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  • Material Drop Off and Pick Ups

     Hello Ainsworth families.
    We would like to create a system for distributing pen and paper materials as well as manipulatives to students as needed. In addition, this system will allow for teachers to collect student work and provide feedback! The Pick Up/Drop Off system will run every other week (2x per month) or as needed.  It will begin September 23rd and 24th. There is additional information below the schedule.
    Hola familias de Ainsworth. Nos gustaría crear un sistema para distribuir materiales de lápiz y papel, así como materiales manipulables a los estudiantes según sea necesario. Además, este sistema permitirá a los profesores recopilar el trabajo de los estudiantes y proporcionar comentarios. El sistema de recogida/entrega se ejecutará cada dos semanas (2 veces al mes) o según sea necesario. Comenzará el 23 y 24 de septiembre. Hay información adicional debajo del horario.
  • Staying connected in 2020

    Building community and staying connected as a school staff is important now more than ever. With our classes we work to build relationships in part through teamwork and games at the beginning of the school year. In August our staff started doing something similar. 

    Mutual trust and team dynamics are often built through events like this and are important in building vibrant and resilient staff, especially when we are physically apart.

    After researching a number of options, we were delighted to find teambuilding.com’s Online Office Games event. Our funny and energetic hosts, Jim and Kevin, helped us try to solve an ancient Egyptian murder myster. It not only helped us get to know each other better but also taught us about the meeting technology (Zoom) that has been vital to our connectedness in this work-from-home time. This event gave us the opportunity to become more familiar with aspects of Zoom that we will use with our classes; things like breakout rooms and renaming our display windows. My favorite part was getting a glimpse into each person’s home and personality. The host would occasionally ask us to bring a specific item to the screen to earn points for our teams or ask us various trivia questions. It is clear a trivia showdown is in our future!

    Prior to the event, I know that some of my colleagues were not sure what to expect, and honestly I wasn’t either. Afterward, many were appreciative of the event and our fun time together. Most importantly, we learned about each other and worked together as a team. 

  • Ainsworth School Supplies for Virtual Learning 2020-21

    Kinder 1st Grade
    1 box of My first Tri Write pencils 1 spiral notebook
    1 box of 24 color colored pencils 12 pencils (prefer Ticonderoga)
    1 box of 24 color crayons (or more crayons if you choose) 1 eraser
    3 glue sticks 1 box crayons
    1 pair of kids' scissors age 4+ 1 set of washable markers
    2 mead composition notebooks
    tub/bin to keep materials in
    1 package of Index cards
    1 package of Sticky notes
    2nd Grade 3rd Grade
    1 box 12ct thick-tipped colored markers 2 spiral notebooks
    1 box 24 count crayons 1 Mead composition notebook
    1 box 12 count colored pencils 1 red ballpoint pens
    12 Ticonderoga #2 pencils 1 highlighter
    2 spiral-bound notebooks 1 ruler w/standard and metric measurements
    2 erasers 36 Ticonderoga #2 pencils
    1 Ultra Fine Point Sharpie 1 eraser
    1 pair of scissors adult  1 glue stick
    4 different colored highlighters 1 pack of post-it notes
    1 pair of scissors
    4th Grade 5th Grade
    1 red ballpoint pens 2 spiral notebooks
    1 highlighters 1 folder
    1 ruler w/standard and metric measurements Pencils
    36 Ticonderoga #2 pencils Wide tip markers
    2 spiral notebooks
    2 fine point black sharpie
    1 package ruled line paper
    1 pack of post-it notes
    1 pair of scissors
  • Kindergarten Registration

    Kindergarten enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year is currently underway. 
    If you have an incoming kindergartener, please register your student online before June 15th. All information can be found on the PPS Enrollment and Transfer page. Please feel free to share this information with neighbors, friends, etc. who live in the Ainsworth boundaries. 

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