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Meredith McClanen

McClanen, Meredith
  • In Medical Professions, students get the opportunity to explore many of the careers available in the healthcare field. Students get a general knowledge of basic medical health care skills, can earn 4 credits from PCC for Medical Terminology and they get the chance to pick their own choice of clinical experiences to observe, sometimes assist, and finally to learn about the duties of health care professionals that they more interested in.


    What Do we Do?

    The Medical Professions major is a very hands-on class. The core textbook uses a medical assistant curriculum and students have many opportunities to learn about various medical procedures and then execute them under teacher supervision and in certain clinical settings. Beyond traditional medical offices, students may participate in clinical areas such as Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy or research. If a student isn't sure about the career he/she wants to pursue, medical professions is a great class to be in.

    The class gives students an overview of the medical field and lets them learn about more than just one pathway, so they can decide which one is the best fit for them.

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