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  • In Manufacturing class, students get the opportunity to work closely with machinery, sheet metal, welding, foundry, and CAD/Master Cam, they also are eligible to earn dual credit with PCC. Before starting a project all students are required to learn the safety precautions. After a student finishes a project they are able to either keep their work or give it back to be recycled.


    What do we do?


    During a student's first two years at Benson they will be introduced to the basics of manufacturing. These include freshman manufacturing, material fabrication and plastic design. In freshman manufacturing the student will make their own tool bit and screwdriver by using a lathe, grinding wheel, furnace, and hand tools. The metal-fabrication class will teach a student to properly bend sheets of metal into boxes, envelope holders, dustpans, and then the student will learn two basic welding types.

    The last year at Benson for manufacturing is centered on making a two-ton hydraulic jack, although they are given time for any senior project they want. They all make their own jack by hand with lathes, mills and a CAD machine. At the end they are graded on how well their jack works.

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