Lottery and Transfer Information

  • Families that missed the lottery may add their children to a waitlist through the Open Enrollment Process. 2024-25 Open Enrollment Application for incoming Kindergarten – 5th grade will be available in ParentVUE after July 8.

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  • Inter-District Transfers 2024-25

    DATES  Apply for a Release from PPS
    Start: April 9, 2024  
    End: September 2024  Apply to attend PPS
     (Results on a rolling basis starting in June)  


    Transfers across district lines require permission from both districts.

    The PPS School Board voted on the 2024-25 Inter-district Transfer resolution on April 2, 2024. Details can be found at the Board Resolution 6888. If you do not qualify for the standard Inter-district Transfer, reach out to to request a Hardship Inter-district Transfer application.

    Applications for a standard release received by 5/24/24 will receive responses before 6/1/24.

     Inter-District Transfer Information  
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  • 2024-25 Elementary School and ACCESS Academy Waitlist

      Waitlist Viewer


    The Elementary Focus Option and ACCESS Academy Waitlist positions are now available. Families have or will receive an email with their student's lottery waitlist ID number. Waitlist positions are visible in the Waitlist Viewer. Learn more about lottery waitlists at

    If your family has not received an email with your student's lottery waitlist ID number, feel free to email

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  • 2024-25 Open Enrollment - Focus Option and Dual Language Programs

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    Grade 6 - 12 seats at most focus option and Dual Language Programs have been filled. Use the Open Enrollment application to add your student to a wait list. Please include a brief description of why you were not able to apply during the initial lottery, or any other special circumstances you would like us to consider.

    Dual Language Wait List are only for Native Speakers and students with prior DLI experience. A language proficiency assessment may be necessary if the student is offered placement. See Lottery Logic and Lottery Wait List Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

    Waitlist positions are not available through ParentVUE at this time. Waitlist Viewer

    Please email us at to request your student's unique lottery waitlist ID number.

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  • Hardship Petition

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    PPS families use the hardship petition process to request a transfer out of a child’s current/assigned school and into a different school. See the Petition Process Overview page.

    Select 2024-25 for transfers that begin next school year.

    How to submit a Petition in ParentVUE: Instructions
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  • Dual Assignment



    8th grade families residing in a Dual Assignment Zone are given the chance to choose between Jefferson Middle College or their comprehensive high school. Learn about Dual Assignment Process before declaring your student's choice.

    To confirm the high school assignment, enter the home address in School Finder at

    Learn about the Jefferson Modernization at

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