Having a problem with your password?

    Are you a new student at Grant?


    If so, send an email to jxochihu@pps.net 

    with the following information: Student Name, PPS ID #


    Already a student at Grant?


    You can reset your password at https://password.pps.net

    NOTE: There is NO CLAIM CODE.


    Forgot Password link

    Strong passwords

    Passwords/Passphrases must be 16 or more characters and meet the following requirements:

    • At least one uppercase character (A through Z)

    • At least one lowercase character (a through z)


    Student Email Access: 

    Students can access their email by going to email.pps.net and logging in with their @student.pps.net email address.

    Example: UGrant1924@student.pps.net


    Other ways to access student Gmail:

    After logging into their student Google account, students can click on the "9 dot grid" in the upper right hand screen for a full list of google apps available.

     9 point grid