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Carly Alekel

Alekel, Carly
  • In dental class, students get the opportunity to work closely with dental equipment found in a dental office. Dentists have had a reputation of being scary, but there are many interesting things, that go on behind a dental office that you don’t know about.


    What Do we Do?

    Often times when you go to a dental office, you get your teeth cleaned and cavities removed, however in this class we explore the many different careers in the dental field. Some of the fields include hygiene, oral surgery, and many other things.

    Like in the many other health occupations classes, students get the hands on experience that they could not get at any other school. Along with the opportunity to go out to clinical sites and explore new fields in dental that couldn’t be explored until secondary school.

    Until college. Supportive teachers, labs, and a strong learning environment allow you to become the best student possible. Many career paths can be opened up to you in the dental career.

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