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  • Last day of this remarkable year

    Hello all, I am writing on the evening of our last day of the school year.

    It has absolutely been a year like none other.

    There have been struggles and small victories throughout this past school year and certainly lots of growth.

    I am hopeful that at some point in the future I might be able to reflect upon and write something that actually sort of captures the overwhelmingly of this past year.

    However, that time is not yet...I can tell!

    I'd like to simply say a huge and grateful thank you to everyone that has stuck with the Vestal Community throughout this year.

    One goal at the beginning of this pandemic was that we were able to keep our school community a community- through distance, change, more distance, and more change...and so much uncertainty.

    We remain a beautiful diverse, unique community and are already looking forward to the fall and re-connecting...putting the pieces back together into ONE WHOLE VESTAL VILLAGE.

    For now, though, let's enjoy tomorrow and plan for lots of REST and lots of PLAY this summer!

    With hope and in peace,

    Sabrina Flamoe


    A parent of a graduating 5th grader, Christine Spix, wrote this lovely Ode to Vestal today. It is a beautifully written reflection. I asked Chris if  could share, and thankfully she said YES!

    An ode to Vestal ~ Before we knew you, you were just an old building sitting on the ever busy 82nd avenue. You seemed intimidating and mysterious. Yet when we walked your halls and began to explore what lay behind your hard brick exterior, we found something more then an education ~ we found community. Not a community that we personally crafted to fit our lifestyle, but one that truly reflected this eclectic neighborhood we call home  You taught us that learning does not just consist of books and facts to be memorized. Learning is what happens when we discover what is possible when we keep showing up to our community, everyday ~ every week~ every month & every year. The journey with you was not a lovely stroll, it was more of a climb with many switch backs and rocky terrain. Yet after 8 years of building & growing with you I can say the view from the top was worth every single step along the way. The lessons we learned being a part of the Vestal community will stay with us the rest of our lives and onward we will go with the Vestal values etched in our hearts. No longer are you just a building on a busy street ~ you are a constant daily reminder of what is possible when we believe in each other .


  • Community News...early!

    Wonderful Vestal community-

    For all the times I have sent out Community News late, I thought I'd try to balance that out and send this weeks news a day early!

    WHY? You are wondering?? So that I can remind folks that we will be celebrating how incredible the Vestal students and families are at our Social Justice Showcase and Multicultural Night celebration tomorrow night!

    As part of the celebrations, we are asking all the kids to wear Vestal gear and/or clothing with strong messages for social justice to school tomorrow...whether you are learning from home or at school! Just a reminder, hats are allowed at school:)

    Tomorrow---Come to the Vestal campus around 5:00 for some live music and displays of social justice work done by our partners at PSU Artist as Citizen and Montavilla Jazz!

    (Hope for sunshine)

    Then head home and join us virtually for the showcase and celebrations!  LINK-    Starts at 6:00

    From the attendance team- We just wanted to say how awesome all Vestal students have been with making it to CDL or hybrid class every day, including Wednesday for morning meetings! Keep up the amazing effort in your attendance & keep coming for the next 3 weeks that we have school and learning together !

    This Friday- Packet pick up....PLEASE please pLEaSe return any and all library books! Ms. Hazen says "Thanks!"

    Food pick up continues!

    Reminder- No School Monday...Memorial Day.

    In other, very sad news, I have just learned of the San Jose shooting and am yet again shocked and dismayed and really at a loss. I choose to believe and have hope that the children we are educating, teaching, and raising now will have the courage to advocate and create real local and national change. Your children show us every day that they know how to make great decisions, support their community, plan, and take local action...again, I remain hopeful that in so many ways they will lead us. Please give your young ones extra tight hugs tonight.

    With hope and Vestal peace,

    Sabrina Flamoe

  • Community News

    Hello Vestal Community-

    Welcome to yet another Thursday!

    A few notes about upcoming events...

    * Please look at your child's Seesaw page for a special invitation to participate in this year's Multi-Cultural Night! As with everything this year, the night is being adapted to meet our Health and Safety Guidelines. 

    * May 27th will involved three 'events' that all fall under the same umbrella

    5:00-5:45- LIVE Misc on the playground

    6:00-6:30- Social Justice Showcase- Virtual

    6:30-7:15- Multi-Cultural Night

    Just a reminder that May 31st in Memorial Day, so no school

    June 9th- 5th grade promotion

    Tomorrow, May 21st is Spirit day...please wear your Vestal gear (new hat!) and/or clothing with social justice messaging!

    Packet Pick Up and Food Pick up are available!

    We are constantly so thankful for your support throughout this strange year!

    Vestal peace, Sabrina Flamoe

  • Community News

    Hello all...sorry I am a day late with Community News!

    This week has been busy, with lots of sunshine and it has flown by! It feels like we are just getting in the swing of things BUT we are now only 4 weeks away from summer! What an interesting year!

    Just a reminder that today is Friday packet Pick Up here at Vestal!

    Summer School-

    Folks are starting to ask about summer school and I want to share what the current plan is looking like. Vestal will be a "HUB" school, which means we will have summer school here along with students from 4 other schools. Each school is given a certain number of students to invite. We are starting to invite students would will benefit from more in person instruction as preparation for the Fall. You will hear from us if your child will be invited. I wish we could invite everyone, but we have been given limits by the district. Summer school will be July 19-Aug. 6, Mon-Fri 8:30-12:30.

    SUN- SUN programs will be available 12:303:30 ONLY for students in summer school. Watch for more details!

    EKT- Early Kindergarten Transition is open to all incoming kindergartners and CURRENT kindergartners. It takes place at Vestal, July 19th- Aug 5th 8:30-11:30. If you would like to register, please go to  

    Or call our front office and we can get your student signed up!

    Last night was our last scheduled Connect to Kindergarten Meeting! We are so excited to start thinking about welcoming new students and families in the Fall! If YOU have an incoming kinder or know someone who does, please reach out to us to register them and get them in our system!

    MAY 27th will be a big 'event' at Vestal...some live/in person and some virtual...we'd love folks to join us for some or all of our Social Justice and Multi-Cultural Night! These are usually two different events, but do to all of the restrictions this year, we are merging them into one event!

    5:00-5:45 LIVE Come to our campus (Outside on the playground) to hear live music from PSU's art program Artist As Citizen! There will also be social justice projects to look at while you are here!

    6:00-6:30- VIRTUAL- Join us on line as we celebrate allllllll of the local actions our students have taken during this remarkable year!

    6:30-7:15- VIRTUAL- Multi-Cultural Night- Watch as families share about their home cultures!

    Many have asked about next years plans/ of right now, the district is saying the plan is for all schools to be back full time, 5 days a week, in person, 'regular' schedule! This is what we are planning for and already getting excited about!

    Vestal Peace,

    Sabrina Flamoe


    5th grade families...Please put JUNE 9th on your calendar for 5th grade promotion:)


  • Hello families and welcome to the beautiful Vestal community-


    Vestal is an ethnically, linguistically, economically diverse school community.

    We are committed to school being a center of our neighborhood community.

    Every student and staff member at Vestal is committed to being a safe, kind, learner each day.

    We value the learning process of every human being…no matter their age.

    We invite you to join us in our on-going learning!


    Sincerely, Sabrina Flamoe

    Vestal K-8 Principal

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