers benefit so much from all of your hard work and
    commitment to the students and school community! I want to especially thank the officers
    of both groups for their dedication.
    Finally, I want to say that I continue feel so fortunate to be part of the Maplewood Community! I am looking forward to time with my family this summer but looking forward to returning to Maplewood in August and seeing all of our students again!
    Reading Friends:
    To all of you who came every week to read with our students-Thank you! This program is not just about reading. You make a difference because you care, you build important relationships with students…you make a difference!
    I especially want to recognize Claire Holland who has coordinated the reading program this past year. Claire-we are so grateful for your commitment to All of our students!
    5th Grade Promotion:
    The fifth-grade promotion will be on Thursday, June 6th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm in the Gym.
    Please be sure and pick up your child’s medications on the last week of school. If medications are not picked up by 6/20, they will be discarded. Those Epi Pen’s are expensive, please be sure to come by and pick them up. Medications cannot be sent home with your child.
    All Library books were due May 31.
    Lost books? You can pay via SchoolPay (
    Library/Tech Resources
    As summer looms, did you know we have three online resources your child can access?
    For grades K-5:
    Great way to keep skills alive through the summer!
    For grades 3-5:
    Type to Learn: (code 151854)
    Students (*should*, grades 1-5) know their usernames and passwords, and it is okay to email me for that information throughout the summer! (
 (guest name: Elin)
    Lists of the educational web sites students use, grades K-5, at Maplewood!
    Going forward, instead of clipping from packages, all Box Tops will be earned digitally by scanning your store receipt and adding to Maplewood's earnings online.
    The Box Tops for Education team is building an updated Box Tops mobile app that will be ready this summer.
    Some brands have already started to update their packaging in advance.
    Until the new app launches, if you see the new Box Tops label on packages, you can use the current Box Tops Bonus App to earn Box Tops for that product.
    Simply download the app, select the bonus offer for the product you've purchased and scan your receipt to earn.
    If you still have traditional Box Tops clips, be sure to send them to school. We will still earn cash for all clipped Box Tops until they expire.
    Better yet, once the new app launches, you can “double dip” during the packaging transition by clipping the traditional Box Tops AND scanning your store receipt containing participating products.
    There will be more information at the start of the school year on how to download the app and how the new process will work. Thanks for helping our school!
    Upcoming Events/Dates
    June 05: Talent Show
    June 06: 5th Grade Promotion 1:00 pm – clap out 12:55 pm
    June 07: 5th Grade BBQ
    June 12: Last day of School

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