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  • 2019-2020 Class Selection Information

    April 15, 2019 
    Dear Maplewood Families, 
    I have received several inquiries regarding next years’ class sizes, especially in grade-levels where this is an issue this year, such as second, third and fifth grade. Please know that I monitor the number of students in each of our classroom sections and use this information as I advocate on behalf of Maplewood students.  I also factor this into how we use our resources provided by the Maplewood Foundation. 
    Ideally, many of our classrooms would have fewer students.  I think most everyone agrees that our current second and fourth grade classes are too large. As I shared earlier, based on projected enrollment we will have: 
    - Kindergarten: 69 students-3 sections of 23 
    -1st-69 students-3 sections of 23 
    -2nd-59 students-2 sections of 29 and 30 
    -3rd-65 student-2 sections of 32 and 33
    -4th -73 students-3 sections of 24, 24 and 25
    -5th- 64 students-2 sections of 32 
    Please keep in mind, these numbers will most likely change between now and August, which means grade level sections could change. PPS uses specific ratios to allocate teaching staff. However, based on current information, we would not expect to receive any additional staffing from PPS for the 2019-2020 school year. 
     Here is some additional detail from PPS on the staffing process:  As you know, the state of Oregon proposed budget for the biennium The Quality Education Model suggests that it would cost 9.8 billion to fund our schools appropriately. This reality limits us as a district in how we staff our schools. In an ideal situation, we would have enough FTE to adequately fund all programs and schools in our district including lower class sizes. Below is information shared recently with the PPS School Board State Budget 2019-21
    • Education advocates are working to ensure:
    – State School Fund level at least $8.97 B
    – Measure 98 (High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act) is funded at similar level to 2017-19
    – Investment of additional $1 Billion in Pre K-12 School Improvement Fund PPS will use the Governor’s $8.97B funding level  
    Last year, the superintendent's staffing team improved the staffing model by allocating to K-5 schools in a more equitable way. One way this was accomplished was by staffing homeroom teachers by grade level instead of the entire school.
    In the past, we allocated FTE based on the total number of students, leaving some schools with more FTE than they needed and some schools with not enough. 
    The staffing model utilizes the enrollment projections from the PSU Population Research Center to determine how many homeroom teachers to allocate at each grade level at each school. These projections are critical to predict enrollment changes because all schools see changes in student enrollment from grade to grade and throughout the year. 
    (For more information on the projections, click here: )
    The staffing process starts in the spring. In the preliminary spring staffing for K-5, we use projections along with K-5 staffing class size ranges to determine the number of homerooms needed. 
    The ranges are: 
    - Kindergarten: 16-29 
    -1st grade: 16-31
    -2nd grade: 17-32
    -3rd grade: 16-33
    -4th -5th grades 18-35 
    These staffing ranges are different from the class size goals, or thresholds, in the contract with the teachers union. The agreement with the union is a joint commitment that we are working to lower class sizes and aspire to the thresholds in the contract. 
    See more in the contract: 
    It is important to note that the thresholds with the union are not our staffing model. That statement in the contract is very explicit. Our collective bargaining agreement states that the district may exercise one of three options to support any class enrollments that raise above the threshold.   
    1. Additional teacher
    2. Educational assistant (EA)
    3. Stipend for teachers 
    In fact, our staffing process corrects class sizes in the fall once we find out how the projections performed when students are in seats in classrooms. At fall balancing, the high-class sizes around the district are examined and FTE is allocated to mitigate the highest class sizes and there is not a guarantee that we can mitigate every school in the fall because we have limited resources.
    I know class size and funding for education is an issue across the city.  I encourage you to get involved at the district and state level to try to impact funding for all of our kids.  I am committed to working with our teachers and support staff to provide the very best environment for our students.  We thank you for your efforts and look forward to working closely on behalf of all Maplewood students. Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further. 
    Jill Bailey Principal

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  • Principal's Newsletter May 20, 2019

                                                                Principal Newsletter   


                                                                  Jill Bailey


                                                     E mail:

                                                                May 20, 2019


    Dear Maplewood Families,

    WOW, this year has gone by fast!  I hope that everyone has a chance to enjoy family time over the three-day weekend. I wish for you all that you find some joy and relaxation as these next few weeks will be action packed and the end will be here before we know it!  Please continue to mark your calendars for upcoming events.

    This week our 5th graders have an overnight trip to the Audubon Society’s Marmot Cabin.  Conflict managers and crossing guards go to Oaks Park on Thursday to celebrate their year. It is another busy week.

    Reminder-Q & A  about Class Size Tonight in the Library at 5:30


    Lost and Found Items 

    Be sure to check the table in the front foyer and the clothes rack near the stairs to the cafeteria for any lost clothing items we have many unclaimed items that will be donated at the end of the year.

    Year End Cafeteria Account Balances -

    Any remaining account balances (positive or negative) on students’ meal accounts at the end of the year will be automatically held for students at their current school or transferred to students’ new schools within the district.  If your student is leaving the district, then you may call Amy Silvia , Cafeteria Manager at 503-916-6308 to arrange for a refund.

    Hello Families!

    We are trying something new this year and are participating in a Buy One, Get One Free Scholastic Book Fair. It is essentially the same as our usual fall book fair, but this time you get twice the stuff! There are a couple new concepts so we're going to answer them in a FAQ below.


    When is the book fair?

    May 28-31

    Tuesday  8 am - 4 pm

    Wednesday 8 am - 4 pm

    Thursday 8 am - 7 pm (open late for neighborhood families and during Art4Life pick up!)

    Friday 8 am - 3 pm


    How does the BOGO work?

       For each item purchased, students can get another item of equal or lesser value for free. Items will be paired up with items of similar costs to maximize savings (the register will do this automatically). This applies to books, posters, and the trinkets that the kids love so much.

    Will my child still visit during normal library time?

       Yes, and we will have parent volunteers available to run the registers and to help students navigate the BOGO concept. Students with library on Monday will be rescheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. (Thursday and Friday during school hours are much quieter with only a few students coming in at a time.)

    Do we know what titles will be available?

       Not exactly; Scholastic is working on clearing out their warehouse to get ready for fall book fairs, so the items available will be first come, first serve, and we cannot guarantee a restock of any particular item. So shop early for the best selection!

    Why are we doing another book fair?

       We wanted to give families an opportunity to stock up on books for at home summer reading and to purchase books for their teachers' classroom libraries for a great deal. Proceeds that we earn from this fair will be partially set aside for our fall fair and go towards building classroom and school libraries and supplies (like the beanbags!). 

    Why do you need so many volunteers?

       This fair will be different in that we have new registers and will need help guiding students to make their selections. So we need parent help more than ever! Each shift is only two hours, and one of us will be there to train you. It's a great way to see your students' class pick books (if you get a shift during their library time Tues/Wed) and to meet another Maplewood parent! Sign up here: 


    How do my students pay for their items?

    - Cash is fine, of course, but new this spring is e-Wallet! Parents can put money into an account for their student online, and we can access that account through a barcode and your students' purchase will be debited from your account. You can sign up and find more details on our school book fair website here: . Also see the attached flyer.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at The book fair is a big undertaking for the whole school, especially Ms. Kordahl who lets us take over the library for a week, but we really can't do it without you all helping out. So please sign up for a shift and meet us at the book fair!


    Raena Nelson and Kari Martin

    BOOKBAGGERS:    Parents of 3rd-5th grade, mark your calendars for the evening of May 31st!  Bookbaggers annual event is happening.  More information to come.

    Upcoming Events/Dates:

    May 20:  Site Council

    May 20:  5th Grade Ms. Smith to Audubon overnight

    May 21:  Ms. Smith Returns from Audubon

    May 21:  5th Grade Mr. Kaplan to Audubon overnight

    May 22:  Mr. Kaplan Returns from Audubon

    May 23:  5th Grade safety patrol & conflict managers to Oaks Park

    May 27:   Holiday – no school

    May 28:   Last day of Walking school bus

    May 31:   Spirit Day – PJ’s and Maplebars

    May 31:   Reading Friends Luncheon

    May 31:  Bookbaggers 7:00-10:00 pm

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