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  • Maplewood Memo November 15, 2021

    Principal's Message

    Greetings Maplewood Families, 

    I hope this newsletter finds you well. The month of November is one of my favorites months... No, not because of the rain, the short days and lack of school... but because it is a month when many pause to give thanks. 

    This past week I attended a district meeting and was so very thankful for where I work, who I work with and the support we all get from our Maplewood community. I am so grateful to each and every teacher and staff member at Maplewood who show up daily ready to take on the challenges of the day to meet their students' needs. And I am so thankful for our parent community who is responsive when we need support. As you know, it is the students who I am most thankful for. Their smiles and curiosity brighten every day. 

    I took the opportunity this past Friday to revisit our school vision in an effort to evaluate our progress so far this year. Here is the vision: 
    The Maplewood School community teaches and challenges the whole child to achieve social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative potential in a secure environment of mutual respect, cooperation, trust, support and commitment. 
    In looking at our academic data so far this year, we are already making great strides. Our attendance data shows that students are more consistently attending school. (Although we do have more tardies than every before - so let's work on that one!) The discipline data is also showing that students are making safer choices and using their Toolbox Tools to regulate and solve issues appropriately.

    Of course, there are outliers in these data points, as always, but the overall trend at Maplewood is positive and we continue to take steps towards our vision in an unprecedented school year. It is actually remarkable that we are finding these levels of success in such a challenging time. 

    I owe our successes to all of you. Thank you again for showing up for each other to make our school and community a better place. 

    With gratitude, 


    Principal-Parent Coffee: 

    Wanna chat? Join me at the Parent-Principal Coffee held on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 - 10:30. Google Meet joining info

    • November 11—Veterans Day—No
    • November 12 - No School for Students
    • November 22 & 23-Conferences-No School

    • November 24 - 26-Thanksgiving Holiday-No School

    • December 18 – January 2—Winter Vacation—No School

    October School Assembly
    Click HERE to view the Virtual Assembly Slideshow 

    Safety First

    There are many protocols we have in place as a district to ensure our students are safe while in school. In addition to the district wide focus on safety, we also hold a monthly site-based safety meeting and report our notes to the district after each one of these. We also have protocols for safety drills to review expectations and to practice "just in case." We have requirements for how often which drills need to be practiced and we meet those requirements monthly. I am aware that there is a recent concern about the portables not being locked during the day. We are now locking them except when a student leaves to use the restroom. 

    Lost and Found

    Our lost and found is filling up! If your child is missing a clothing item, chances are it may be in our lost and found. Please ask your child to check lost and found or ring the front door bell to come in and peek in the lost and found for yourself. Also, we often put out the rolling hanger cart where grade 1 students line up in the morning, by the side door of the main building. 

    Parent Volunteer to Join Maplewood's Climate Committee

    Maplewood's Climate Committee meets once a month to discuss and improve the climate of the school. Membership should reflect the student and community demographics. Roles include school administrator, family member, individuals able to provide applied behavioral coaching expertise, knowledge of student academic and behavior patterns, knowledge about the operations of the school across grade levels and programs, and, when developmentally appropriate, student representation. For more information on the Climate Committee's work please click HERE. If you are interested in being the parent representative on this committee, please email Kit Galloway at

    From the School Counselor:

    Toolbox Tool of the Month: The Please and Thank You Tool

    This month, we focus on the please and thank you tool.  This tool helps us build community and show appreciation for those around us who help us.  As we learn the names of all the staff and students at Maplewood, encourage your student to use names and then use their please and thank you tool.  Here are some places students can use this tool:  in their online classes, at book distribution, or any time you visit the school.

    Here are some videos on this tool:

    I made this short lesson video (2 and a half minutes) with the Please and Thank You song at the end.

    A short video for the younger set on the Please and Thank You Tool

    Another short video on kids talking about using this tool

    Animated chickies singing about how we can use this tool.  What could be better?  I think this earworm is now stuck in my head.

    And singing moles….


    And this poster would love to go on your refrigerator:

    12 Family Tools Poster Now go out and use your please and thank you tool (please)!


    Thank you!

    Kendall Cunningham

    School Counselor

    Maplewood Joins Neighborhood House

    Maplewood Elementary is working together with Neighborhood House to deliver boxes of food during the Thanksgiving Holiday break for our families.  If you would like to participate, you can have a box delivered (on Tuesday the 23rd), pick up a box, and/or help donate or volunteer!

    There will also be donation bins at Maplewood to accept items. The bins will be located just inside the front door, and outside at the side door (please see pics below).  If you would like to donate, you do not need to sign up.  You can simply bring any of the requested items at any time!  Requested items are; Dry & Canned Beans, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Canned Soup, Chili, & Stew, Canned Tuna & Chicken, Brown Rice & Whole Grain Pasta, Nuts & Nut Butters, Whole-Grain Cereal/Breakfast Items, Snack items.


    Click the LINK to sign up for a box or let us know if you would like to volunteer!


    Responses will go directly to the school social worker, Jeremy Schlott (, and the school counselor, Kendall Cunningham-Parmeter (, only.

    Library News

    Students are doing better than ever remembering to return library books on time, so they can get new ones! Remind your child to put Maplewood Library books in their backpack when they are not reading them.

    HOWEVER -- email me, if, in your harried morning, you forgot to help your child remember their library books! I will let them take more, and you can return the books another day. Never hesitate to contact me. 

    Book Bag Program Books -- There are still 400+ Maplewood Library books out in the community that were distributed from March 2020 to August 2021. Please continue to dig around for them. When I ask students about these books, they often know where they are! There is no penalty for pandemic lost/missing books, but funds to replace them are limited. 

    PE News

    We are so excited to begin a Sport Stacking (or cup stacking) unit in PE. THis is a fun, engaging activity that has many benefits including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. It's fun and has a lot of activities and challenges. To learn about sport stacking, click here

    HOW CAN I HELP? Having a class set of cups along with 6 mats and times (value $400) will be helpful as we continue to maintain Covid distancing in PE. Once restrictions ease, speed stacking cups may also be used for indoor recesses or emergency classroom PE sessions (when the gym is used for rainy day lunch recess). To help offset the cost of the set, families can purchase a set of cups or a mat and timer through the school. 20% of the proceeds will go toward the purchase of a speed stacking equipment. If you'd like to order them, click here and bring me your receipt. I have a limited number of sets to sell. It may be a good holiday or birthday gift if your child is enjoying sport stacking. 

    Please email me if you have any questions.

    Maplewood Book Fair

    Get ready for Maplewood’s Fall Book Fair!

    Our fair starts November 4th, and kids will visit the fair the week of November 8th in the Library.   Proceeds from our fair go towards Maplewood PTA, library resources, student scholarships and classroom libraries. 

     eWallet ~ In school shopping!

    You are now able to add funds to your child’s “eWallet” so they may shop while in school - a safe and cashless way.  Please note, no change or refunds will be given, but the money will roll over to future book fairs.  Please use this link and scroll down to the green eWallet section to add funds to your child’s account.

     Book Fair and eWallet Information:



    PTA News

    Please opt in to the PTA e-blasts HERE

    PTA MEETING ON TUESDAY, 11/16th at 6:30 pm

    Join us to discuss the Mural project, Foundation’s updates, Principal’s news, and more! We would love to see you there!
    Meeting ID: 814 1445 6892
    Password: PTA


    Join Amazon SMILE and help Maplewood! 

    AMAZON SMILE –when you are shopping at Amazon, please use Amazon's Smile program, which donates 0.5% of sales to our PTA. You can shop at the link above. Once you set Maplewood Elementary PTA as your charity, you can then just visit going forward. You have to start from that address (not any other amazon address). You can also set Amazon Smile for shopping in your mobile app. We strongly encourage you to still shop local. There are some situations where Amazon fits the need at hand, however, and in that case - please send a little of your consumer money back into our local community by using the Smile program.

    Jackie Haddon and Erika Robles Jones
    (Maplewood co-presidents)


    Get ready to celebrate - Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day (RBWTSD), Wednesday, November 17. This event gives staff the opportunity to talk to students about the civil rights movement and make connections to today’s collective efforts for change. RBWTSD gives children the chance to celebrate Ruby’s courage by walking and rolling to school. A group of 5th graders in San Mateo County started the walk in 2018 after they learned about Ruby Bridges' story. San Mateo County put together a website full of resources including lesson plans, social media templates, and more to make planning your event simple.

    Educational Assistant Opening 

    Daily 11-2:30. Are you flexible, great with kids, great at prioritizing and love Maplewood? Then you may be the perfect candidate for our Educational Assistant position. For more information view THIS job description.


    Thank you to the volunteers who came out last weekend to clean up our grounds. It looks amazing!!! The planters boxes look so great with the new plants and the front yard area is practically sparkling with all the debris removed. The back lot is also looking spiffed up. There were a few kiddos who joined the clean up. A special thank you to them: Patrick, Erol and Harper.

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  • Maplewood Thanksgiving Helping Hands

    Maplewood Elementary is working together with Neighborhood House to deliver boxes of food during the Thanksgiving Holiday break for our families.

    If you would like to participate, you can have a box delivered (on Tuesday the 23rd), pick up a box, and/or help donate or volunteer!

    There will also be donation bins at Maplewood to accept items.

    click this link to recieve a food box or to volunteer:  Maplewood Helping Hands


    Responses will go directly to the school social worker, Jeremy Schlott (, and the school counselor, Kendall Cunningham-Parmeter (, only.

  • New Principal Maplewood Community Letter

    Spring 2021
    Dear Maplewood Community,

    It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter to you as the new Principal of Maplewood
    Elementary School. I would like to introduce myself to you, and let you know I am not only
    honored, but excited to have been named as your next principal. I look forward to working
    alongside the staff, students, and community in making 2021-2022 a great school year.

    I have held various teaching and administrative positions in my career. In my 17 years in
    education, I have taught Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, and I have been an Assistant
    Principal. Almost half of my educational roles have been overseas in highly recognized
    American International schools (Shekou International School in China and Dubai American
    Academy), and the other half have been in surrounding schools and districts in and near
    Portland (Estacada, West Linn, and Centennial).

    I see myself as a life-long learner not only in exploring new places, and perspectives, but also in
    seeking higher level educational opportunities to help me learn how to best support our schools,
    teachers, and students. Currently I am working online towards my Doctorate of Education in
    Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education at the University of Florida. The common thread
    woven through my work is my deep belief that all children can be successful, and that I have
    the responsibility to work with teachers and families to discover how to best support their

    I firmly believe that my role as a leader is to support the staff at Maplewood, as we put children
    at the forefront of decision making, to connect with and empower the parent community, and to
    continually work to engage all stakeholders for the benefit of student success. I look forward to
    meeting with teachers and families to learn more about how we can work together to make a
    difference in the lives of our students.

    Jill Bailey and I will be spending time together this spring to facilitate a smooth transition.
    Additionally, in my quest to familiarize myself with the school and community, I plan to connect
    with teachers, the school’s leadership team, the PTA and Foundation members, and I am
    looking forward to attending the spring Kinder-Connect meeting.

    My goal is to ensure that by the time we return to school, I have a clear understanding of Maplewood and all of its successes so
    that we can capitalize on them as we move into the 21-22 school year and beyond.
    With eager anticipation of our partnership,
    Kit Galloway

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